Why Threads Badge Persists and How to Get Rid of It

Badges serve as distinctive emblems that signify a user's unique experiences or accomplishments. Threads badge is one such badge, a mark of early adoption on the Threads app. Despite the app's limited traction, the Threads badge remains prevalent on Instagram profiles, prompting questions about its significance and persistence. This post gives you a basic introduction to Threads badge, explains why Threads badge won’t go away, and tells detailed steps to remove it on Instagram.

Threads Badge Won’t Go Away

Part 1. What Is Threads Badge

In 2021, Meta (formerly Facebook) introduced Threads, a standalone messaging app designed to complement Instagram. As part of its promotional efforts, Threads introduced a badge that appeared on users' Instagram profiles, indicating their early adoption of the app.

The Threads badge, characterized by a stylized thread icon and a numerical value, initially displayed the user's position in the queue for Threads accounts. The number indicated the user's relative early adoption of the app, reflecting their eagerness to embrace this new messaging platform. It is displayed next to the username on Instagram profiles of users who have signed up for Threads.

What is Threads Badge

The Threads badge initially featured a number representing the user's position in the queue to join Threads, indicating their early access to the app. However, as the number of users grew, this number was eventually removed.

Part 2. Why the Threads Badge Persists and Won’t Go Away

Despite the initial rationale for the badge, its continued presence on Instagram profiles raised questions among users. Some viewed it as a badge of honor, signifying their early adoption of a new platform. Others, however, found it intrusive and unnecessary, cluttering their profiles and serving as an unwanted reminder of an app they might not have actively used.

Despite Threads' limited user base and subsequent discontinuation, the Threads Badge continues to appear on Instagram profiles for several reasons below.

The badge serves as a reminder of a user's early adoption of Threads, highlighting their tech-savviness and willingness to try new platforms. The numerical value associated with the badge, while no longer indicative of queue position, can be perceived as a status symbol, signifying a user's proximity to the app's launch. Moreover, removing the badge across all Instagram profiles requires a deliberate update from Meta, which has not yet been implemented.

Part 3. How to Remove Threads Badge on Desktop and Mobile

While the Threads badge may hold significance for some users, others may prefer to remove it from their Instagram profiles. The removal process is straightforward and can be performed on both desktop and mobile devices.

Remove Threads Badge on iPhone and Android Phones

Open the Instagram app on your mobile device. Ensure your account is signed in and go to your Instagram bio. You can see the Threads badge under your profile picture. Tap the unique number and choose Hide badge.

Hide Threads Badge on Instagram on Mobile

Deactivate Your Profile in the Threads App

Open the Threads app and go to your profile. Tap the menu button and choose Account. Tap Deactivate profile and then select Deactivate Threads profile.

Deactivate Threads Profile

Remove the Threads Badge on Your Desktop

Access Instagram on your desktop browser and log in to your Instagram account. Click your profile picture and select Edit Profile. Go to Badge and remove the Threads badge. Click Save Changes to hide Threads badge on Instagram.

Troubleshoot Threads Badge Won't Go Away on iPhone

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Part 4. FAQs of Threads Badge Won't Go Away

How long does the Threads badge last?

The Threads badge is not a permanent feature and will eventually disappear from Instagram profiles. However, there is no specific timeframe for how long it will take. It is likely that Meta will eventually remove the badge from all Instagram profiles, but it could take several more months or even years.

Can you change the Threads badge?

No, you cannot change or modify the Threads badge. The badge's appearance is determined by your position in the queue for Threads accounts when you first signed up for the app.

Does the Threads badge show on Instagram?

Yes, the Threads badge still shows on some Instagram profiles. It remains visible on Instagram profiles of users who were early adopters of the app.


The Threads badge remains a persistent feature on Instagram profiles, serving as a reminder of users' tech-savviness and social status. While its removal is a simple process, the badge's continued presence highlights the enduring impact of early adopters and the power of social media badges. You can use the solutions above to get rid of Threads Badge with ease.

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