How to Delete iMessages Apps and Uninstall Game Pigeon on iPhone

October 10, 2019Nicole Jones

“How do I delete iMessages apps with iOS 12/13?”

“How to get rid of iMessage apps on iMessage?”

“Is there a way to delete iMessages apps permanently?”

When you walk through the Apple community, you will find these questions are greatly common after the launch of iOS 11 or later. Some people feel unease about this feature as the iMessages apps will clutter the text message screen and make it too difficult to text. And the others want to clean up undesired or unused iMessages apps. Whatever your reasons are, in this post, you can find answers on how to delete iMessages apps, such as stickers, Game Pigeon and so on.

Delete iMessages Apps

Part 1. How to Delete iMessages Apps in iOS 12/13

After the launch of iOS 11, you may find that there are some intuitive features for the iMessages. You can directly play games with your phone contacts through iMessage. However, there are so many games available through iMessages. With such rich choices of games, people always struggle to choose one to play. Some people install too many iMessages apps at one time and then don’t know how to delete them.

Unlike deleting apps on the iPhone Home screen, you just need to tap the application icon for few seconds and delete with the grey “X”. As for deleting iMessages apps, you need to take a different route. If you fail to delete the iMessages apps on your own, in this post, you can take the detailed steps below.

Please note that we will take “delete Game Pigeon” as an example. The operations of deleting other iMessages apps are similar.

Step 1.
Tab iMessages on your iOS devices.
Tab iMessages
Step 2.
Open a conversation, the existing message or a new one.
Step 3.
Tab the “App Store” icon near to the texting box.
App Store
Step 4.
You need to swipe from the right to the left in order to reach the end of the app bar.
Step 5.
Tab “More” button which shows as three dots (…).
Step 6.
Then, you can see all the iMessages apps you have installed already. And you should scroll down to More Apps. You can find Game Pigeon here if you haven’t added it to favorites.
Find Game Pigeon
Step 7.
You can swipe left on the Game Pigeon to find the “delete” button and tap it to delete the app.
Delete Game Pigeon

That’s done! You have successfully deleted your Game Pigeon from your iPhone. And you must have got the differences between deleting apps and deleting iMessages apps.

Part 2. Get Everything Erased including iMessages Apps

If you want to resell your iPhone on eBay or Amazon, you should delete all the data on your iPhone before selling it. Here, we highly recommend you FoneEraser. It is the most powerful utility to erase all iPhone content and settings permanently and thoroughly. You can choose one of the three erasing levels and erase any data on iOS devices to protect your privacy.



Aiseesoft FoneEraser

  • Erase various content and settings permanently.
  • Protect your privacy by thoroughly erasing iOS devices.
  • Meet your personal needs with three erasing levels selectively.
  • Support Multiple iOS Devices, like iPhone 11 Pro/iPhone. 11/XR/XS/XS Max/8/7/6/5/4, etc.
  • iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13 are all supported.
Step 1.
Download, install FoneEraser and launch it.
Step 2.
Connect your iOS device to your computer with USB cable. Wait seconds until the software detects your iOS devices automatically.
Step 3.
Choose erasing levels according to your demand, low, medium, and high level. The different levels overwrite different times to erase your content and settings as you want.
Step 4.
Then, you can click the “start” button to erase your data.

With FoneEraser, you can wipe out all the contents thoroughly.


In this post, we have shown the detailed answers on how to delete iMessages apps like Game Pigeon. We have also introduced FoneEraser for you to erase your iMessages and apps and other iOS devices data thoroughly. If you have other questions about deleting apps in the iMessage bar or erasing iPhone data, please feel free to leave messages below this article.

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