Connect and Screen Mirror iPhone to Xbox One

Want to stream content from your iPhone to the Microsoft Xbox One wirelessly? This post covers how to screen mirror iPhone to Xbox One, connect iPhone to Xbox, and control your Xbox One game console directly on the iOS device.

Mirror iPhone to Xbox One

Part 1: How to Connect an iPhone to the Xbox One Console

To easily connect an iPhone to your Xbox One game console, you can use the Xbox app. It provides you with a convenient way to keep in touch with your friends, games, and console from your iPhone or iPad. You can handily share your gameplay screenshots and video clips, get various game notifications, and more. In addition, it allows you to play your Xbox One games from the console straight to your iPhone.

Install Xbox App
Step 1:
Go to the App Store on your iPhone, search for, and then free install the Xbox app. Open and set up the app. Sign in to your Xbox account.
Step 2:
Turn on both your smart TV and Xbox One device. Here you should ensure all devices are under the same Wi-Fi network. Back to the Xbox app on your iPhone and tap on the Set Up Console button. Now the Xbox app will aromatically discover your Xbox One device. You need to enter the code displayed on your smart TV to make the connection. After that, you can access the Xbox One control on this iPhone.
Connect iPhone to Xbox One With Xbox App

Part 2: How to Screen Mirror Your iPhone to Xbox One Console

When you need to screen mirror an iPhone to your Xbox One, you can rely on the AirServer app. It offers an Xbox edition to help you turn the Xbox One console into an AirPlay receiver. AirServer Xbox Edition is not free. You need to pay $19.99 for it.

Step 1:
Turn on your Xbox One and go to the Store. When you get there, you can search for the AirServer Xbox Edition, and then download it. Before you decide to purchase it, you can have a free trial first. You also need to install the AirServer on your iPhone from the App Store.
Download AirServer Xbox Edition
Step 2:
After you launch the AirServer Xbox Edition, you can press right on the directional pad, and then press A to display an on-screen QR code.
AirServer Xbox Edition QR Code
Step 3:
Open the AirServer app on your iPhone, tap on the Scan QR Code, and then use it to scan the QR code that is displayed on your smart TV. By doing so, you can create a connection between iPhone and Xbox One.
Mirror iPhone to Xbox One AirServer App
Step 4:
When you want to screen mirror iPhone to Xbox One, you can open the Control Panel on your iOS device, and select Xbox One from the device list. After that, you can easily mirror various content from your iPhone to the Xbox One console. Click here to get how to mirror iPhone to PS4.

Best way to mirror your iPhone to a PC

In some cases, you need to mirror your iPhone screen to a Windows 11/10/8/7 computer. Here we strongly recommend the powerful Phone Mirror for you to do that. It is specially designed to screen mirror an iPhone, iPad, or Android device to a PC. While the screen mirroring, you are allowed to capture all activities with high quality.

Phone Mirror


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Mirror iPhone to PC

Part 3: FAQs of Screen Mirroring iPhone to Xbox One

How can I update my Xbox One console?

Turn on your Xbox One device, and press the Xbox button on your game controller. Choose the System option from the main menu and then select Settings. Go to the System tab and choose the Update option. Now you can follow the instructions to update your Xbox One system to the latest version.

How to mirror videos from my iPhone to Xbox One?

On your iPhone, find the video you like to stream on your Xbox One, and then tap on the Cast button. From the Cast to menu, select the Xbox One console as the target device.

How do I screen mirror iPhone to Samsung smart TV?

You can use AirPlay to mirror your iPhone screen to a smart TV with ease. Display the Control Center on your iPhone and tap on the Screen Mirroring icon. From the device list, choose your Samsung smart TV to make the connection between the two devices. Then the iPhone screen will appear on your Samsung TV, and you can scree mirror iPhone to Samsung TV.


This post gives you a detailed guide to connect your iPhone to the Xbox One console, and make the screen mirroring from iPhone to Xbox One. Whether you want to access your Xbox games on your iOS device, or stream iPhone content on Xbox game console, you can follow the guide to do it.

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