Complete Tutorial to Change the Creation Date of a File on Windows & macOS

In this article, we will show you the most effective ways to change the creation date of a file and the other dates embedded into the media and doc files you have. There is no need for you to become a professional in handling this type of problem as long as you follow the tutorial we have added. If you are ready, proceed to read the information below.

Change Creation Modified Date on File

Part 1. How to Change File Create a Date, Modified Date, and Accessed Date [Easy Way]

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is the most accessible tool that you can use to change file creation dates and other dates embedded in your file easily. With this app, you can do multiple things, even if you are inexperienced in converting MP4 to MOV, editing videos, creating MV, and many more inside the toolbox. Instead of inputting codes to change the dates like the other apps below, you will only need to follow the instructions below to change them at your own preference.

Step 1:
To download the app, you must hit the download button below. Install the app promptly and follow the set-up process of it, then launch the app to continue using its data changer.
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Step 2:
On the main interface, go to the Toolbox menu and choose the File Data Changer on the bottom part of these features.
Open File Date Changer
Step 3:
Hit the + icon and choose the file you want to modify with the application. There is no need to worry about the format because this app supports many file extensions.
Upload File to Change Date
Step 4:
Start changing the creation, modified, and accessed date based on your needs by tapping the arrow button.
Change Date if File
Step 5:
When you are done, hit the Apply button to save the changes you have applied to the file you edited here.
Apply Date Changes on File

Part 2. How to Change File Create a Date, Modified Date, and Accessed Date Using Codes

1. Terminal on Mac

The terminal is like a command prompt on Windows, but this app offers functions other than changing the date of the files. You can easily use the app to delete partitions on Mac to make some space on your device. Unlike the first app, you can't do multiple tasks at the same time in here, such as changing the created date and the modified date. Therefore, we have separated the steps from teaching you how to change the file's creation date on Mac and its modified date.

How to Change the Created Date on Terminal:

Step 1:
Open the Terminal app on your Mac.
Step 2:
Type this code into the terminal and change the year, month, date, and time of it touch -t 201302161530. If you don't know what it looks like, you can see in the image that it should be like this. You can copy the created date we have set for you to try.
Step 3:
Copy the path of the file you want to edit and paste it here; once you have inserted the path, hit Enter. Open the image and hit the information button to see if you have successfully changed the created date.
Creation Date on Terminal

How to Change the Modified Date on Terminal:

Step 1:
On your keyboard, press the command + space simultaneously, and type the name of the app that you want to open. In this case, you will need to type the Terminal.
Step 2:
Once the app is opened, type this and change the YYYYMMDDhhmm we have added here: touch -mt 201502161530.
Step 3:
Now that you have input the code, you will need to drag and drop the file that you want to be changed, and the file's path will automatically be typed on. Hit Enter to start changing. Open the information about the app to check if the file's modified date is changed.
Modified Date on Terminal

2. Windows Powershell

Unlike Terminal, Windows Powershell can help you change the creation, modification, and access date. Even if you are using the latest version of Windows 11 Pro, the steps below will still work. Follow it accordingly to quickly change the file's creation date and other information inside your files.

How to Change Date Created on Windows Powershell:

Step 1:
Open the Windows PowerShell app on your Windows.
Step 2:
Copy this code (Get-Item "C:\Users\ADMIN\Dropbox\PC\Desktop\goofyface.jpg").CreationTime=("21 February 2013 12:00:00"). Kindly change the path name and the creation time we have added here; this is just a sample.
Step 3:
After you have added the information, hit Enter on your keyboard, and it will process the file.
Creation Date on PowerShell

How to Change Date Modified on Windows Powershell:

Step 1:
Hit the Windows icon on your computer and search PowerShell.
Step 2:
Open the app, and type this code to change the date modified of the file (Get-Item "C:\Users\ADMIN\Dropbox\PC\Desktop\goofyface.jpg").LastWriteTime=("02 May 2001 07:00:00"). Like the first one, you need to change the information inside the "".
Step 3:
Hit Enter to start changing the date modified to the file.
Modified Date on PowerShell

How to Change the Date Accessed on Windows Powershell:

Step 1:
Using your keyboard, tap the Windows key and type in the Terminal to open the app.
Step 2:
After opening it, type in the (Get-Item "C:\Users\ADMIN\Dropbox\PC\Desktop\goofyface.jpg").LastAccessTime=("02 May 2001 11:00:00"). Never remove the parentheses, but you might change the information we type inside the "".
Step 3:
If you are done adding the code and ready to process it, you can now hit the span.boldEnter button to process the file.
Date Accessed on PowerShell

Part 3. FAQs on How to Change Creation Modified Date on File

Can I change the file creation date on Python?

Yes, you can change the file creation date on Python but first you will need to check the creation time by typing path.getctime('sample_path')

Does anyone know that I have changed the dates of the file?

No one can know that you have changed the dates on the file because no traces will be left out. So, if you have changed the dates of your file, then only you know that you have changed it.

Can I retrieve back the creation modified date of the file?

Yes, you can retrieve it by manually turning back the original date of it. If you are looking for an app that scans and retrieves the file's creation modified date, no available apps can work with it other than changing it manually.


To change a file's creation date, you will need the assistance of the tool we have listed here. You can start by using the codes supported on your Terminal and Powershell, but if you think it is challenging to do better, use the app we have listed here. That way, you wouldn't need to use codes to change the date. Just follow the steps, and you will successfully change it.

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