How to Screen Mirror from Mac to Samsung/Apple/LG TV Easily

April 14, 2023Ashley Mae

Are you still seeking quick-to-use solutions to screen mirror your MacBook to TV? For most Mac users, it could not be greater than casting your limited laptop screen to a larger-sized TV and enjoying your favorite movies without lagging and quality loss. But how do I mirror my Mac to my tv? This post will offer helpful answers to screen mirroring from Mac to different TVs.

Mirror Mac to TV

Part 1. Screen Mirroring Mac to TV with Wireless Connection

With the renewable versions following macOS 12, AirPlay was introduced as the built-in feature and designated for screen activities sharing with more possibilities. You can use AirPlay to stream data, songs or on-screen activities to all supported devices, including Samsung TV, Apple TV, LG TV, Xbox series, etc. Instead of installing and managing multiple apps, you are suggested to have a better grasp of screen mirroring Mac to TV with AirPlay. As Apple doesn't provide its users with detailed procedures on Mac mirroring to TVs, this step-by-step will give you a hand.

AirPlay-Compatible Settings

Before you set about turning on the AirPlay feature on your Mac, the first and foremost thing for you to do is to ensure your Mac devices are capable of running macOS 12 Monterey or higher that supports AirPlay mirroring.

If you have an old version of Mac, you can enter the Apple menu and choose the System Preference to check the update. In the Software Update section, you will see the available version for installing. Upgrade your Mac with the on-screen instructions and get prepared for further changes.

Each time you screen mirror your Mac to TVs that support AirPlay, you can launch the Airplay option on your Mac with the following steps.

Step 1:
Connect your Mac and the TV with the same WiFi connection. Then move your mouse to find the Control Center at the top right of the menu bar. Here you can find the Screen Mirroring section following the mode setting. Click it to activate the function.

If you are using Mac with macOS Catalina or earlier, you can tap the Screen icon in the top menu bar and select the name of the Apple TV you want.

Step 2:
In the following list, you will see the available receivers for your Mac. Select the targeted TV you desire and you can see the AirPlay icon turns blue with a successful link between devices.

For users who adopt the Screen Mirroring function for the first time, you may need to input the AirPlay code on your TV before you make other settings.

Screen Mirror on Mac to TV

If you would like to activate the AirPlay setting on your Samsung TV, Apple Tv or LG TV, please check the related list. Here you can find the AirPlay-compatible TVs if you would like to connect your Mac from your TV.

AirPlay-supported TV Type Models
Samsung TV Samsung 2018-2023: Samsung QLED 4K Qx and higher versions, Samsung QLED 8K Q8 and later, Samsung UHD 6 and higher Series
Apple TV Apple TV running iOS 11.4 or later
LG TV LG 2018-2023 (running webOS 4.0 and higher), LG OLED B8 or higher, LG UK and later Series, All LG QNED Models

Mirror Mac to Samsung TV

You can complete screen mirroring Mac with the AirPlay settings on your Samsung TV with the steps below.

Step 1:
Turn on the Samsung TV and connect it to WiFi used by your Mac at the same time.
Step 2:
Go to the Settings part and move to the Fix icon. Here you see the AirPlay Settings in the General list.
Step 3:
Turn on AirPlay and Customize the settings that go with your habits. You can decide the code required for pairing and take subtitles and captions if needed.

With all set, you can start the Airplay function on your Mac and match it with the on-screen code and start screen mirroring from your Mac.

Mirror Mac to Apple TV

Step 1:
Turn on your Apple TV and connect it to the same WiFi as you do on your Mac.
Step 2:
Locate the Settings section and select AirPlay and HomeKit. Then turn on the AirPlay feature on the TV and Mac to allow the connection.
Step 3:
A PIN code may be needed if you connect your Mac to Apple TV for the first time. And if you want to adjust the mirrored screen between the desktop screen and the expanded Mac screen, you can click the Screen Mirroring icon to choose the built-in display or desperate display.

Mirror Mac to LG TV

Step 1:
Start the TV device and land on Network following the General section. Then Move to WiFi Connection and link your LG TV with the same WiFi link by your Mac.
Step 2:
Then you can press the Source button on the remote and enter Home Dashboard. In the central place, you can see AirPlay button. Click it to continue.
Step 3:
After that, you can check the WiFi network and device details in the new interface. And you can tap AirPlay and Homekit Settings to turn on AirPlay.

You can also change the settings on the required code,subtitles and captioning, etc. Activate the Screen Mirroring button on your Mac as mentioned in the Airplay settings and you can follow the on-screen instructions of LG TV to establish the connection of screen mirroring.

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Part 2. Mirror Mac Screens with Wired Gadgets

If you feel limited by the device versions or wireless connection, you can still continue with a wired gadget like an HDMI cable. Sometimes you may need another adapter as an intermediary. Here is what you need to do with an HDML cable.

Step 1:
Find an HDMI cable and an adapter if necessary to get prepared.
Step 2:
Connect one end of the cable to your Mac port and the other to the TV’s. Wait until you receive an on-screen notification for the connection.
Screen Mirror Mac with Cable

If you want to adjust the resolution of this mirrored screen, try to locate Settings or General button under the menu and adjust the settings on display.

Part 3. FAQs on Screen Mirror Mac to TV

How to Mirror my Mac Air to TV?

You can first check about the update on your Mac Air and go with MacOS 12 Monterey or higher to use the AirPlay feature. Then you can tap the Control Center to activate the Screen Mirroring button or use an HDMI cable to screen mirror your Mac Air to TV.

Why can't I mirror my Mac to my TV?

If you are adopting the Airplay function on Mac devices, make sure you have connected your Mac and TV to the same WiFi and check the PIN code if necessary. But if you take the HDMI cable as the solution, make sure the end fits two ports of devices.

Can I mirror my Mac to my TV without Apple TV?

Yes. And you can use the built-in mirroring options on your TV or resort to a wired gadget to connect your Mac and TV.


This post shows detailed methods on how to screen mirror your Mac to TV with useful tips. Hopefully you can enjoy and recommend it to your friends and family if they need help.

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