4 Simple Methods to See iCloud Keychain Passwords on Apple Devices

July 27, 2022Ashley Mae

When you need to share passwords saved in the Keychain Access with others or log in to the account on an Android tablet, how do you see iCloud Keychain passwords on iPhone, iPad, or Mac? A password might require various letters, numbers, special symbols, etc. It is difficult to remember the details easily. So how do you view the iCloud Keychain passwords for different scenarios? Here is the ultimate guide.

See Passwords in iCloud Keychain

Part 1: How to See iCloud Keychain Passwords on iPhone

Method 1: How to See iCloud Keychain Passwords via Settings

Whether you need to browse the accounts and passwords saved on iCloud Keychain on a MacBook or an iOS device, you can always find them in the Settings app easily.

Step 1.
Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and swipe down to find the Passwords option. After that, you can tap and perform biometric verification or enter the login password to log in.
Step 2.
You can see all the account numbers and passwords that have been stored in Keychain Password. Tap username or password to view the login details of the account accordingly.
See Keychain Password Settings

Method 2: How to Check iCloud Keychain Passwords with Siri

To see your keychain password on your iPhone directly, you can invoke Siri with simple voice command; such as show my Facebook password. It will show the password and account details.

Step 1.
Say Hi Siri to activate Siri on your iPhone. Ask Siri to provide the keychain password with the voice command show all my passwords to open the Settings app on your iPhone.
Step 2.
Authenticate via Face ID, Touch ID, or iPhone passcode to see the password and account details. After that, you can tap the name of the website to see the password in the iCloud keychain.
Ask Siri Passwords on iPhone

Part 2: How to View iCloud Keychain Passwords on Mac

Method 3: How to View Keychain Password in iCloud via Spotlight

When you need to see the keychain password on a Mac, you can also go to Preferences to find the details. It provides other options to get the desired passwords stored in the keychain.

Step 1.
Open Spotlight in the upper right corner of your Mac or hold down the shortcut Command + Space directly, and type Keychain Access in the search field. Or click Applications, find Utilities, and select Keychain Access.
Step 2.
When you enter the interface that shows the password, double-click the keychain item to view detailed account password information. Or use Search directly to search for passwords that you want.
Step 3.
Tick the box next to Show password at the bottom. Just enter your passcode to verify authorization. After that, you can see the complete Keychain password displayed in the password field.
View Password Via the Spotlight

Method 4: How to View Keychain Password via the Safari

If you don't want to use Spotlight, you can also use the Keychain Access in the search bar, Safari is another frequently used method to see passwords in iCloud Keychain.

Step 1.
Find Safari on your MacBook, you can click it on the left upper corner menu bar, find References and tap it. Then you will see a pop-up window and then click on the Passwords icon directly.
Step 2.
When you enter the passwords interface, there is authentication that requires you to perform Face ID or Touch ID. After the authentication, you can see all the account passwords in the Keychain.
View Password Via the Safari

Part 3: Best Method to Retrieve the Deleted Files on Mac

If you have deleted the notes for your passwords on Mac, you can use Mac Data Recovery to retrieve the deleted files. It enables you to retrieve the files from a computer, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera, etc. It can restore the passwords from Word, Excel, TXT, and more. You can always get the desired files within clicks.



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  • Preview the recovered files with the file name or thumbnail beforehand.
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Part 4. FAQs of How to Backup Keychain to iCloud

How to access the Keychain password on your iPhone quickly?

When you need to find the password in iCloud Keychain frequently, you just need to add the Keychain passwords to the Shortcuts app. Moreover, you can also use the Keychain shortcuts from the iOS home screen. It enables you to access the Passwords on the app's main screen.

Is it possible to view the password in iCloud Keychain on Windows?

Yes. But you should have Apple ID with two-factor authentication enabled, iCloud for Windows, Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge, and iCloud Passwords to set up iCloud Password before viewing passwords in iCloud Keychain on your Windows.

How to import iCloud Keychain passwords on Mac?

In addition to independently saving all passwords on a certain device, iCloud Keychain can also store the passwords imported by other devices. Go to the Applications folder from the Utilities app, open the Keychain Access option and click the File menu to import the passwords.


When you need to see the password in iCloud Keychain, which is the native password manager of Apple's system, here are the workable methods for both macOS and iOS. If you just deleted the folder for a password, you can retrieve the files back with Mac Data Recovery. If you have any query, you can feel free to leave a comment.

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