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May 22, 2023Ashley Mae

As a video creator, ensuring the highest-quality final product for your clients is crucial. However, capturing footage accidentally upside down is uncommon, causing a less-than-optimal viewing experience. While rotating videos is a fundamental feature in essential editor software, some programs may need this capability, necessitating a separate app. Finding a suitable solution can be challenging, with countless options available in various app stores. Our team has carefully analyzed and tested several options, and we've identified the most reliable and user-friendly ways to rotate videos without encountering much trouble.

In this guide, we will share these tried-and-true methods to help you correct any upside-down footage quickly and efficiently using the apps for desktop or mobile devices.

Rotate A Video

Part 1. How to Rotate a Video Online - 3 Effective Ways

1. Aiseesoft Video Rotator

You will need a reliable online tool to rotate videos online, and we suggest you use the Aiseesoft Video Rotator. It is an app that excels gratefully on rotating videos without any trouble. With it, you can quickly flip the video to the other side with a single tap. Here are the steps you must follow to show how powerful its rotating feature is.

Step 1:
Open your web browser and search the official website of the app.
Step 2:
Click the Upload File and select the video you want rotated and saved on your device.
Open Video Rotator Online
Step 3:
After loading, click the degree of rotation you want to be applied to the video. You can rotate the video to 90 up to 180 degrees.
Rotation Degree
Step 4:
Done rotating? Then click the Save button to download the rotated video file.
Save Rotated Video

2. Clideo

Like the Aiseesoft product, Clideo is an online video editor offering unique ways to improve the overall outlook of videos. One of the features it supports is the video rotating. So, if you want to try it, you can follow the tutorial we added on rotating a video with the online tool.

Step 1:
Open Clideo and click Choose File to upload the video you have on your computer.
Step 2:
Hit the rotate button to change the video’s formation.
Step 3:
Choose the video output format, and click Export to save the video.


How to rotate MP4 videos? Well, you can use using your browser. Though it is an accessible app like the others we have mentioned, it has ads that can be bothersome. If you don’t care about the ads, try using this by following the steps below.

Rotatemyvideo Net
Step 1:
Search the app, click Pick Video, and select the video you want to edit here.
Step 2:
Please wait for the app as it prepares the video rotation editor for you. Click the arrow button to rotate the video on that side.
Step 3:
Click Rotate Video when you are done.

Part 2. How to Rotate Video on Windows & Mac - 3 Effective Ways

1. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

If the online tool we presented isn’t your forte, use the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. Why? Because this app is rich-featured, you can do many things here, such as video speedup, slow-mo, audio boost, converting, trimming, etc. It has been selected by millions of users, and praised the app because of its performance. Want to know how impressive this app is? Copy the steps below to start rotating the video.

Step 1:
Download, install, and set up the video editor on your computer by clicking the button below. After that, launch the app, and the welcoming interface will appear on your screen. Be familiar with its UI so that rotating videos will become easy.
Step 2:
Open the Toolbox, type in the Video Rotator’s name in the search box, and click it to open.
Open Video Rotator App
Step 3:
A new window will appear; tick the + icon to add the video saved on your desktop.
Click Plus to Upload
Step 4:
You can select four options, but the other is dedicated to flipping, which means since you want to rotate the video, click the button with an arrow.
Rotate Video
Step 5:
Change the output format, and click Export to save the final output on your computer drive.
Export Video Rotate

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premier Pro is like the Aiseesoft product we added here. This app offers a bunch of professional video editing that you can use, but you will need to become an expert to use the extensive features of it. Since it is difficult to use, we have added a tutorial on how to rotate videos in the Premier Pro with the tutorial below.

Adobe Premiere Pro
Step 1:
Download the app and import the video clip you want to rotate. Drag the clip from the Project panel to Timeline.
Step 2:
Open the Effects Control panel, and choose the Motion icon to open the Motion controls. Next is to drag the slider to control the rotation, or you can enter a certain degree of rotation you want to.
Step 3:
Go to File, choose Export, and Media to save the edited video here.

