How to Rotate iPhone Video on iPhone/Windows/Mac

How to Rotate A Video on iPhone

Video recording on smartphone has always been people's favorite, especially for iPhone users, becauce iPhone has high-definition camera that lets them record or shot videos with great quality. As we are not professional, so sometimes the video recordings seem faulty even though they can play right on iPhone. When you find that the recording is not neither in vertical nor horizontal mode, or that black edge shows with the video when it is watched horizontally, you definitely want to rotate iPhone video. How to rotate a video on iPhone? This article is prepared for you on how to rotate iPhone video on iPhone/Windows/Mac.

Part 1. Best free iPhone rotating apps

iPhone doesn't allow you to directly rotate the video, so you can consider to download and install a video rotating app on your iPhone. iMovie has iOS version, so many people will choose it. However, iMovie seems a little expensive for users. And in this part, we'd like to recommend you some free apps for you to rotate iPhone video.

No. App Logo Features Score

    Video Rotate & Flip

  • Download site:
    For iOS
Video Rotate Flip ◆ A reputable app to rotate and flip iPhone video.
◆ Easy to use.
Four Half Stars

    Video Rotate Free

  • Download site:
    For iOS
Video Rotate Free ◆ Free version of Video Rotate, though it has ads when you perform it.
◆ Free to rotate iPhone video.
Four Half Stars


  • Download site:
    For iOS
Twisster ◆ Rotate iPhone video.
◆ Enhance videos and provide various panoramas.
◆ Watch your iPhone rotation automatically.
Four Stars

    Square Video

Square Video ◆ Rotate iPhone video for free.
◆ Crop iPhone video accordingly.
◆ Resize video and adjust video position, etc.
Four Stars

    Video Swivel

  • Download site:
    For Android
Video Swivel ◆ Rotate iPhone video 90, 180, or 270 degrees.
◆ Support iPhone videos up to one minute in length.
Four Stars

Part 2. How to rotate video on iPhone directly

You can select one app from the above list to rotate your video on iPhone directly. Here we will take Video Rotate Free, the rotating app for an example.

Import and rotate iPhone video

Download Video Rotate Free for iPhone. Launch the app and you can find the video files are automatically displayed. And the app provides you with four options for iPhone video swivel.

Rotate Mode

Save the rotated iPhone video

It offers two rotation modes, and you can choose the "Slow" or the "Fast" mode to keep rotated iPhone video.

Rotate iPhone Video with Video Rotate Free

Part 3. How to rotate and flip video from iPhone on computer (Windows and Mac)

Want to rotate iPhone video on Windows? Then you can try Free Video Editor.

Free Video Editor

➤ Rotate video in 90 counterclockwise or 90 clockwise for free.

➤ Flip video in vertical or horizontal way.

➤ Preview video effects before you output video file.

➤ Rotate video from iPhonee on Windows and Mac computer.

➤ Apart from rotating or flipping, you could also clip, crop, add effect, watermark, and join video clips for free.

You can free download this free software to rotate or flip video on your Windows or Mac computer here.


Click "Rotate" to enter the rotating interface. Add the video file into this tool. Here you could rotate video by clicking the rotate button in 90 clockwise or counterclockwise.

Rotate Video

If you like, you are able to flip the video file by selecting the flip button to flip the video vertically or horizontally as you like.

Flip Video

Click "Save" > "Convert" to start to rotate the video file.

After you rotate the video successfully, you could use the iPhone transfer tool to help you put the rotated video into your iPhone. Learn from this article to put video on iPhone.

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