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Clear YouTube Watch/Search History in 4 Easy Ways

The YouTube watch history lets you easily find the videos you've watched recently and the video recommendations will also be improved according to the YouTube watch history. Want to manage or clear YouTube history? Actually, you are able to control the watch history. YouTube allows you to delete individual or whole watch history, and pause your history to not record it.

Once you pause the watch history, you are not able to access it when you are offline or out of internet connection. So you are recommended to check and manage YouTube history when you sign in YouTube account online and ensure the watch history shows as expected. Then you can delete or clear YouTube history as you want.

Clear YouTube History

Clear YouTube History

Pay attention, the changes you've made to YouTube account's watch history will be the same on all devices you sign in to with one same YouTube account. When you log out, the history changes will be applied to the watch history for this specific browser or app.

Method 1. Clear YouTube history from computer (signed in)

Navigate to your watch history while you sign in YouTube, which includes videos that you have watched in YouTube app on iPhone/iPad/Android phone, as well as It also includes videos you've watched in a YouTube player on other websites when you log in to Google Chrome. Changes you make to your account watch history will appear on all devices you sign in to with this account.

Step 1 Visit, and click the "Sign in " button to log into YouTube account. Find and click the History tab from the left menu column. If the column doesn't show up, you can hit the three-line guide icon near the "YouTube" logo.

Clear YouTube History on Computer

Step 2 And here, you are able to find Watch history , Search history and comments on videos. Remove a video: Hit the "Cross" to the right of the video details to remove a individual video from your watch history.

Method 2. Clear YouTube history form mobile site (signed in)

For clean the YouTube watch history, the very first step is to sign in your account and select "History" option from the mobile site. After this, you need to hit "Watch history" option. Now choose "Remove from Watch history" option from the menu.

Clear YouTube History on Mobile Site

For Search history, go to "Account" > "History" > "Search history" and click on "Clear all Search history"from your account.

You can also choose "Pause watch history" to stop record the recent watched video caches.

Method 3. Clear YouTube history on iPhone/Android with YouTube app

You can rely on the following guide to clear YouTube watch history on YouTube app.

Step 1 The foremost step is to launch the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android phone, and then sign into it.

Step 2 Tap on the three-line guide icon next to the red YouTube "play" icon. After tapping it, you can find the list of menu items. You may need to choose the "Settings".

Step 3 Now you are able to select history option from "Privacy" in settings. And here, you are allowed to clear or pause YouTube watch history as well as search history.

Clear YouTube History on Mobile

Method 4. One-click clear YouTube history for iPhone

For one-click clear the YouTube history and free up your iPhone space storage, you are introduced with iPhone Data Eraser to help you do that.

Step 1 Launch iPhone Data Eraser

Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable and launch iPhone Data Eraser. The program will detect your device quickly.

Connect Device

Step 2 Select Erasing Level

Three erasing levals are provided, Low, Medium, and High level for overwriting different times to erase your iPhone content and settings as you want.

Select Erasing level

Step 3 Start to Clear YouTube History

After choosing erasing level, you can click "Start" button to free up your iPhone, including clearing the YouTube history.

Select Erasing level


iPhone Data Eraser enables will delete the iPhone files and settings in one click, so you'd better back up iPhone to computer at first.

That's it. Have you managed to clear YouTube Watch and Search history yet? If you have any better suggestions, please feel free to leave your comments.

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