How to Remove Multiple Apps from App Library on iPhone/Android

December 24, 2021Ashley Mae

According to a recent survey, the majority of people have at least 25 apps on their smartphones. Apple App Library is a new feature introduced to iOS 14 and up. It is a central location where you can place a specific type of apps. It provides easy access to apps that you often use or recently download. This feature is the successor of the traditional app drawer. This tutorial will explain how to remove apps from App Library or Google Play Library.

Remove apps from App Library

Part 1: How to Remove App from App Library on iPhone

The App Library is a new feature on iOS 14 and later. It is able to manage your apps automatically. Also, it improves the access of your apps on the home screen. As its name indicated, all apps installed on your iPhone are placed in the App Library too. Instead, to display chaotically, your apps are classified in a number of folders according to the types. Instagram and Facebook, for example, are in the Social folder.

The most useful App Library is the Suggestions and Recently Added folders. The former stores the top four apps that you might be looking for based on AI learning. The latter presents you with the apps that you have just downloaded.

App Library highlights the most popular apps in each category. Moreover, the order of the categories changes each week based on your access. If you want to view all apps in a folder, simply tap the smaller icon. You can also find a specific app using the search bar.

You cannot rename the categories, but it is possible to remove apps from App Library if you do not want them to appear again.

How to Remove Apps from App Library on iPhone

Delete app library
Step 1:
Tap the App Library icon on your dock to access your App Library.
Step 2:
Locate the folder that contains the target app, and tap it. Next, find the app that you intend to remove from App Library.
Step 3:
Deeply hold on to the app until you get a popup menu. Now, you will have several options. If you just hope to move the app from App Library to your home screen, press Add to Home Screen. To remove the app from App Library and your iPhone, touch Delete App.

How to Add an App to App Library from Home Screen

Step 1:
Long hold on to any app on your home screen until apps begin shaking.
Step 2:
Tap Remove App and then choose Move to App Library. The app will be removed from your home screen and go to the App Library.

Part 2: How to Remove Apps from Google Play Library

Unfortunately, the App Library or similar feature is still not available to Android phones and tablets. Of course, you can still use app drawers to manage your apps on the screen of an Android phone, but it is not as smart as the App Library. Some users asked how to remove apps from Google Play Library instead in order to protect privacy. This Library stores all apps that you have downloaded on your Android device including the apps you have deleted.

Google play store
Step 1:
Run the Play Store app on your Android phone, tap on your profile at the top right corner.
Step 2:
Select Manage apps and device from the menu, and choose the Manage tab. Now, you can see all the apps on your handset.
Step 3:
Tap the Installed tab and select Not installed. Now, all apps you have installed previously but no longer on your phone appear.
Step 4:
Check the box next to each app that you want to remove from the Library, and tap the Remove button.

Part 3: The Easiest Way to Remove Multiple Apps from iPhone

You can only remove apps from your iPhone one by one. It is a waste of time if you intend to delete a lot of apps. Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner can help you resolve this problem and streamline the work.

iPhone Cleaner


Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner – Best App Remover for iPhone

  • Remove apps from App Library and iPhone quickly.
  • Preview the apps on iPhone and delete specific ones.
  • Not interrupt other apps and files on iPhone.
  • Work constantly on all iOS 15, 14.13, and earlier.

How to Remove Apps from App Library and iPhone

Step 1: Scan apps
Fire up the best iPhone app cleaner once you install it on your PC. There is another version for Mac. Next, connect your iPhone to the computer with a Lightning cable. The software will detect your handset immediately. Select Free up Space on the left side and perform a quick scan.
Connect iPhone
Step 2: Remove apps
Click the Erase button next to Uninstall Application and you will get all apps in your App Library. Scroll up and down to find an unwanted app, and click the Uninstall button. Then do the same to all other apps that you want to remove from App Library. When it finishes, disconnect your iPhone.
Uninstall application

Part 4: FAQs about How to Remove App from App Library

Why cannot I delete apps from my App Library?

You can only delete the apps that you downloaded from App Store on your iPhone. You cannot delete the native apps that are built-in your iOS.

Can I delete App Library iOS 14?

The App Library is a feature on iOS 14 and later. You cannot delete it from your system, but it can be hidden from the dock if you set it up in the Settings app.

Where is my App Library?

Tap the App Library icon on your dock and you can access the App Library screen quickly.


This tutorial has explained to you how to remove apps from App Library on iPhone or delete apps from Google Play Store Library. As you can see, it is not very difficult If you follow our guide. Moreover, Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner can help you delete apps on your iPhone easily with a computer. If you still have other questions, please leave a message below.

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