Mirror Android to Amazon Fire TV and Alternative When It Fails

December 16, 2022Ashley Mae

Do you want to mirror your Android to Firestick TV? Whether on nearly Christmas or just a random day, people always want to watch videos on a big screen rather than a mobile phone. But there is still someone who still needs to learn how to cast their phone. Do not worry about that; this post will teach you how to cast your Android to the Amazon Firestick TV. And if you worry that your TV cannot do that, there is also an alternative to teach you to cast your Android to a PC to enjoy the big screen.

Mirror Android Firestick

Part 1. Cast Your Android to Amazon Firestick TV

Amazon Firestick TV allows casting your Android to Firestick without any third-party software. If you need to learn how to do it, the following steps will teach you.

Step 1:
First, you should use your remoter to let Firestick allow casting. In the Settings menu, click the Display & Audio button. And then, you should click the Enable Display Mirroring button to allow other devices to cast their screen on the Firestick TV.
Enable Display Mirroring
Step 2:
You can also keep pressing the Home button on your remoter to get into a shortcut screen. You can see a Mirroring option on this screen and click it to start the casting process.
Mirroring in Firestick
Step 3:
When you finish setting up your Firestick TV, you should prepare your Android phone settings. Before doing this, you must ensure your Android and Firestick have the same Wi-Fi connection.
Step 4:
You need to pull down the control panel of your Android. Some models have a Smart View feature, and some call it Cast. No matter what it is called, their function of them is the same. So you can tap them.
Step 5:
When you tap Smart View or Cast on your Android, there will be a list with all connectable devices' names. As long as your Android and Firestick are connected with the Same Wi-Fi, you can tap your TV's name to cast Your Android on Firestick TV.
Choose Firestick Device

Part 2. Alternative to Mirror Android to PC with USB or Wireless

Sometimes the Wi-Fi connection may not be stable, or the wireless casting of Firestick has an issue, making it difficult for you to mirror your Android to Firestick TV. But if you still want to enjoy a big screen video watching experience, you can use Aiseesoft Phone Mirror to cast your Android to a PC. This software provides two connection methods: a Wi-Fi connection and a USB cable. So, you will no longer worry about the unstable network affecting your casting process.

Phone Mirror


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Step 1:
You should choose Android to start casting on Mac or Windows. And no matter what method you select, Wi-Fi or USB, you must download FoneLab Mirror.
Download FoneLab Mirror
Step 2:
If you want to use Wi-Fi to connect your Android and PC, there are three ways to use it. You can detect devices on FoneLab, enter the pin code from the FoneLab, or use FoneLab to scan the QR code to connect them. And remember to connect your Android and PC with the same Wi-Fi.
Detect Device
Step 3:
If your Wi-Fi connection is unstable, you can use a USB wire to connect your Android and PC. When you insert the USB cable into the computer, there will be a notice Allow USB debugging on your Android phone; you should tap OK to start casting.
USB Debugging

Part 3. FAQs about Mirroring Android to Firestick

Why can't I mirror my Android to Firestick?

If you ensure that two devices are close and connected to the same Wi-Fi, you may need to upgrade your Firestick version. And if it still cannot work, you should contact Amazon service to fix your TV.

Can I cast my Android to Firestick with the Fire TV app?

No, you cannot. The Fire TV app is just a remoter on your Android phone. You can use it to control your TV but casting.

Is there anything I cannot cast to Firestick?

No. Anything active on your phone screen can be cast, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.


After you know how to cast your Android to Firestick, you can watch anything on your TV, including watching videos, playing games, and even sharing a Zoom meeting screen. And for those who cannot use Firestick but still want to enjoy a big screen, you can use Aiseesoft Phone Mirror to cast your Android onto a PC.

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