How to Mirror iPhone Screen to Amazon Fire TV Stick for Beginners

"I want to watch iPhone screen with my friends on Fire TV Stick, how to mirror iPhone to Amazon Firestick?" It is well-known that AirPlay is the built-in feature in iOS devices to stream screens to another display. Unfortunately, not all smart TV sets support the AirPlay feature, such as Fire TV Stick. The good news is that you can still watch an iPhone screen on an Amazon TV following our guide and suggestions.

Mirror iPhone Screen to Firestick

Part 1: How to Mirror iPhone to Firestick

As mentioned previously, Amazon Firestick does not support the AirPlay feature. In another word, you need a receiver app to mirror iPhone to Amazon Fire Stick. We use AirScreen app as an example to show you the workflow. It includes a basic and a pro version available for $1.99 and $3.49 respectively. If you do not mind the ads, use the free version directly. Besides, you also need a reliable Wi-Fi network and an iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 or higher.

Step 1:
To get the iPhone screen mirroring to Amazon Firestick, turn on your TV, and go to the Find menu. Make sure to connect both your TV and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network.
Step 2:
Press the Search button to get the virtual keyboard. Enter AirScreen, and click the Download button to install it on your TV.
Open Search
Step 3:
Go to the all apps menu on Fire TV Stick, and open the AirScreen app. It will ask you to check the Wi-Fi connection on both devices. Then it will take you to the home screen.
Open Airscreen
Step 4:
Turn to your iPhone, and enter the Control Center. Long-press the screen mirroring icon and you will get all connections available. Tap your Fire TV Stick, wait for a few seconds, and the iPhone screen will mirror to Fire TV Stick.
Start Screen Mirroring From iPhone
Step 5:
Now, you can open photo slides, homemade videos, or video streams on your iPhone. Then the content will display on the smart TV.

Note: If the playback is not very good, open the AirScreen app, go to the Settings screen, choose the Hardware acceleration, and turn it on.

Part 2: Best Apps to Mirror iPhone to Firestick

Top 1: Video and TV Cast

Video TV Cast

Unlike AirScreen, Video and TV Cast is not an AirPlay receiver. Therefore, you need to install the app on both your iPhone and your TV when mirroring the iPhone to Amazon Fire TV Stick. It also works through a Wi-Fi network.


  • Mirror iPhone screen to TV without AirPlay.
  • Offer a free version.
  • Work for a wide range of iPhones.
  • Support all visual content.


  • You have to install the app on your iPhone.

Top 2: AirBeamTV

Air Beam TV

AirBeamTV is another option to mirror the iPhone screen to Firestick. It is a versatile option to enjoy music, photos, and videos on a large screen. This app just needs simple steps to get the screen mirroring.


  • Free to use.
  • Turn your Amazon Firestick to Chromecast.
  • Available to old iPhones.
  • Stable and friendly.


  • You need to set up the app with appropriate details.

Top 3: iWebTV

iWebTV App

iWebTV works similar to Video and TV Cast. However, it is the best choice to mirror iPhone to Firestick if you want to watch high-quality content, such as 4K videos. It allows you to exchange free features with watching ads.


  • Support HD video streaming including 4K.
  • Work with a variety of video formats.
  • Free of charge.


  • You have to pay for ads removal.

Top 4: AllConnect for Fire TV

AllConnect App

If your smart TV does not have much space, AllConnect for Fire TV is the best choice due to its lightweight design. With it, you can watch video channels like Vimeo and YouTube on the large monitor.


  • Support both popular audio and video formats.
  • Play videos in the background.
  • Not require AirPlay.


  • The free version includes ads and supports limited devices.

Top 5: Mirror Receiver

Mirror Receiver

To mirror iPhone to Fire TV Stick and enjoy a variety of contents, Mirror Receiver is a nice choice. It can receive the sign that comes from AirPlay, so the app works well with iPhones with iOS 9 and later.


  • Mirror iPhone screen for free for 15 minutes.
  • Handle videos, audio, music, and photos.
  • Not require for installation on iPhone.


  • Once the free trial expires, you have to pay for the app.

Recommend: Best iPhone to PC Mirror Tool

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Phone Mirror


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  • Mirror iPhone screen to PC with one click.
  • Support screen mirroring and audio mirroring.
  • Connect iPhone and PC wirelessly.
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Part 1: How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Projector Wirelessly Using AirPlay

Why I cannot mirror iPhone to Firestick?

Firstly, you need a third-party app to mirror the iPhone screen to Firestick since they are running different systems. Plus, the two machines must connect to the same network when mirroring.

Can I AirPlay to Fire Stick?

AirPlay is a handy feature to stream from iPhone or iPad to another device, like Apple TV. However, Fire Stick does not support this feature now. In another work, you cannot mirror iPhone to Fire Stick through AirPlay directly.

How to mirror iPhone to Firestick for free?

We have listed the best apps to mirror iPhone to Firestick above. Some of them offer the free version with some restrictions. You can check the list and find an appropriate one.


This guide has told you how to mirror the iPhone screen to Amazon Fire TV Stick. According to our research, you cannot do it directly without third-party apps. Fortunately, there are screen mirroring apps available to Firestick to receive the iPhone screen. To watch iPhone videos on a PC, you can try Aiseesoft Screen Mirror. More questions? Please leave a message below this post.

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