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November 17, 2022Amanda Brown

With a Word doc file, altering the information or text on it is easier compared to when you convert it into an image format such as JPEG. Well, converting the file into an image format can be quickly done, and there is no need to turn the Doc into a PDF and then convert the PDF into a JPG file. There are millions of possible ways to convert word to JPG, and we are here to teach you the most effective way to do it. Keep on reading this article to know how to do it.

Convert Word to JPEG

Part 1. Why Do You Need to Convert Word to JPEG

If you are still in this part, you have decided to alter Word to JPG format. Before converting the file, you must understand what factors you need to consider before converting a Doc file. For those who need to see the advantages of converting the doc file into an image format, you better read the information we enlist below.

Reason #1: JPG or JPEG can Contain an Uneditable Text or Characters Information

When you are adding text and characters into a Word and sharing it, the content of it can be easily manipulated with the help of a Doc application, like Microsoft Word. Instances may occur when an app doesn't recognize the syntax and will distinguish it as an error. But converting the Doc to JPG is free from changes and syntax errors. So, the information will be the same despite changing the file extension into an image format.

Reason #2. JPG or JPEG File is Easy to Attach to the Email

Though a Docx file can be attached to an email, the advantage of attaching a JPG or JPEG is much better than what the text file can give. Imagine having a file that the content is undeniable by anyone and it is also easy to share with everyone.

Reason #3. There Is No Need to Download a Doc File Viewer on the Device

Unlike JPG, when a file is in Docx, you need to download a document viewer on your device to open it. Though there are times that the pre-installed text viewer can do the work, there are some characters that the Doc viewer you use can't translate the character or syntax into a word. But, when you convert Docx to JPG, you do not need to use a Doc viewer because even a photo viewer can easily open the JPG or JPEG file.

Reason #4. Docs are Easily Corrupted, Unlike the JPG or JPEG Image Format

Yes, DOC and JPG or JPEG can be corrupted, but the chances of having a corrupted Doc file are higher if we compare it to the JPG or JPEG. There are ways to recover corrupted Word files, yet it takes time, so it is better for you to use a JPG or JPEG file rather than DOCX.

Part 2. 4 Efficient Methods to Convert Word to JPG for Free

1. Aiseesoft Free JPG Word Converter Online

How to a word document as a JPEG? The most frequently used application to convert Word files is the Aiseesoft Free JPG Word Converter Online. This converter has speed and supports batch conversion when needed. Its build is understandably simple for every beginner so they can figure out how the process goes. Thus, being an online tool is a disadvantage, as many users think, but it is not, for you can skip the downloading process and start using it instead. So, if you want to try using this app, you can copy the steps below.

Steps on How to Use Aiseesoft Free JPG Word Converter Online:

Step 1:
Since it is an online converter, there is no need for you to download anything. Search the official site of this converter and proceed to use it.
Step 2:
Press the Add Word Files to import the Docx file you want to convert into a JPG or JPEG.
Upload Doc Files
Step 3:
Under Convert To, select the final image output on the available selection. In this case, you'll need to choose the JPG on the list. After you have set the result, click Convert All to alter the Doc to JPG.
Select Output and Convert
Step 4:
When you are done, click Download All to save the converted Docx file into your local drive.
Download Converted DocX File

2. Convertio

Convertio can be your image to PDF converter, but today this app is your friendly online converter that converts documents to JPG. It is a web-based app, so you will need a stable internet connection to continue using it. This app is an excellent pick-up for those who don't like downloading an app and want to process the DOCX file immediately. Even though the app is an online solution and can convert different files into a new form, this app has limitations like how many files you can convert multiple. Besides that, this app can be helpful, and here's how to use it.

Convertio Doc to JPG

Steps on How to Use Convertio:

Step 1:
Open a new tab and look for the official website of the converter. On the main interface, drag and drop the word file or click Choose Files to upload the word file.
Step 2:
On the right side, click the drop-down button and select the output format on the list that appears.
Step 3:
After that, press Convert to alter the format into a JPG, then click Download to save it.

3. Preview App

Preview App is a pre-installed word to JPG free converter you can use on Mac. If you have a Mac device, you can maximize the potential of using the Preview instead of downloading or using the online tool on the web. However, the app can't directly convert the word file into a raster format like JPG, for you must first process it into a PDF. If you don't mind going to additional steps, then you can go through them by following the steps.

Preview App

Step on How to Use Preview App:

Step 1:
Open the Word doc downloaded into your Mac device, then go to the File menu and select Save As from the cascading option. Choose the PDF as an output format.
Step 2:
After that, right-click the converted file, select Open with, and choose Preview.
Step 3:
Again go to the File menu, and select Export, choose the JPEG as the final output.
Step 4:
Hit Save to download a version of it as JPG or JPEG.

4. SwifDoo PDF

With SwifDoo PDF, you can convert JPG to PDF document, but it also offers to convert Word Doc to JPG. Though the name suggests it is a PDF converter, it still provides additional features to merge, split, and compress a file, mainly PDF. Before you can use it, you will need to download the application into your system, yet there is no need to worry because its file size is small. For those who want to try using this, download this app first, then proceed to the next steps.

Preview App

Steps on How to Use SwifDoo PDF:

Step 1:
After downloading the app, open the program. Select the PDF to Worn and choose More Features.
Step 2:
On the new window, select Image Converter and choose Word to Image.
Step 3:
Drag and drop the files on the main interface, set the output format, and press Start to convert the word file.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Convert Word to JPG

Are there any ways to retrieve or recover unsaved Word DOCs?

There are different ways to recover unsaved Word documents and solve them, and you wouldn't need a specific skillset to make a recovery.

Does converting Word to JPG preserve the info well?

It does! So, when you convert Word to JPG or any other images to use, the data or the text itself is preserved. So, it is better to check the text, characters, numbers, and syntax before you convert it into a JPG format.

Is using a Word to JPG converter online safe?

Using an online converter to alter Word to JPG is safe, especially when using the first application we included in this article. Though there are more, you better need to read information about them to avoid the problems within the online app.


Finally! You have now grasped the idea that it is necessary to convert or change Word to JPG. It may seem difficult at first, but as we go through the application you can use, we can finally say that we have enough knowledge to overcome the problem. So what can you say about it? Mention it in the comment section to further enhance the information in the future or the following topics.

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