How to Change the Wrong Age for Apple ID

July 07, 2023Andrew Miller

The age of Apple ID is usually associated with the use of Apple services. If you accidentally enter the wrong birth date when signing up for an account, this can be very problematic. You will be restricted, especially if your age is incorrectly entered as 13 or younger. Therefore, you should change your age on Apple ID in time. In this article, you will learn how to change your or your child's age on Apple ID. Keep reading and get more details.

Change Age on Apple ID

Part 1. Why Do I Need to Change Age on Apple ID

Your birth date is required to access Apple eligible services. And there are several reasons that you need to change the age on your Apple ID.

Please confirm your Apple ID is working properly before changing age. If your Apple ID not working, you should fix this issue first.

Part 2. How to Change Age on Apple ID Directly Above 13

If you enter a wrong birth date above 13, you can change the correct age on your iPhone directly. Follow the easy steps below.

Step 1:
Open Settings on iPhone. Tap your Apple ID on the top.
Step 2:
Tap and enter Name, Phone Numbers, Email.
Step 3:
Tap Date of birth and select your actual birth date.
Step 4:
Tap Done to update your birth date.
Change Age on Apple ID iPhone

Part 3. How to Change Age on Apple ID Under 13

If the Apple ID age is above 13, and you want to change it to below 13 for your child, you must be a Family Sharing group or organizer member.

But if this Apple ID is under 13, you can no longer change it unless you contact Apple Support. Usually, the best thing to do is to recreate an Apple ID for your child. After creating, you can log out of the old Apple ID on Settings and sign in to the account with the new age.

If you enable Find My on the iPhone, you will be asked to type the Apple ID passcode before logging out Apple ID.

Bonus Tip. Remove Age on Apple ID Without Password

Forget your Apple ID passcode and cannot log out of the account on your iPhone? Don't worry. You can use professional software to remove it. Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker is a powerful tool to remove Apple ID if you forget the password. It will help you to remove the wrong age, name, or phone number on Apple ID. Moreover, this tool can remove your Screen Time passcode, unlock your iOS device, and even remove MDM (Mobile Device Management) mode.

Step 1:
Download and run the password remover on your computer. Connect your iPhone to this PC.
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Step 2:
Choose the Remove Apple ID mode.

Removing your Apple ID will erase all your content, including the Apple ID age. Please back up your important content to prevent the data loss.

Step 3:
Click Start to remove the Apple ID and password directly.
Choose Mode
Step 4:
Follow the steps if your iPhone runs iOS 11.4 or later and enable the two-factor authentication. Enter 0000 into the box and click Confirm. Then, confirm the device information. If everything is right, click Start to download the firmware package. If something is wrong, correct it and hit Start.
Confirm Two Factor

After removing the Apple ID, you can create a new Apple ID with your actual birth date.

If Find My is off, this program will remove Apple ID automatically. If not, you should follow the on-screen prompts to turn off Find My iPhone.

Part 4. FAQs of Changing Age on Apple ID

Is Apple ID age restricted?

Yes. Kids under 13 can't create their Apple ID. (The age varies by region.) And you can create an ple ID account for your kid unless you're a family organizer.

Why can't I change my Apple ID date of birth?

For Apple ID age below 13, you can't modify it directly. Also, there may be a bug in your iPhone, and you can try to restart iPhone before changing age.

What is Apple ID?

An Apple ID is an account to access Apple services, like the App Store, Messages, iCloud, and more. It includes the information you use to sign in, the contact, payment, and security details you use in Apple services.

What happens to Apple ID when the child turns 13?

Once your kid reaches the age of 13, they can maintain their account without participating in Family Sharing.

Can I change my Apple ID name?

Yes. You can change your Apple ID without limitation. Try to open Settings on iPhone. Tap your Apple ID and go to Name, Phone, Numbers, Email. Then, tap Name to edit it. To learn more details, click here about how to change your Apple ID name.


This article shares with you how to change birthday on Apple ID. And it analyses the specific conditions. It is ok when you want to change the wrong age or create a new account with the true age. Moreover, if you forget the old Apple ID password, you can use Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker to remove your Apple ID. Any questions? Leave your comments below.

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