[Solved] How to Bypass Screen Lock on Nokia Phone with or without Computer

“My Nokia phone is locked and I can't unlock it.” This must be a common issue for most Nokia users. It can be easily forgotten when you just set a new Nokia password, screen lock code, pattern lock, or PIN a few days ago. Every time it happens, accessing everything on your Nokia device is hard. Contacting customer service or resetting a new password to solve this is time-consuming. Luckily, you have us to help you fix this problem without entering any passwords.

In this passage, we will step-by-step guide you on how to bypass screen lock on Nokia phone. All you need to do is keep on reading carefully.

Bypass Screen Lock on Nokia Phone

Part 1. How to Bypass Screen Lock on Nokia Phone without Computer

If you just have your locked Nokia phone nearby, here are three methods to help you bypass the Nokia screen lock without computer assistance.

1. Factory Reset

If you want to unlock your Nokia phone in this way, make sure your device’s battery remains 60% or higher. Now, let’s take Nokia 1.3 as an example.

Step 1.
Long hold the power button to switch off the Nokia phone.
Step 2.
Hit the volume up button and power button simultaneously until you see the root menu. Choose Recovery Mode by pressing the volume up button and pressing the power button to ensure. (In some cases, you will be directly led to Recovery Mode.)
Step 3.
After the No command icon shows up, press the button of volume up and power together again to enter reboot options.
Step 4.
Choose Wipe data/factory reset > Factory data reset > Reboot system now.
Bypass Nokia Screen Lock Factory Reset

This is about how to bypass the screen lock on Nokia TracFone or other cell phone service providers. Though factory reset is fast and easy to operate, it will remove all of your device’s data. All your messages, images, and other information will be wiped out.

2. Security Questions

Step 1.
Continue trying the wrong screen lock until you see the Forgot password notification.
Step 2.
Tap the Forgot screen lock code to enter the Google logging screen. Insert your Google account information and select Answer question.
Step 3.
Answer the questions you have set before and tap the Unlock button.
Step 4.
Continue to click YES of the YES or NO options. Then, your Nokia phone will be unlocked and you can reset your new screen lock code.
Bypass Nokia Screen Security Questions

3. Security Code

Step 1.
Long hold the power button to switch off the Nokia phone.
Step 2.
Tap the following buttons one by one: Call button (green button) > Asterisk key (*) > Three (3)
Step 3.
There will be a new Formatting screen, wait for the formatting process to complete before releasing the keys: o 12345.
Bypass Nokia Screen Security Code

The above two methods can help you unlock the Nokia screen lock without data loss. But the related information is not so used daily, you can forget them easily too.

Part 2. How to Enter a Locked Nokia Phone with Computer

If you have a computer to help you bypass the Nokia screen lock, that can efficiently improve your Nokia unlocking.

1. Using the Best Third-Party Tool

Android Unlocker is the best unlocking software to handle the Nokia screen lock. It’s capable of removing every kind of Android device’s screen lock without data loss. Android Unlocker is very easy to use, you can finish your bypass process in just three simple steps. The whole unlocking only takes a few minutes. Android Unlocker is compatible with both Windows and macOS. Just download one to unlock your device.

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Step 1.
When you have Android Unlocker on your computer, launch it and select Remove Screen Lock.
Android Unlocker Remove Screen Lock
Step 2.
From the new screen, hit the Start button to bypass the screen lock on your Nokia phone.
Android Unlocker Start Bypass
Step 3.
In just a few minutes, your Nokia screen lock can be wiped and you can set a new one.

2. Google Find My Device

Google also offers a service for users to unlock their Android phones according to the phone’s location, device information, or connection log.

Bypass Nokia Screen Google Find My Device
Step 1.
Go to Find My Device’s site in Google by logging in with your Google account.
Step 2.
You can see your locked Nokia phone in the new interface and select Lock from the left options.
Step 3.
Set a new password that is different from your current Nokia screen lock in the New Password field and confirm it. The new password will replace your current screen lock.
Step 4.
Choose Lock and you’ll receive an unlock code in a few seconds if the above settings are successful.

This method can save your data also but it’s complicated for some users. Besides, its success rate is not so stable.

Part 3. FAQs of Nokia Phone Bypass

What is the keypad lock code of Nokia?

It’s a basic security code for Nokia phones. It’s written in 12345 and used to unlock the Nokia phone when factory reset.

Will Hard Reset a locked Nokia phone wipe the data?

Yes. Hard Reset is also known as Formatting or Factory Reset. This process will wipe all the data and settings on your Nokia phone. Usually, it’s hard to recover these wiped data.

How do you master reset a Nokia TracFone?

Turn on your Nokia TracFone, tap the Home key > Apps > Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything.


Now, we believe that how to bypass screen lock on Nokia phone will never bother you. You can choose one of the above methods with or without a computer to help you fix it. But you need to note that most unlocking methods will lead to data loss or other related information remembering. Thus, a convenient tool that needs no extra information and original data reservation must be the ultimate way to solve this problem.

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