Learn How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story & Create the Best IG Collage

November 03, 2023Ashley Mae

With Instagram's multi-photo feature for Stories, you can now weave a visual narrative by incorporating several photos into a seamless story. Whether you want to showcase a memorable day out with friends, a breathtaking travel experience, or simply a series of delightful moments, this feature lets you do it all with flair. In this article, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of adding multiple photos to your Instagram Story, unlocking the full potential of your storytelling prowess. So, buckle up and prepare to amplify your Instagram game by learning how to add multiple photos to your Instagram Story!

Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

Part 1. How to Add Multiple Photos to an Instagram Story Using 3 Ways [Default]

We have found three ways to add multiple pictures to your Instagram Story. Still, some may need to be supported in your region, which makes it inaccessible. Use the ways added here to learn how to put multiple pictures on Instagram Story.

1st Way. Upload Multiple Images at Once

Step 1:
Open the IG and tap the plus button next to Your Story, or swipe left to right to open it. Tap the camera button to open your camera roll.
Step 2:
Tap Select, and choose up to ten images to add to your Story. Tap the following button to customize your story by adding filters, text, stickers, effects, and others. Tap the next button again to save the adjustment you have made.
Select Images for IG Story
Step 3:
Tap Your Story and Share to share the story you have made with your followers.

2nd Way. Create Layers with Stickers

Step 1:
Swipe from left to right to access your Story camera, tap the photo button, and select or capture the background you want to use.
Step 2:
At the top of your screen, tap the sticker icon and select the photo icon. It will allow you to access your camera roll and add your desired image. Repeat the process several times to add multiple pictures as a sticker.
Stickers to Add Images
Step 3:
Tap next, select Your Story, and tap Share to share the story you have created on IG.

3rd Way. Use Layout

Step 1:
Do the same way you open the Instagram Story we previously taught you by swiping or tapping the Your Story button.
Step 2:
On the left side of your screen, tap Layout, choose a grid, and tap the camera icon to open your camera roll. Fill all the grid cells with images by capturing or from your gallery or photos.
Use Layout
Step 3:
Tap the checkmark when your grid is entire, and customize your Story. Tap the next button, choose Your Story, and tap Share to post it.

Part 2. How to Make a Photo Collage for an Instagram Story Using 3 Photo Collage Maker

1. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is a flexible video conversion tool, but now it also offers professionally designed templates for creating collages. It allows you to unite multiple photos into various layouts, customize the grid, apply filters, and add music whenever needed. So, if you are looking for an impressive collage to be posted on Instagram, this is one of the best photo and video collage makers you can rely on. To teach you how to make a photo collage for Instagram Story, follow the step-by-step guide added here.

Step 1:
Download it on your Windows or Mac, follow the installation process, set it up, and launch it afterward.
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Step 2:
On the welcoming interface, click Collage from the top menu available.
Open Collage
Step 3:
Select the grid template you want to use for your collage, and click the plus button on each grid to import the images you want to use.
Select Grid and Upload Image
Step 4:
After adding the images to the grid, you can adjust the template with the options available here: add filters and music.
Add Filter and Auido
Step 5:
Go to Export, change the output format based on your needs, and click Start Export to get the photo collage you have created with this app.
Output and Start Export

2. Canva

Canva provides a plethora of creative options, making it an ideal choice for crafting beautiful and personalized photo collages. Whether commemorating a special event or expressing creativity, Canva empowers you to design collages that genuinely stand out. However, using the free version of the app will leave a Canva watermark when exported. Discover how to add multiple images to Instagram Story using the tutorial ahead of you.

Step 1:
Start by downloading the Canva on your device, logging your account, or signing up for a new account.
Step 2:
Tap the + button to create a new design, scroll down, and select Collage from the options available. Select the template you want to use from the options; some are free, but mostly are available in the pro version, which means they are paid.
Step 3:
Tap the placeholder within the collage template to upload photos from your gallery or use images available in its extensive library. Fill in every grid with images and customize your collage by resizing, rotating, and rearranging photos. You can also change the background, apply filters, add text, and include stickers.
Step 4:
Once satisfied, tap the download button, or you can directly share your collage on social media platforms like Instagram.

3. PicCollage: Grid Collage Maker

Pic Collage provides a user-friendly interface and various creative tools, making it easy for Android users to create stunning collages. With its intuitive features, you can transform your photos into visually appealing artworks that you'll be proud to share with friends and family. Give Pic Collage a try and let your creativity shine by adding more than one photo to your Instagram Story!

PicCollage Grid Collage Maker
Step 1:
Download it on your Android device to the Google Play Store. Launch the app, tap on Grids, and choose from the various grid styles you want to use.
Step 2:
Tap on each empty box within the grid to upload your photos. Import photos from galleries or social media accounts.
Step 3:
Customize the project you are dealing with by resizing, rotating, and moving photos within the grid. You can add text, stickers, backgrounds, and even draw on your collage for a personal touch.
Step 4:
Tap the Done button to save the collage to the gallery or share it directly on social media platforms like Instagram.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Add Multiple Photos on Instagram Story

Why can't I add multiple photos to one Instagram story?

If you cannot add multiple photos to one Instagram Story, it could be due to a few reasons, such as an outdated Instagram app, using a creator or special account, and a poor internet connection, which might prevent you from uploading multiple photos.

How do you post multiple stories on Instagram at the same time?

To post multiple stories on Instagram, open Your Story, tap and hold the videos/photos you want to post and select each. After that, tap Next and choose Separate to post it multiple. Click Next, and choose Your Story and Share.

How do you put multiple pictures together?

You can multiple-select the pictures you want to post on Instagram and select Layout to combine them all in a single collage. You can use the built-in collage feature on it or download a photo editing app to create a photo collage on Android or iPhone.

How long does it take before the Instagram Story is gone?

Every Instagram Story you post can last up to 24 hours, and it will be deleted from the platform permanently. But you can also delete it manually from Your Story before the 24 hours end. Moreover, there are different ways to recover deleted Instagram photos when you want to recover them.

How many photos can I add to an Instagram Story at once?

Instagram authorizes you to add up to 10 photos in a single Story post. However, it's important to note that adding too many photos can clutter your Story and make it less engaging for viewers. It's often best to curate your content and select the most compelling images to share.


How to post multiple photos on an Instagram Story? By default, we have found three ways that you can do that we have added in this article. Yet, there are instances that these methods might not work because of your region, version of the app, or the device version. We have added photo collage makers as an alternative to the default way that offers more features and grid options than the default way. We hope this article gives you a better idea of creating one. Share this information with those who might need it.

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