3. iMovie

iMovie is an average-level video editor limited only to Mac. It is a dedicated video editor that has been pre-installed on macOS, and now it can be downloaded on iOS and iPad. Though the iMovie rotate video is easy, you can follow the steps beneath to learn how it works.

Step 1:
Open the app, upload the video to the project window, then drag the clip to the timeline.
Step 2:
Click on the Edit button at the screen's top right corner.
Step 3:
Drop down menu will appear. Click Rotate Left or Rotate Right based on the direction you want. After that, click the Share button, then Export .

Part 3. How to Rotate Video on Phones Using the 2 Effective Methods on Android & iOS

1. Vid.Fun

How to rotate videos on Android? Is that your query? If so, we recommend that you download the Vid.Fun. It is a professional Android video editor that offers extensive video editing compared to the pre-built editor on Android. Even though the app has additional features, it remains easy to use and accessible for all users who want to download it. Below is a quick tutorial on downloading and using the app.

Step 1:
Open the PlayStore and download the Vid. Fun app.
Step 2:
Launch the app, tap the Rotate the video option since you want to rotate, then choose the video you want to edit here.
Open Rotate
Step 3:
Adjust the degree by tapping the left or right to rotate the video.
Step 4:
Tap the Export button to save the rotated video on your device.
Rotate Video and Save

2. PowerDirector

Unlike Vid. Fun, PowerDirector has the interface of a video editor on the computer but is downloadable on the phone. Many users love this app because it works well for multi-layered video editing and can be used in portrait or landscape mode. But before you can enjoy it, you must purchase the app on the store. Learning how PowerDirector rotates video became more accessible because of the tutorial below.

Step 1:
Install the PowerDirector on your phone and choose video to edit here from your Gallery or Photos.
Step 2:
Tap the Tools icon and choose Rotate.
Step 3:
Tap the rotating direction you want, and click Save to export it.

Part 4. How to Watch a Rotated Video on Your Computer Using the 2 Ways

1. VLC

VLC is a video player and offers video editing on the VLC function. But the VLC rotate video we presented below will rotate the video you are watching. Read and copy the steps on how to do it.

VLC Media Player
Step 1:
Open VLC on your computer, and drag and drop the video you want to watch.
Step 2:
Select the Tools from the menu, press Effects, and Filters, and click Video Effects.
Step 3:
Choose the Geometry option and rotate the video horizontally or vertically. Press the close button, and now you can watch the video in a rotated form.

2. YouTube

YouTube can’t rotate the video you are watching, but if you post it here, you can still edit and rotate it. Learn how to rotate videos on YouTube by following the tutorial below.

Step 1:
Login your YouTube account, and click on the video you posted here.
Step 2:
Press Edit Video, click on the Enhancement tab, and choose Rotate.
Step 3:
Inside the video preview, repeatedly click the Rotate to turn the video on the way you want it.
Step 4:
Press Save to upload the rotated version on your YouTube channel.

Part 5. FAQs about Rotating Videos

How to rotate a video on Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player doesn’t have a pre-built function to help you rotate the video you watch. That is why you will need an alternative Windows Media Player to rotate the video you are playing on Windows.

Does rotating video change the quality?

There will be no quality change after you rotate the video. However, the premium video rotator doesn’t allow users to export videos to the highest quality, which could be why the video you rotate becomes lower quality.

What is the best way to rotate the video?

The Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate - Video Rotator is the best way to rotate video. It allows you to turn the video freely; inside the rotator, you can flip it to the other side.


Learning how to rotate a video in Windows, Mac, online, and phone became more accessible because of the tools and tutorials we have added here. Now that you have read it, you can rotate the video quickly and share your newfound knowledge with others. Can you share your thoughts about the apps and the tutorial we added below?

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