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[Solved] Convert Word to JPEG on Windows/Mac without Quality Loss

Both Word and JPEG are commonly used digital file formats in our daily life. They have different features. For example, a Word file is editable and you can change the content at any time. On the other hand, JPEG is a compressed image format. Once export the file, you cannot change the content anymore. So, sometime people may want to convert Word to JPEG and keep the content unchangeable. If you face challenges to complete this task, don't panic, we are going to share multiple best way to convert Word to JPEG on Windows, Mac and online.

Convert Word to JPEG

Convert Word to JPEG

Part 1: Top 3 Word to JPG Converter Online to Convert Word Document to JPEG

Online services are always attractive since they are portable way to convert Word to JPEG. And here are 3 best online JPG converters.

Key features include:

1. Upload up to 20 documents from computer at one time.

2. Optimize ultimate JPG quality automatically.

3. Support batch conversion no more than 50MB files online.

4. No limit on how many times of conversion each day.

5. Available to 15 languages for saving Word to jpeg.

How to convert Word to JPEG

Step 1 Access in your browser. Drag and drop all Word files you want to convert into the gray box.

Step 2 After upload, the converter will save Word to JPG images automatically. Then you can download the results one by one or click on the "Download All" button to get all of them offline.

Step 3 The JPG images will be saved as ZIP archive. To view the pictures, you need to unzip the download file first.


Zamzar's Doc to JPG Converter

Main features include:

1. Upload Word documents from hard drive or URL for converting.

2. Convert multiple files up to 50MB at the same time.

3. Send the results to your email address directly.

4. Describe the input and output formats to help you make decisions.

5. Support a variety of file formats.

How to convert Word to JPEG

Step 1 Input into the address bar of your browser and click "Enter" key to open the online Word to JPEG converter.

Step 2 Click on the "Choose Files" button and then open the Word documents into the online converter. If you want to convert online documents, press the URL link and paste the URL into the box

Step 3 Make sure to select JPEG from the "Convert files to" list, enter your email address and click on the "Convert" button. Finally, you can get the results in your email.



Basic features include:

1. Import DOC documents from computer, URL, Google Drive or Dropbox.

2. Convert documents up to 100MB to JPG images at once.

3. One-click to save Word to JPEG images.

4. Send results to cloud account or download them to computer.

5. No need to sign up.

How to convert DOC to JPEG

Step 1 Visit in any browser to open the Word to JPEG converter page.

Step 2 You can click "From Computer" to upload Word documents to the converter, or import your files from cloud account or URL.

Step 3 Next, click the "Convert" button after uploaded to start converting Word to JPEG immediately. When it is done, download JPEG or send results to your account.


The above PDF to JPEG converters only works as the converter. If you found there are some annoyed watermarks in the converted JPEG files, do not blame the converters, and you should get the watermark removal tools to erase the watermarks in Word.

Part 2: Top 3 Word to JPG Converter on Windows and Mac to Convert DOCX to JPG

Fortunately, computer users can convert Word to JPEG without using extra software. But the methods are very different.

The best way to convert Word to JPEG on Mac

To convert Word to JPEG on Mac, there are two parts: firstly, save a document to PDF in Word, and then convert PDF to JPEG within Preview.

Step 1 Double-click on the Word document that you want to convert to open it, or launch the Word program and import the document.

Step 2 Go to "File" > "Save As" to evoke the Save As dialog. Open the dropdown list next to "Format" and select "PDF". And then click "Save" to save Word to PDF first.

Step 3 Next, open the PDF in your "Preview" utility. You can click "File" > "Export" or "Save As". Make sure to select JPEG from the Format dropdown menu, fill out other options and click "Save" to convert Word to JPEG.


The best way to convert Word to JPEG on Windows

On Windows, there is no preinstalled utility similar to Preview, so you have to rely on a professional PDF converter, such as Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate. Its key features include:

1. Save PDF files to JPEG, editable Word or other image formats in a single click.

2. Allow users to reset image size, color and other custom options before PDF converting.

3. Support batch-conversion of multiple PDF files at the same time using hardware acceleration technology.

4. Or you can select a part of the PDF and produce images.

5. Optimize result quality with advanced algorithm to create better look.

6. Compatible with Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP.

In a word, if you want to extract images from PDF files without damaging quality or converter entire PDF files to pictures, PDF Converter Ultimate is the ideal option.

How to convert Word to JPEG on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP

Step 1 Open your document in Word program and save it as PDF file.

Tip: If you have multiple documents to convert, repeat the step to save all of them to PDF files.

Step 2 Launch PDF Converter Ultimate after installed it on your computer. Click on "Add Files" and import the PDF files into the converter.

Step 3 Pick up JPEG from the "Output Format" drop-down menu. To reset other parameters, click the "Tool" icon next to the drop-down menu. And you can convert certain pages by setting on right side.

Step 4 Finally, click on the "Start" button to initiate converting Word to JPEG.

Pdf converter ultimate


In this tutorial, we have shared the best way to convert Word to JPEG on Windows 10/8/7/XP and Mac. Firstly, online JPG converters are popular because they are portable. If you have a Mac computer, the Word and Preview applications could handle the task simply. And we also shared the best Word to JPEG converter for Windows. Now, you can pick up your favorite tool and follow our guides to save Word documents to JPEG quickly.

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