A Detailed Guide to Cropping Videos in Filmora

June 19, 2024Ashley Mae

For several reasons, you may want to crop a video while editing. For instance, you need to cut away unwanted background or side footage of your video, direct the viewer's attention to the main content, change the video size and shape for better visual effects, or crop it to get the required aspect ratio for specific social media platforms.

When you search for a tool to easily crop your video, you may get the Filmora recommendation. It is a powerful video editor that carries various editing functions. Among these, you can get a cropping feature to easily remove unwanted edges and adjust framing. This article will tell you how to crop a video in Filmora with detailed steps.

Crop Videos in Filmora

Part 1. How to Crop a Video in Filmora

Filmora provides a robust set of tools for editing videos on Mac and Windows computers. To crop your video using it, you should first download the correct version for your system. Then, launch Filmora and follow the steps below to crop a video in Filmora.

Download Filmora 13 on Wondershare Website
Step 1.
As a new Filmora user, you get some on-screen prompts to guide you to know its features and get started. Click New Project to access the main video editing window. Here, click the Import button to add the video you want to crop. Once loaded, click the video to put it onto the bottom timeline for later editing.
Import Video to Filmora 13
Step 2.
As I mentioned above, Filmora has a specific Crop and Zoom tool that offers a dedicated workspace for precise control over framing and resizing. When you add your video file to the timeline, you can see some commonly used editing tools displayed on the toolbar. You can easily locate the Crop button between Split and Text. Click it to access the main Crop and Zoom window.
Crop And Zoom Tool in Filmora
Step 3.
When you enter the dedicated Crop and Zoom window, you can preview your video with an overlay grid and adjustment handles. You can freely define the cropping area by dragging the adjustment handles. Filmora offers some pre-defined aspect ratios like 16:9, 1:1, 4:3, 21:9, Custom, and more for quick selection. You can also click Pan & Zoom to zoom in or out on the video content.
Crop Video in Filmora 13

This option enables you to define a starting and ending crop area for the video. As the video plays, it smoothly transitions between these points. That will create a panning or zooming effect.

Pan And Zoom Video in Filmora 13
Step 4.
Click the Play button to preview the result. After that, click Apply to confirm your cropping operation. Filmora is designed with many advanced editing and enhancement functions, including some AI-powered ones. You can try using them to edit your video and enhance quality. Then, click Export in the upper right to save this cropped video. You are required to log in to a Wondershare account to proceed with the exporting process.
Filmora Export Video Login Wondershare Account

Part 2. Best Filmora Alternative to Crop Videos with No Quality Loss

With the free trial of Wondershare Filmora, you get many limitations on features, output qualities, watermarks, and more. In fact, to easily crop your video without losing quality, you can try using the great Filmora alternative, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. It has an individual Video Cropper for you to crop video, zoom in on key content, and remove unwanted edges. Aiseesoft offers similar cropping and editing functions. Compared to Filmora, it gives more advanced conversion features.

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Step 1.
Download and launch this Filmora alternative on your computer. Click More Tools to find the Video Cropper. Click to open it, and then add your video file.
Aiseesoft for Mac More Tools
Step 2.
Once the video is added, you can play it to check the content. Now, you can directly grab and drag the corner handles of the cropping frame to resize your video. Also, you are allowed to input precise width and height values in the corresponding boxes to crop your video. Like Filmora, you get multiple common presets to select from Aspect Ratio.
Crop Video in VCU Video Cropper
Step 3.
Click the Preview button to check the video cropping result. When you are happy with the cropped video, click Output to customize more video and audio settings, such as the format, quality, frame rate, zoom mode, resolution, sample rate, and more. Save your change and then click the Export button.
VCU Video Cropper Output Settings

Part 3. FAQs of How to Crop Video in Filmora

Can Filmora reduce the video size?

Yes, as a famous and all-featured video editing software, Filmora can be used to reduce video file size. Filmora Video Editor offers several ways for you to shrink the video file size. It allows you to freely customize the video bitrate, frame rate, format, quality, and more to achieve this. If you want to make your video smaller in size without losing any quality, you can use it to cut out unnecessary parts of the video. When reducing the video file size, you should keep a balance between the decreased size and the final quality.

How do I resize media in Filmora?

When you want to resize a video in Filmora, you can rely on its cropping or exporting function. Open Filmora and add the video you want to resize. Right-click it on the timeline and then click the Crop and Zoom button in the options menu. Now you can freely crop the video for resizing. Moreover, Filmora offers various options in Export Settings for you to enlarge or reduce your video file size.

How do I resize a video without cropping it?

When you want to resize a video, besides cropping it, you can also choose to adjust various settings. Some video editors adopt advanced techniques for resizing a video without cropping, such as content-aware scaling.


After reading this guide, I hope you can learn to crop a video in Filmora. Moreover, I recommend a great Filmora alternative for you to easily crop and edit your videos. You can use either one to adjust the framing of your video with ease.

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