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The Best Subtitle Remover to Erase Subtitles from MKV/AVI/MP4 Video

When you not that familiar with a foreign language or a dialect when you watch a video, subtitles work for you. Subtitles can be added or embedded in movies and other videos. Usually, subtitles are setting at the screen bottom and let viewers comprehend what's happening currently even though they don't really understand the foreign language or the dialect. Subtitles are also helpful for those who have hearing impairment.

Subtitle Remover

Typically, subtitles can be divided into two kinds: Hardcoded subtitles and soft subtitles. The former subtitles are already embedded into the movies or videos and those may be like the part of video, so it is hard to remove them. Different with hardcoded subtitles, soft subtitles are not the embedded type. You can easily add or remove the soft subtitles from one video like add subtitles to MP4 video. On conclusion, hardcoded subtitles are a part of the video images and can be irremovable, and soft subtitles are primarily an independent stream and can be turned on or turned off based on users' need.

Part 1. Remove the soft subtitles from videos

A few video software can help you remove soft subtitles from an MP4/MKV/AVI video. Video Converter Ultimate is one of them. With this professional Subtitle Remover, Video Converter Ultimate enables you to check whether the subtitles belong to hardcoded subtitle or soft subtitle and helps you to remove the subtitles from one video in the format of MKV, MP4, AVI and so on. Also, though hardcoded subtitles are not removable, however, you can also get some tips offered by Video Converter Ultimate.

Video Converter Ultimate For Mac

Step 1 Launch Video Converter Ultimate and load your MKV/MP4/AVI video. You are able to preview the video and check which of subtitle the video has.

◆ No subtitle: If the video has no subtitle displaying, and you can find the button shows "No Subtitle".
◆ Soft subtitle: You are able to find the subtitle file when you click the plus-shaped button.
◆ Hardcoded subtitle: When you preview the video, it has showed the screen words. But you still find the video column indicates "No Subtitle".

Import Video

Step 2 Click drop-down arrow button, and then hit "No Subtitle" option.

Remove Soft Subtitle from Video

Step 3 Choose the destination folder and then click the button of "Convert".

In addition, Video converter triggers another feature of add audio track and multi-audio track, so you are able to add/remove background audio to/from video or just mute video as well according to your need. Besides, you can also explore other features and this program enables you to download online videos, edit/crop/clip video, add watermark to video and so on.

Part 2. Get rid of hardcoded subtitle from MKV/MP4/AVI video

As we refer above, hardcoded subtitle is not that possible to remove. But you can try another approach. Video Converter Ultimate enables you to crop the video part where hardcoded subtitle displays, and keeps the originally video quality at the same time.

Step 1 Highlight the video, and then click the button of "Edit". Click the "Crop" window.

Remove Hardcoded Subtitle from Video

Step 2 You can here set the crop area size. If you just want to get the rid of the subtitle displaying area, you are advised to uncheck the option of "Keep Aspect Ratio". You are able to personalize other parameters like "Position of Crop Area", "Zoom Mode" as well.

Step 3 Click "Apply" and close the crop window. Click the "Convert" button to export the cropped video.

In this article, Video Converter Ultimate is highly recommended for you to remove the soft subtitles and get rid of hardcoded subtitle from an MKV, AVI or MP4 video. You can leave your comments if you have any suggestion.

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