How to Make an Eye-catching Video Presentation on Windows, Mac, and Online

October 11, 2023Jenny Ryan

Video is absolutely one of the most engaging mediums. It makes sense that almost all companies use videos in their marketing efforts, from demos to webinars, from produce tutorials to sales presentations. That makes creating video presentations a significant skill in the modern workplace. However, some people still do not understand how to produce eye-catching video presentations. Therefore, this guide intends to talk about this topic in detail.

Create Video Presentation

Part 1. What is a Video Presentation

A presentation is a method of communication that can be adapted to various speaking situations, like talking to a group, addressing a meeting, or briefing a team. The speaker delivers information to the audience with graphics, texts, audio, and other visual elements in a presentation.

Unlike the traditional presentation, a video presentation saves a presentation as a video file. So that the speaker can open it anywhere with a video player software or publish it online directly.

Part 2. 3 Ways to Make a Video Presentation

Way 1: How to Create a Video Presentation by Recording Screen

The easy way to make a video presentation with audio is to record the information on your desktop with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. The built-in advanced algorithm optimizes the video quality automatically. More importantly, the concise design enables everyone to learn quickly.

Screen Recorder


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Here are the steps to record a video presentation on your desktop:

Step 1:
Install the video presentation maker

Launch the best video presentation making software once you install it on your PC. There is another version for Mac. Then choose Video Recorder in the home interface. If you wish to record a video presentation on your phone, choose Phone and follow the instructions.

Select the Video Recorder
Step 2:
Record a video presentation

Firstly, set the recording area in the DISPLAY section according to your presentation. Turn on System Sound and adjust the volume. Next, enable Webcam and Microphone if you intend to add your face and voice to the presentation. Otherwise, disable them. Once you are done, click the REC button to begin recording the video presentation on your desktop.

Speaker Audio Recording Options
Step 3:
Preview and save your presentation

During the process, you can add images, annotations, and shapes to the presentation. When you want to stop recording, click the Stop button. Then preview the video presentation and save the recording if you are happy with it. You can clip unwanted frames on the preview window or retouch the recording with the video editor.

Record YouTube

By default, the video presentation will be saved as MP4, but you can adjust the output format on the Preferences dialog.

Way 2: How to Export PowerPoint Presentation to Video

If you already make a PPT presentation, you can save it as a video presentation with PowerPoint directly. Since PowerPoint 2013, it has the capability to export a presentation as a video directly.

Step 1:
Open the desired presentation or create a new presentation in your PowerPoint.
Save Video PP2019
Step 2:
Go to the File menu, choose Export, and click Create a Video in PowerPoint 365/2019/2016/2013. For PowerPoint 2010, choose Save & Send in the File menu, and click Create a Video.
Save Video PP2010
Step 3:
Under the Create a Video section, set the video quality, time in the seconds to spend on each slide, and recorded timings and narrations according to your need.
Step 4:
Next, click the Create Video button to open the export dialog. Input a filename in the File name field, and select a folder to save the video presentation. Pull down the Save as type dialog, and choose MPEG-4 VIDEO or Windows Media Video.
Step 5:
At last, click on the Save button to record a PowerPoint presentation with audio immediately.

Way 3: How to Make a Video Presentation Online Using Canva

Another way to create a video presentation is by looking for a web app. Canva, for instance, allows you to make a slideshow online and record it as a video presentation for free. That is a good option for beginners.

Step 1:
Access the free video presentation maker in a web browser, and log into your account. If you do not have one, register one with your email address.
Step 2:
Press Create a design at the top right corner, choose Presentations, and pick an appropriate template. Some templates are only available to Pro users.
Create Design Canva
Step 3:
Then edit and retouch your presentation online.
Step 4:
When the presentation is complete, click the Options button with a three-dot icon at the upper right side, and choose Present & Record to begin recording the presentation into a video.
Record Presentation Canva
Step 5:
After recording, you can click Copy Link to share the video presentation online or hit Download to save it to your hard drive.

Part 3. FAQs about Creating Video Presentations

How do I make a video presentation with pictures?

Firstly, you can make a slideshow with your pictures in PowerPoint, other presentation software, or online apps. Next, use a screen recorder to convert the slideshow into a video presentation.

Can I video myself presenting a PowerPoint?

No. MS PowerPoint only records a presentation into a video file. It cannot add your face or webcam to the video presentation. You have to use a third-party screen recorder to get the job done.

How do I make a video presentation on mobile?

You can use the built-in screen recording feature or mirror your phone to a computer in order to record a video presentation on your mobile device.


This guide has demonstrated three ways to create a video presentation on Windows, Mac, and online. The Create a Video feature in PowerPoint enables you to export a presentation into a video file directly. Canva is an online video presentation maker. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the most flexible option. If you have other questions about this topic, please feel free to write them down below this post.

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