Detailed Guide on How to Share Your Screen on Zoom

December 02, 2022Ashley Mae

Zoom has a share screen feature for users to easily share screen, desktop, or other content during a meeting. This post covers how to enable the screen-sharing feature on Zoom and how to share screens on Zoom on computers and mobile phones.

Share Screen on Zoom

Part 1. How to Enable Participant Screen Sharing Feature on Zoom

The screen sharing feature on Zoom allows you to share your screen and get full control over your screen and what other meeting participants can or cannot see. Even the meeting host can not monitor your screen activities without your permission. But you should know that this feature for Zoom meeting participants is disabled by default to prevent uninvited attendees from disrupting meetings. So before you choose to share the screen on Zoom, you should adjust the screen-sharing settings first.

Step 1:
When you are having a Zoom meeting, you can click the arrow icon next to Share Screen to display more options. From them, select Advanced Sharing Options.
Step 2:
Locate the Who can share section and choose All Participants. By doing so, you can enable screen sharing for all participants in your Zoom meeting.
Enable Participant Screen Sharing on Zoom

Part 2. How to Share Screen on Zoom on Windows PC and Mac

When you use Zoom on a laptop running Windows or macOS, you can start or join a Zoom meeting with your account and then take the following guide to share your screen on Zoom. Make sure you are using a Zoom 5.0.0 or later version.

Step 1:
When you want to share the screen on Zoom, you can simply click on the Share Screen button located at the bottom meeting controls.
Zoom Share Screen Button
Step 2:
You can select a window or an application that you want to share. Tick the Share sound checkbox if your content also has audio sound. During this step, you can also use Whiteboard, PowerPoint Slides, and video files from your computer.
Screen Share on Zoom on PC Mac
Step 3:
If you want to share an iPhone or iPad screen on Zoom here, you should select the iPhone/iPad via Cable option. After that, you can connect your device to it and then click on the Share button in the bottom-right corner of the Zoom Screen Sharing window. Click here to learn how to screen share on Mac.

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Part 3. How to Share Screen on Zoom on iPhone, iPad, and Android Phone

Zoom offers mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. You can follow the steps below to share your iOS or Android screen on Zoom.

Share screen on Zoom on iPad and iPhone

Step 1:
Open the Zoom app, create a Room and initiate the meeting, or directly join a Zoom meeting. When you get some pop-ups to allow Zoom to provide you with some features like allowing access to the camera, you should tap OK to give the authority.
Step 2:
Tap the Share Content button from the bottom controls list, and then choose the Screen option. Now you can tap on Start Broadcast to share your iPhone/iPad screen on Zoom.
Share Screen on Zoom on iPad iPhone

Share screen on Zoom on Android device

Step 1:
As an Android user, you can take similar steps to share your screen on Zoom. When you are having a meeting, you can tap your Android screen to bring up the menus. Here you can tap on the Share button to move on.
Step 2:
Swipe down to select the Screen option. Then you can tap the Start now button to easily share your Android screen on Zoom.

Part 4. FAQs of How to Share Screen on Zoom

How to enable side-by-side screen sharing on Zoom?

When you like to turn on side-by-side screen sharing in Zoom, you can go to the Zoom app settings, choose the Share Screen settings, and then tick the Side-by-side mode checkbox.

Why can't I share my screen on Zoom?

When you can't share your screen on Zoom, it is mainly because the meeting host has disabled your ability to share screen. If you are using an old Zoom version, you don't have the Zoom screen-sharing feature. There is another reason that may cause you cannot to share your screen on Zoom is that you have prevented the Zoom app from accessing your microphone and camera.

How can I record a Zoom video conference?

If you are a host or your account has permission, you can choose to record a Zoom meeting with local recordings and cloud recordings based on your need. Press the Record button on the bottom-right of the meeting window to open its recorder tool. Then you can choose your preferred recording option and follow the instructions to start your Zoom recording.


Zoom is a helpful app for video conferencing, group chats, and business collaboration. When you want to share your screen on Zoom, you can take the related guide above to make Zoom screen share on a laptop or mobile phone.

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