How to Make a Video Essay & Understand the Art of Visual Storytelling

October 18, 2023Ashley Mae

The video essay is considered a powerful medium wherein the art of filmmaking with a depth of critical analysis to compelling ideas or arguments combined. Scholars and storytellers commonly use it, but anyone who wants to create it can do so in just a few minutes. So, let us not wait any longer as we set a stage for you to embark on a storytelling journey through a camera lens, where your ideas will come to life in a captivating and thought-provoking manner. In this guide, we will delve into how to make a video essay and learn more about it, so keep reading and remember information to become knowledgeable about it.

Create Video Essay

Part 1. What Is a Video Essay - Know More about Video Essay

What is a video essay? Video essay is a unique form of visual storytelling that blends the elements of traditional filmmaking with the intellectual rigor of critical analysis. It is a medium where the creator uses the power trifecta, which is the video, audio, and text, to convey their ideas, arguments, or narratives. Also, it covers multiple subjects, such as dissecting themes in a film and exploring historical events or cultural phenomena. The creators provide a dynamic platform to engage their audiences, often offering a fresh perspective on a topic or encouraging viewers to think more deeply.

The other video essay definition is the systematic process that combines creative and analytical skills. Commonly, video essay creation features voiceovers or on-screen text, supported by carefully selected visuals, music, and sound effects when necessary. With these elements, you can create a harmony to communicate the central message effectively, which can be thought-provoking, informative, persuasive, or purely artistic, making them a versatile medium for expression.

Part 2. How to Make a Video Essay Using the General Process Everyone Should Know

Generally, making a video essay is an iterative process, and each step requires careful consideration and creativity. With practice and dedication, you are harnessing the power of this medium to convey your ideas effectively to your audience in meaningful ways. So, if you want to know how to create a video essay, here are the steps you can follow.

Step 1:
Start by choosing a subject or topic you are passionate about with enough depth to support a video essay. Now that you have the topic, you must thoroughly research and gather relevant information, clips, and resources. Keep analyzing the subject critically to identify key themes, arguments, or ideas you may add or convey.
Step 2:
Write a script that outlines your narrative or argument. Consider the structure of your essay, which includes the basics: introduction, body, and conclusion. Adjust the tone and style that best suits your image, and remember to collect visuals to support the narrative, like film clips, images, animations, and other multimedia elements that align with your script.
Step 3:
Decide whether you want the approach to be a voiceover narration, on-screen text, or a combination. Record a clear and engaging voiceover if needed. Then, use video editing software to compile your visuals, audio, and text into a cohesive essay. Also, pay attention to pacing, transitions, and visual storytelling techniques that can be applied to the video.
Step 4:
Re-watch the final output; if revision is necessary, revise it to improve clarity and impact. Once you are satisfied with the video essay, publish it on a platform of your choice and promote it to your audience through posting on social media and other channels.

Part 3. How to Edit a Video Essay After Preparing the Content on Your PC

Now that you know how to do a video essay, let's go to the next important part: editing. With Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, you will not have a hard time processing the videos, such as merging videos, trimming, adding subtitles, adding effects, etc. Imagine having all the necessary video editing features for creating the best video essay in a single tool; that is what this app is all about. Even if you are inexperienced in video editing or processing, you can follow the steps below that teach you how to process it.

Step 1:
Before you launch this app, you must download it on your computer. You can click the download button below to get the latest version package of the app. Install the package, following the WinRaR setup, and now you can open it.
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Step 2:
Next, tick the + button, and a file folder will appear. Select the video essay on your computer, click it, and click Open to upload.
Upload Video Essay
Step 3:
Inside the video converter, click the magic wand button to access the advanced editing feature this app offers.
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Step 4:
You can do many things in the editing window, such as rotating, cropping, adding effects or filters, importing voice-over, adding watermarks, and importing subtitle files. When you finish editing, click OK to save the changes.
Edit Video Essay
Step 5:
Lastly, you will need to select an output format by clicking the drop-down button and click Convert All to process the video essay you have edited.
Export Edited Video Essay

Part 4. FAQs on How to Create a Video Essay

How should I start my video essay?

Start your video essay with a compelling introduction that grabs the viewer's attention. Also, you could use an interesting fact, a thought-provoking quote, or a relevant anecdote to draw your audience in.

What is included in a video essay?

A video essay typically includes video clips, images, audio, and narration. It presents an augment or explores a specific topic using visual and auditory elements to support your topic. Research, analysis, and creativity are vital components of a video essay.

How long does a video essay take?

The length of a video essay can vary widely, ranging from a few minutes to over an hour. The duration will always depend on the complexity of the topic, the depth of analysis, and the intended audience. If you have a very long video, the engagement with others might be too low. We suggest cutting or trimming the video into several parts if needed.

Can I edit my video essay on my phone?

You can use many video editing apps on your phone to edit video essays easily. If you are an Android user, we suggest you explore the Vid. Fun, and if you are an iOS user, maximize the potential of iMovie on iOS.

How to write a video essay?

Writing a video essay involves a combination of scripting, planning, and creativity. So before you start creating, you must select a precise topic that allows you to have an in-depth analysis but is broad enough to appeal. Research, develop a strong thesis statement, create an outline, and write a compelling script. Remember to review your manuscript multiple times and edit it for clarity, coherence, and flow.


Definitely! You are now ready to create a video essay with the help of the video essay maker we have added here. Always remember to be confident when you are shooting a video on camera, and if you are taking a voice-over, be clear on your point and do not hesitate to take retakes when needed. We hope this article helps you do the video essay you need!

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