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How to Permanently Delete Text Messages and iMessages on iPhone

In daily life, deleting text iPhone iMessages or text messages after checking is quite easy with several clicks. However, do you really think you have erased text messages on your iPhone? Actually, you just deleted your iPhone text messages or iMessages from your message box, and your deleted text messages or iMessages can be recovered with the help of some recovery tool. In this situation, if you want to sell your old iPhone 5s on eBay, your buyer may find your deleted iMessages and text messages with some kind of recovery software. Then your important information will be at risk of being disclosed. How to permanently delete iMessages or text messages on iPhone? In this post, we will show you a way to permanently delete iMessages or text messages from iPhone.

How to permanently delete iMessages and Messages

Permanently Delete iMessages and Messages

How to permanently delete messages on iPhone

If you have enough time to delete your text messages on iPhone, then you could follow this way. It is very simple to delete text messages one by one or wipe them out at one time.

◆ If your iPhone runs iOS 8, then you could go to "Messages" app > Hit "Edit" > Choose the messages that you want to delete > Tab "Delete"to delete single specific message.

Delete Messages from iPhone

◆ If you want to delete all old messages on iPhone, then you need to go to "Settings" > "Messages" > "Keep Messages" to keep old messages for 30 days and delete them at a time.

Keep Messages Options

◆ If your iPhone runs iOS 7, hit the person's name from "Message" to see all the messages that you send to and receive from this person. Press and hold the message that you want to delete from iPhone, click "More..." > Choose the messages that you want to remove > Hit the trash icon on the left bottom side > Tab "Delete Message" to delete your messages on iPhone.

Delete Messages from iPhone

◆ Alternatively, you are allowed to go to "Messages" > Slide the message to left or right to wipe out the message one by one. But it seems time-wasting for deleting lots of text messages on iPhone.

Slide to Delete Messages from iPhone

◆ If your iPhone runs iOS 6 or before, then you are able to follow this way to delete one specific message on iPhone.

In your "Message" interface on your iPhone, click the name of the person whom you want to delete the messages exchange with, click "Edit" on the right top corner > Checkmark the messages that you want to delete > Tab "Delete" on the left bottom corner to confirm that you want to delete the messages.

The above way to delete text messages on iPhone directly is very easy. But do you think you are really deleting those text messages completely? Have you notice "Other" on your iPhone? If you rely on test messages on your iPhone, then your messages cache will be part of "Other". And when you use an iPhone recovery app to recover your deleted text messages, you will find they will appear on your iPhone. Such way of deleting text message really makes you feel relieved from a sale of your iPhone on eBay? Actually, not. You may release your private information from messages on iPhone.

How to permanently delete iMessages or text messages

Considering the above way of deleting text messages on iPhone is not perfect, so we will show you how to permanently delete iMessages or text messages on iPhone completely and permanently with an app.

FoneEraser, A best iPhone Messages Eraser tool, is the professional tool to completely delete text messages and iMessages on iPhone. Moreover, it can erase all your contents and settings at one time. And it fully clears spotlight search history and cache on iPhone X/8/7 Plus/7/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4S/4/3GS. Before you try this program, we highly recommend you had better save iPhone text messages and iMessages and back up other iPhone data before deleting them permanently.

Whether you want to delete text message completely or permanently delete iMessages from iPhone X/8/7 Plus/7/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5, you can follow this guide. So we will take iPhone 4S as an example to show you how to delete iMessages on iPhone thoroughly. Firstly, you need to install and launch this software on your computer.

Step 1 Connect device to PC

Connect iPhone 4S to PC, and wait for detecting it automatically.

◆ If your device runs iOS 7 or higher, you are requested to tab "Trust" on your iPhone when it is the first time for you to use this software.

◆ This software allows you to connect more than one device to erase messages. So if need, you can add other devices before erasing.

Connect Device

Step 2 Select erasing level

Before erasing iPhone text messages and iMessages, you need to select erasing level. Click "Low" to choose the erasing level according to your need. There are three levels for your option.


Low level ensures that the text messages cannot be retrieved once they are deleted by overwriting with zero files. Medium level overwrites all the data with zero and junk files, which leaves no trace and nobody will know the iMessages and text messages on your device are erased. High level is the safest and most radical way to get your device started with a clean slate.

Select Erasing Level

Step 3 Delete messages permanently

Click "Start" in the right side to delete text messages and iMessages from iPhone permanently with one click.

Start Erasing

Maybe you can watch below video to learn the steps:

At this point, you have completed to remove text messages and iMessages from your iPhone permanently and completely. FoneEraser will be your best choice when you want to permanently delete iMessages or text messages.

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