4 Prove Ways to Get into a Locked iPad Quickly for Beginners & Pro

August 03, 2023Andrew Miller

How to get into a locked iPad? Well, it is illegal to bypass other iPad, but if you are experiencing this at your end and forget your iPad's password, we have the solutions you can perform. The methods we are about to introduce are strictly for personal and educational purposes only, and they should not be used for any illegal activity. So, if you want to know how to bypass it, you can go through the tutorial in each method we have included here.

Get Into Locked iPad

Part 1. How to Get into a Locked iPad with Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker

How do I get past the activation lock on iPad? When you forget it, you can use the Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker since it is a dedicated key to all the locked problems on iOS. The app's primary purpose is to bypass the disabled iOS screen and regain access to the iPad without requiring a password. It supports all of the versions of the iPad. So, if you want to test this app, follow the steps we added below. Ensure to follow it correctly to get the unlocked device without reformatting.

Steps on How to Use Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker:

Step 1.
You can download the app by clicking the download button for free. Install the app on your computer and launch it to start using it.
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Step 2.
While the app runs in your system, connect your device to the computer via a USB cable, click Wipe Passcode mode, and then click the Start button.
Wipe Passcode
Step 3.
Confirm your device information and click the Start button to download the firmware package to unlock the iPad password you have set and forgotten. Then, click Unlock to start the processing.
Confirm Device Info
Step 4.
When completed, enter the password 0000 to confirm the unlocking, and tick Unlock to confirm this action.
Unlocking Confirmation

Part 2. How to Get into a Locked iPad in Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode can help you eliminate the activation lock set on your iPad. To know how to do it quickly, follow the steps below. Since iPad has two versions, one with a home button and one with Face ID, we give a tutorial on both.

Steps for iPads with Face ID:

Step 1.
Connect your iPad to a computer using a lightning cable and ensure the computer has an iTunes app downloaded.
Step 2.
Launch the iTunes on the computer, press and release the volume up quickly, and do the same action to the volume down as well.
Step 3.
After that, hold the power button until the iPad enters recovery mode.
iPads with Face ID

Steps for iPads with Home Button:

Step 1.
Connect your iPad to a computer with iTunes downloaded using the charging cable. If it doesn’t have it, you can download the app by going to the Apple website for free.
Step 2.
Press and hold the home and power buttons simultaneously.
Step 3.
Hold it until the iPad enters recovery mode, and release the button when restarting.
iPads with Home Button

Part 3. How to Get into a Locked iPad Using iTunes

How to get through the activation lock on iPad? You can use this method if you still have iTunes downloaded on your device. iTunes is a standard solution that you can use for backing up data, and now you can use it to solve the locked problem by clearing everything that is on your iPad. It includes passwords, data, files, apps, and many more. Since this method requires you to delete everything, we suggest you do an iTunes backup before proceeding.


Steps on How to Unlock iPad Using iTunes:

Step 1.
With your charging cable, connect your locked iPad to a computer.
Step 2.
Launch the iTunes app and click on the iPad Trust This Computer to initiate syncing.
Step 3.
Click the Back Up Now before you attempt doing anything to it. When that is done, click Restore iPad to delete all of the data saved on your iPad, which includes the deleting password.
Step 4.
When it is complete, set up your device and install the latest iOS version of it.

Part 4. How to Get into a Locked iPad Through Find My iPad

Find My iPad is an iCloud and iOS feature wherein you can find all connected or synced devices into your Apple ID. However, only use this method if your iPad is synced into the Apple ID. Also, you will need an internet connection to perform this method on both computer and iPad. Follow the succeeding steps on how to pass the Apple ID lock on your iPad.

Find My iPad Lost Mode

Steps on How to Unlock iPad with Find My iPhone:

Step 1.
Open the iCloud.com on your computer and sign in with your Apple ID and password associated with the locked iPad.
Step 2.
Then, click Find My iPad, showing you all the licked devices into the Apple ID.
Step 3.
Choose the locked iPad from the list and click Lost Mode. Then, enter a new passcode that you can remember.
Step 4.
Enter the passcode you have set in Lost Mode to unlock the device.

Part 5. FAQs on How to Get into a Locked iPad

Can I access a locked iPad without a passcode?

Due to security matters, accessing a locked iPad is only possible to do with the help of a password. But there are methods that you can perform to remove the password that is set into the iPad, like the ones we added in this article.

Will unlocking my iPad through iTunes and iCloud erase all data?

Yes, unlocking the iPad through iTunes and iCloud will erase all the data saved on your iPad. After unlocking it with these methods, you must create a file backup to restore your data.

Can I unlock iPad without data lost?

You can use a third-party application such as Aiseesoft iPhone Unlocker to remove the lock set on your iPad without losing data.

Can I use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock an iPad?

You can unlock an iPad using biometric authentication if you have successfully entered a passcode. However, if your device has been restarted, you will need first to use the passcode to unlock it, or else the Touch ID or Face ID will not work.

How can I unlock my iPad using Siri?

Even though you can use your voice to interact with Siri to perform different actions on an iPad, such as creating messages, custom shortcuts, opening an app, searching, and many more, the idea of unlocking an iPad with Siri is not supported up to this date.


How to get a pass on the activation lock on iPad? Well, there are different approaches that you can take, like the ones we have added in this article. Try them all according to the arrangement we have made here. Share this information with others to help them solve the problem quickly.

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