Full Guide on How to Mirror PC or Mac to Roku TV with Extra Tips

April 04, 2023Ashley Mae

Recently, millions of users have adopted new ways of life, but they are still looking for ways to make life easier and more convenient. That's where Roku TV comes in. Its ability to stream all your favorite movies, series, videos, shows, and music perfectly has quickly become a household staple. But little did you know that you can also mirror your PC or Mac screen into that TV. With this feature, it can be incredibly useful for a variety of reasons that you may need. As you continue reading this article, we will explain how to mirror Mac to Roku TV and the PC to that same TV. So, sit back, grab your device, and prepare to take your streaming experience to the next level!

Mirror PC Mac to Roku

Part 1. How to Mirror Mac to Roku - Easiest Way to Mirror Mac Screen on Bigger TV Screen

Mac is the most known device that embraces technological advancement faster than other devices, such as Windows. You can do many things with its nature, such as screen sharing with an Apple TV and Non-Apple TV like Roku TV. Suppose you are on the web looking for a tutorial on how to mirror Mac to Roku; follow the steps below.

Step 1:
First, set up your Roku TV by going to Home, then select Settings.
Step 2:
Inside the settings, find the Apple AirPlay and HomeKit, and it will lead you to the settings of it, open the Airplay by clicking the OK on your remote. Open your Mac and proceed to the next step when it is on.
Step 3:
On the upper right corner of your screen, open Control Center by clicking this icon.
Step 4:
Pick Screen Mirroring, and it will automatically scan for available devices that you can use to mirror. Select the Roku TV, and if it asks for a code, there will be one that will appear on your Roku screen, enter it and press OK. After a few seconds, it will cast the Mac screen on your Roku TV.
Screen Mirror on Mac

Part 2. How to Mirror Windows PC to Roku - Quickest Way to Cast PC Screen on Roku TV

Windows is the most used OS in the entire entity because of its flexibility and how it operates. Since the release of Microsoft, there have been a lot of added features on it that can be beneficial for millions of Windows users, such as Screen Mirroring. Today's tutorial will teach you how Windows 10 casts to Roku TV spontaneously and effortlessly.

Step 1:
Open the Settings on Roku TV, find the System, and then open the Screen Mirroring Mode under it.
Step 2:
Inside it, select the option you want but do not choose Never Allow since you want to start screen mirroring for this demo. Activate Always Allow and go back to the home screen.
Step 3:
On your Windows, click the screen bubble , click Expand, and you can see multiple icons on this menu.
Step 4:
Under that tab, click Connect (the name here is wired display since we use a separate screen) and wait for the system to detect the available device wherein you can pair up for screen mirroring.
Screen Cast on Windows
Step 5:
Pick the Roku TV on the selection and wait for the device to sync up your PC screen to a more giant Roku TV as easy as that. While casting, you might love to use a screen recorder on Windows to save the casted screen on your Windows device as a video output.

Part 3. What If Screen Mirroring and Airplay Didn't Work on Roku TV?

When you need to cast Roku from PC, some versions don't support the screen mirroring feature we have added. While on Mac, there are problems when connected through AirPlay because some delays happen when it is the screencast. But today, we will discuss the best way to screencast your Windows or Mac to Roku TV without a WiFi connection; you can read and copy the tutorial beneath to know more.

HDMI Cable
Step 1:
Purchase an HDMI cable at your local electronics store and ask them to troubleshoot it first to check if it works.
Step 2:
Now that you have that cable connect it to your Windows or Mac first, then connect it next to the Roku TV.
Step 3:
Open your Home screen on TV, select Settings, and open TV Inputs.
Step 4:
Pick the HDMI Mode and choose one of the options available such as Auto, Standard, and Compatibility. When confirmed, the device will automatically run a screencast on Roku TV thru the cable.

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HDMI Cable

Part 4. FAQs on How to Mirror PC or Mac to Roku TV

Does the screen mirror iPhone to Roku TV possible?

It is possible to mirror iPhone to Roku TV portably since Airplay is supported on both devices.

Why can't I find screen mirroring on my Windows?

If you are using a desktop, then expect that the screen mirroring feature isn't available, but if you are using a laptop with Windows OS, you can use the screen mirroring function easily.

Can I mirror the Android screen to Roku TV?

Yes, especially if your Android has a screen mirroring feature. Check first if your device supports the screen mirroring feature because if not, you will need an app downloaded to make screen mirroring on Roku TV possible.


To screen mirror Mac to Roku, you can use the Apple Airplay we added to the tutorial above. Likewise, the Windows operating system doesn't have a portable AirPlay, but it has a screen mirroring feature that you can maximize. Did this article help you get the solution you needed? If so, rate us based on the information you have gathered here.

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