Tutorial to Mirror PC to TV Screen Successfully [Wirelessly & with Cable]

April 19, 2023Ashley Mae

Are you looking for a way to mirror PC to TV? Here, we added a complete guide on how to do it, especially if you want to use it as a primary or secondary screen. Start to enjoy watching and playing games on your PC in an immersive way by mirroring it to a TV screen.

Cast PC to TV

Part 1. Complete 5 Ways to Mirror PC to TV That You Can Work On

1. HDMI Cable

If you want to try screen mirroring PC to TV Windows 7, use this method. Everyone is familiar with the HDMI cable, the most commonly used cable to connect the CPU to a monitor. If you have an HDMI cable and want to cast your PC screen to a TV, follow the steps here.

HDMI Cable
Step 1:
First, connect the first end of the HDMI to the PC port. You can find that port at the back of your CPU and ensure that you plug it in properly.
Step 2:
Next, connect the other end to the TV you want to use as a main or secondary display.
Step 3:
Lastly, press the Source button using your remote control and change the source to HDMI 1 or 2, where your cable is connected. Now you can see every PC action on a broader screen.

2. VGA Cable

Not a fan of HDMI? Then try to use your VGA for a better screen mirroring PC to TV. It works like the HDMI, and you only need to plug it in. Though it won't generate the audio for the TV, we still added a way to mirror the screen and audio to the TV using VGA completely.

VGA Cable
Step 1:
Check the pins on your VGA; if you see one pin missing, that VGA cable wouldn't be your good use. Connect the first end of the VGA to your computer and tighten both of the screws.
Step 2:
Do the same thing to the TV; connect it to the VGA port and tighten the two screws at the back of your TV.
Step 3:
Since VGA will only display video and doesn't produce audio, it will generate on your PC, and you must have an audio cable and plug it into the audio port.
Step 4:
Change the channel source of the TV to VGA 1 or 2, and now your TV screen will turn your TV screen.

3. DVI Cable

Want to use the old-school way? Yes, you can do a screen mirroring Windows 10 to Samsung Smart TV using the DVI cable. However, modern TV doesn't have a port for the said cable so you will need another device like the DVI-to-HDMI adapter. Once you are all set, you can now proceed to the steps.

DVI Cable
Step 1:
Plug your DVI cable into your PC and ensure no bent or lost pins, then tighten the screws.
Step 2:
Since the modern TV doesn't have a port for DVI, you will need a converter and a DVI-to-HDMI adapter. After you connect that to the adapter, plug it into the HDMI port.
Step 3:
Like the VGA, DVI can't transfer audio thru the cable; you will need to purchase and plug an audio cable on the PC into the TV.
Step 4:
Now that you have connected both devices via DVI, you will need to change the source to HDMI, and now it will display the PC screen to the TV screen, and it can now generate audio.

4. Wireless Display

To do a wireless screen mirror PC to TV, you must set up your TV by opening the AirPlay & HomeKit. After that, follow the steps below as we teach you how to use the Wireless Display option available on your Windows.

Step 1:
On your computer screen, go to the notification button on your taskbar.
Step 2:
If you are new to this area, you will need to click Expand to see the other tiles available here. Choose the Project until you see all of these options on your screen.
Step 3:
Tap the Connect to a Wireless Display and wait for it to detect the TV you have setup earlier. If the TV name doesn't appear, follow the steps to set up the TV in the first part. When the name appears, click the device.
Wireless Display
Step 4:
After you tap it, the device might require you to input a code, and you can see that code on your TV screen. Type in the passcode generated on the TV; it will then mirror the PC screen into the TV.

5. Cast PC Chrome Tab

Another way to do a screen mirroring Windows 10 to Samsung Smart TV is to plug in a Chromecast to the smart TV you want to use as a screen display for the mirroring. Now that you have set up the device, follow the steps below. But remember, this step will only cast the Chrome tab and not the whole screen of your PC.

Step 1:
Download Google Chrome on your PC, and open the browser.
Step 2:
Search for what you want to cast into your TV, and when you have to open it, click the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen.
Step 3:
Under it, click the Cast option.
Step 4:
Inside the Cast tab, find the Chromecast device that you have connected to the TV. You must tap that when it appears, and it will display your browser screen on the TV.
Cast on Chrome

Part 2. How to Screen Mirror on PC from Mobile Phones without Cable or Wirelessly

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is the best application you can download to mirror your phone screen into it. The application is programmed to work efficiently in mirroring, even with or without cable. But in this tutorial, we will use the wireless app to mirror phones to PC easily. Follow the tutorial to manage to connect the device.

Step 1:
Download the application to your PC by clicking the appropriate download button beneath this. Next, you will need to install and set the app up before you can launch it. When everything is settled, you can open the application to start using it.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 2:
As we proceed, you must choose which phone you are currently using. No need to worry because the steps will remain the same.
Select Phone OS
Step 3:
Download the FoneLab Mirror on your Android if you select it, but if not, continue. Back to your PC, since you want to connect the device wirelessly, then choose the WiFi Connection. Ensure that both devices are connected to the same network so that they can find each other.
WiFi Connection

Did that option didn't work? Then, try to scan the QR code on your PC using the FoneLab app.

Scan Code
Step 4:
When a notification appears, click Start Now to mirror everything on the PC screen.
Mirroring Phone to PC

Part 3. FAQs on How to Mirror PC to TV Screen

Does mirroring PC to TV easy?

As you can see from the tutorial we added, mirroring your PC to TV is easy, and there isn't much setup needed. You can either use the wireless way or the cableway; whatever you think fits your need the best, then mirroring is pretty simple.

What is the simplest method to mirror PC to TV?

As you can see, HDMI is the most convenient way to mirror a PC screen to a TV because you wouldn't need to set up an audio cable since HDMI can generate the sound for you.

How to screen mirror iPhone to Sony TV?

Using your AirPlay, you can wirelessly mirror your iPhone to Sony TV. You could purchase a Lightning Digital Apple adapter if that didn't work to complete mirroring your iOS to the TV.


How to wirelessly mirror PC to TV? You can use the Chromecast and the Wireless Display. But you might encounter some mirroring lag, so we added a cableway to do it. All of the information here will assist you in mirroring your PC into the smart TV effectively.

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