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April 04, 2023Ashley Mae

Most of us already know that it is possible to mirror an iPad screen into Mac with Airplay. What if you want to do it the other way around? Mirroring the macOS screen into iPad is that possible? In this article, we will briefly examine the Sidecar, a new feature added on macOS Catalina, iPadOS 13, or a newer one with the addition of a third-party app that supports screen mirroring. Read the following information for the searchers looking for a quick tutorial on mirroring Mac to iPad.

Mirror PC Mac to iPad

Part 1. How to Mirror Mac Screen to iPad [2 Effective Ways]

Before introducing the Sidecar feature on Apple devices, let's take a quick snip at the third-party application you can download on both devices to mirror Mac to iPad easily and choose which one you prefer the most.

1. Let's View

Let'sView is an app that you can download for free that offers a screen mirroring Mac to iPad, but you can also use iPhone instead if you don't have an iPad. It is a dedicated screen mirroring app allowing you to cast and display files remotely. Compared to other applications that need cable, you can use this app without cable, but you need to connect both devices on the same WLAN. The app has little to introduce, so that you can begin with the tutorial below.

Let's View
Step 1:
Download the app on your iPad and Mac, then launch the application on both systems.
Step 2:
On your macOS, click the Computer Screen Mirroring on the upper part of the application interface.
Step 3:
Once you have opened the app on your iPad, input the code needed, and it will mirror the screen on your Mac on your iPad.

2. ApowerMirror

Same as the Let's View, ApowerMirror is a multiplatform application which means you can download the application on different devices for free. When you need to cast your presentation, education, video stream, or movie to another iPad wirelessly, then you can pick this app also. In the same way, you can also use the tool to mirror Mac to TV easily whenever you need it. Luckily, the app is free to download, and here is the tutorial on how to mirror Mac to iPad.

Step 1:
Search and download the ApowerMirror on your iPad and Mac, then connect them to the same network.
Step 2:
Open the application on iPad and tap the Mirror button. Under it, you can see the name of your Mac device and select Mirror PC to Phone.
Step 3:
After that, you can easily display everything on your Mac to your iPad.

Part 2. How to Use iPad as a Second Display for Mac Wirelessly & Wired

If you are using a Catalina or updated iPadOS 13 or higher, then you can use Sidecar to use the iPad as a secondary display for the macOS. Since it is a secondary screen, you can easily extend and manage all your work when extended to the touchscreen device. For those first-timers who encountered this feature, the tutorial below will be an excellent help to you. Start mirroring Mac to iPad by picking which one suits your needs the best; wirelessly or wired.


Steps on How to Use Sidecar Wirelessly:

Step 1:
Open the Bluetooth and Handoff on your macOS and iPad because this is necessary. Don't forget to connect both devices on the same network but not on the hotspot and turn off the cellular data. In addition to that, the distance between the Mac and iPad should not be too far from each other.
Step 2:
Open your Mac and click the apple icon, select System Settings or System Preferences, and pick Display on the sidebar that will appear.
Step 3:
After that, hit the plus drop-down icon and choose your iPad device with the same Apple ID signed in.

Steps on How to Use Sidecar with Wire/Charging Cable:

Step 1:
Connect your iPad to your Mac using the charging cable that is used. If the iPad is charging, it means that the connection is successful, but you will need to click Allow so that the iPad will recognize the Mac as a trustworthy device.
Step 2:
Now that you are ready, open your Mac and click the Apple logo.
Step 3:
Under it, choose System Settings, and select Display. If you can't find the Display name, scroll down to look for it.
Step 4:
Hit the + button and select the iPad's name connected to the Mac, and it will automatically be used as a secondary screen for your Mac.

Part 3. How to Show iPad Screen on Mac Easily with the Best Screen Mirroring App

With Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, you can easily share the iPad screen action with your Mac without experiencing delays and low-quality output. When connected wirelessly, you can also manipulate everything on the Mac during mirroring without touching your iPad's screen.

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You can also connect your iPad to your Mac via cable if you hate having a delayed response on the screen. Whatever you are doing, mirroring your screen into Mac or any device is possible and workable with the help of the best application you can download today. Click the download button to have the application on your Mac or Windows.


Part 4. FAQs on How to Screen Mirror Mac to iPad

Can you mirror Mac to iPhone?

Portable speaking, mirroring Mac to iPhone seems impossible, but you can download a third-party application to connect both devices and mirror everything on Mac into iPhone. But if you want to do the opposite, a tutorial on how to mirror iPhone to Mac with the help of the built-in QuickTime player and the Airplay is what you will ever need.

Why are there some delays when Mac is mirrored to iPad?

If you are experiencing un-sync action on your Mac to iPad, then put each device closer to the other. If this didn't work, try using the wired method we added in this article because wirelessly can be troublesome.

Can I mirror the Android screen to Roku TV?

Now that you have used the Sidecar feature, you need to transfer the app or window on your iPad to open the application you want to share. On the upper left corner, tap the green color, and select move to iPad's name. After that, it will display the display of your Mac to iPad, and you can now work on it.


Generally speaking, you can now easily mirror Mac to iPad as a secondary screen or just a mirror display. But if you want to mirror the iPad to Mac, pick the best application we have added here since it suits well and works the best compared to its competitors. If you have other related queries, please mention them below and share them with us so we can provide a credible solution.

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