Convert MP4 to JPG with the Help of the Best Converters in the Market

Videos are compilations of still images in frames that are played synchronized to completCe the movement or action. Some clips provide memorable frames that you can extract from the video. But the question is, is it possible? Instead of relying upon complex program tools, we will make everything for you easier. Here, we listed the five best options you can choose from to transform a video into JPG using the correct converters. Spend a few minutes reading this article as we guide you to the tools we will introduce.

MP4 to JPG

Part 1. 5 Useful Converters to Convert MP4 to JPG

Feature/s Aiseesoft Screen Recorder DVDVideoSoft Free Video to JPG Converter VideoProc Converter VLC Media Player FileZigZag
Save Multiple Converted Video as Images YES YES NO NO NO
Conversion Speed Fast Slow Slow Slow Slow
Adds Watermark on the Exported Output NO NO NO NO NO
Video Length Input Limitations NO NO Free version supports 5-minute video length NO As long as the file size is 50 MB or less.
Supported Operating System Windows & Mac Windows Windows & Mac Windows & Mac Windows & Mac

1. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder can help you save MP4 to JPG as quickly as snapping the frame on the video. Unlike converting, there is no need for you to do the process of converting; instead, you can save it automatically as a JPG, so if you are wondering how this process works, play the video first and follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Download and install the app that is a program to help you on your desktop.
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Step 2:
Launch the app, and press SnapShot on the options that are available on it.
Open Snapshot
Step 3:
Place the target on the video player playing the video, and press it. After hitting the target area, click the Save button to export the file.
Save MP4 as JPG
Step 4:
Then a folder will appear on your screen, click the dropdown button and, select the file format you want to set to the image you captured, then press Save.
Export Converted Video As JPG

2. DVDVideoSoft Free Video to JPG Converter

DVDVideoSoft Free Video to JPG Converter can assist and convert MP4 to JPG whenever needed. Unlike the first app, this converter extracts an image sequence for the video so you can have all the images you want. However, the app is only available to be downloaded on Windows devices, which means this isn't an option for Mac users who needs it. Since the app extracts the frames on the video, converting usually takes longer than the first. Still, if you want to use this, follow the converting process added here.

DVDVideoSoft Free Video to JPG Converter
Step 1:
Visit its website and download the app to your computer.
Step 2:
Open the app, and click the + icon to upload the video you are about to convert.
Step 3:
Multiple selections are available here; choose Images, then select the output format you want to achieve.
Step 4:
Hit the Start Convert, and the app will extract the same frames bound to the videos you upload.

3. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is a popular video to JPG converter with a SnapShot option on its Toolbox. It is built to change the format of a video, such as converting MOV to MP4 on Mac and Windows. The app is purely made to change the extension of a media file and do some basic editing. Despite being a reliable app, the free version does have limitations on video length mentioned on the chart. Check the limitations if your video fits on it, then follow the steps below to use it.

VideoProc Converter
Step 1:
Install the VideoProc Converter on your desktop, then open it.
Step 2:
Press the Video to upload the media file you are about to convert into an image.
Step 3:
When uploading the file, click the Toolbox and select the Snapshot option.
Step 4:
A pop-up window will appear; adjust the format, file size, and picture count, and press Done to save it. Lastly, click Run to convert the file.

4. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is more than a video player; it can also be used as a free video to JPG converter. The app became popular with its prowess in playing videos, editing videos on VLC, and converting. Yet, the conversion it provides is similar to the first app, and it can only save images when you screenshot, and its main drawback is you can't use the screenshot option when the video isn't playing on the app. Also, the app doesn't have a notification if the snap has been saved properly or not. Despite all of that, here are the complete steps to use it.

VLC Media Player
Step 1:
You can download the VLC on
Step 2:
Open the video player, and drop the video file you want to play on its main interface.
Step 3:
While the video is playing, go to the Video menu and select Take Snapshot to do the screen capture of the video.

5. FileZigZag

FileZigZag can convert MP4 to JPG online, which means there is no need for you to download it before you can use it. The app converts media files such as videos, ebooks, archives, webpage, docs, and more. So, converting the video into a still image format won't be a problem here. Though the app can convert more than one file, batch converting isn't working on some extensions. Also, some annoying ads appear every time you visit the app. So, if ads don't bother you, follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Open the converter on your web browser and click Browser for File to upload the videos here.
Step 2:
After you add the video, choose the Target Format by clicking the drop-down list.
Step 3:
When you are done, click Start Converting to change the file extension of it.

Part 2. FAQs on How to Convert MP4 to JPG

How can I convert video files into ISO images?

With an ISO creator, you can finish the task in no time. However, there are only a few trustworthy applications that you can use, so it is better to read some reviews on each before you download or use them for conversion.

Can I change the image to a video?

Well, you can't if the image is only one. Since videos are made of a compilation of image frames, it would be more fitting to use multiple images, conjoint them, and export them as a video format, like creating a slideshow.

Why convert MP4 to JPG on a ZIP?

Numerous converter turns the converted file into a ZIP so that the users can download all of the converted MP4 to JPG on their device in a single file. It can be an advantage for those who have a decoder for ZIP files but for those who doesn't; it can be a problem.


Now, it makes sense that you need the best video to JPG converter in reach when performing this conversion. So, which app do you think you will use to extract the images that are on videos? Share it with us by leaving a comment down below.

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