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May 29, 2023Ashley Mae

Did you want to save your files as PDFs? With the advantages, a myriad of professionals already embrace the format for their needs, and now you can use it for compiling images, saving webpage, saving emails, and such. Want to encrypt your data on PDF with a passcode? Do all of it in this format. In this article, we've gathered some of the handiest ways to save your files and documents as PDFs. Keep reading because we added a tutorial on how to save a Word document as a PDF and in many ways to save PDF with other files.

Save as PDF

Part 1. How to Save a Word Document as PDF

1. The Default Way

Microsoft Word is the official word-processing program to produce, edit, save, and print the documents you have created here. Aside from that, the app offers additional features you can maximize. But today, we will teach you how to save a Word document as a PDF file by following the tutorial ahead.

Default Way
Step 1:
Open the DOC or DOCX file using your Microsoft Word.
Step 2:
Open File and select Save As. Don’t click save because the file will be re-saved in the same DOC or DOCX format.
Step 3:
Click the drop-down button and choose the PDF file type.
Step 4:
After you have chosen the PDF format, click the Export or Save button. Now the DOC or DOCX file will be changed to PDF format.

2. GoNitro.com

How to save a file as a PDF? If you have exported the Word you are creating as DOCs and forgot to change the output to PDF, then you can use GoNitro.com. It is a web-based converter you can access to convert your files into a PDF format. Though the online tool is very convenient, it still sets limitations, such as maximum file size.

Step 1:
Search the official website on your web browser and click the first result.
Step 2:
On the main website, change the conversion type into Word to PDF conversion since you will upload a Word type file here and convert it into a PDF format.
Step 3:
Next, click Upload a File and select the Word file you have saved on your computer’s drive.
Step 4:
Wait for the app to finish converting, and click Download to have the converted file on your computer.

3. Google Doc

Google Docs is similar to the default way we added here, but this app is online. Its function as word processing is at par with Microsoft Word, but this app has limitations regarding functions. Yet, the app has an auto-save function which is excellent for those who forget pressing save repeatedly. You can save a Google Doc as a PDF by following the steps below.

Step 1:
Open the Word file you have on Google Docs.
Step 2:
Now that the DOC file is loaded on the tab, click the File menu at the upper left of your screen.
Step 3:
Place your arrow cursor on the Download and choose the PDF amongst the format available here.

What If You Want to Converter PDF to Word File?

Aiseesoft PDF Converter Ultimate allows you to convert your PDF file into a Word file format immediately, especially if you want to make changes to the PDF file. With this app, you can even upload as many PDF files as you want to be converted into a Word, Text, and Rich Text Format. Save the PDF as an image, you can also use this app and choose JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and other image formats available here. Learn how to use it? You can follow the step we have added below.

Step 1:
Download and install the PDF converter ultimate on your computer by tapping the download button we have added here - no need to worry since it is safe to download the converter here.
Step 2:
Drag and drop all of the PDF files you want to convert here.
Drop PDF File Here
Step 3:
Afterward, go to the Output and change it to Word Doc file type since you want to change the PDF file to Word.
Change PDF Format
Step 4:
Click the Start icon to start the process, and now you can edit the text on PDF freely after converting it into Word docs on Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any word processing app you have.
Start Converting PDF

Part 2. How to Save Webpage as a PDF

1. Print Method

For those who do not like downloading an app to save a website as PDF, you can use the Print method we have included here. Printing as PDF is free and easy; follow the steps below to master doing it.

Print Method
Step 1:
Search the website that you want to save as PDF.
Step 2:
Open the Print by pressing the Control + P on Windows or Command + P on Mac. If the shortcut didn’t work, click the three horizontally aligned dots and tap Print.
Step 3:
Change the Destination into Save as PDF and click Save.

2. Save as PDF

Save as PDF is a Chrome extension that can help you save the webpage you have searched on Chrome as PDF. It is an app free to download if you use Chrome as your browser. Continue reading the procedure we have added as we show you how to save a webpage as a PDF.

Save as PDF Name
Step 1:
Download the Save as PDF by searching Chrome and clicking Add as Extension. Ensure to pin the extension so that it is easy to find.
Step 2:
Open the website that you want to turn into a PDF format.
Step 3:
Click the extension icon, and press Convert this page to PDF.
Step 4:
Hit the Download PDF to save the converted website to PDF.

Part 3. How to Save an Email as a PDF

How to save an email as a PDF? What is the simplest method to do so? Without a doubt, the tutorial we have added here is the most effective and easiest way to save the email as PDF. Downloading an extension or third-party app is unnecessary because it is already on your emailing app.

Print Method Email
Step 1:
Open the email you have received or sent that you want to save as PDF.
Step 2:
Click the horizontally aligned dots and click the Print icon.
Step 3:
Tick the drop-down button and select Save as PDF.
Step 4:
Click the Save button to save the email as PDF.

Bonus: How to Save Outlook Email as PDF?

How to save Outlook email as PDF? You can follow the tutorial below as we show you how to export the Outlook email you sent or received as PDF.

Outlook PDF
Step 1:
Open the Outlook email you want to save as PDF.
Step 2:
Click the triple-dotted icon and hit Print from the list that appears. After the printing preview appears, click the Print again next to the Cancel button.
Step 3:
A printing screen will appear, change it to Save as PDF, and hit Save to export the final output of Outlook email as PDF.

Part 4. How to Save a Picture as a PDF

Aiseesoft Free PDF JPG Converter is a reliable image-to-PDF converter you can access online. The web tool can recognize a wide range of image formats you have saved on your device and is ready to help you save them as PDFs. In addition to that, you can add encryption to the PDF file before you export and merge all of the imported images as one. Learning how to save screenshots as PDFs with this app is simple, and here is the complete tutorial.

Step 1:
Using your browser, search and open the Aiseesoft Free PDF JPG Converter.
Step 2:
Now that the converter is opened press Add JPG Files since you want to convert your images into a PDF. Upload all the images you want to be compiled as PDFs, such as PNG, JPEGs, BMP, and many more.
Upload JPG
Step 3:
When uploading the image successfully, you can also add Document Encryption, and if you want to merge them as a single file, tick the square icon near the Convert All. Then, tap Convert All to process all the images you uploaded as a PDF.
Merge Convert Image to PDF
Step 4:
When converting is done, you can proceed to the result. Hit the Download icon to save the PDF on your computer.
Converted Image to PDF

Part 5. FAQs on How to Save as PDF

How to save a picture as a PDF?

Use a converter to change the output format of your image as PDF with the help of Aiseesoft Free PDF JPG Converter. This app lets you quickly turn any image into a PDF while preserving the image's overall quality.

How to save Excel as a PDF?

Open the Excel file you have saved on your device using Microsoft Excel. Go to the File, select Export to WPS PDF, select the export range, either current or all sheets, and tap Start to save it as PDF. We suggest converting Excel to PDF using a reliable converter if you want it more manageable.

Can I make changes to the PDF file?

If you only view it, you can only change the PDF if you download a PDF editor on your device to make changes or edit the information added.


The tutorial we have added in this article makes learning how to save files as PDFs more accessible. Once you have followed the tutorial, we know you will successfully save the docs, website, email, and image as PDFs. Be bold about asking if you need clarification on the steps we have provided by commenting on the section beneath.

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