Learn How to Share Your Screen in a FaceTime Call

December 02, 2022Ashley Mae

Apple's FaceTime allows you to make video or audio calls and keep in touch with others who also have an Apple device. Since iOS 17, Apple has brought several enhancements to the FaceTime app. A new screen-sharing feature, SharePlay, allows you to share screens on FaceTime easily. This post will guide you through sharing your screen in a FaceTime call on an iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Share Screen on FaceTime

Part 1. Share Screen on FaceTime in iOS 16/17

With the FaceTime screen-sharing feature, you can easily share your screen with others on a call. You can follow the steps below to share your screen on FaceTime as an iPhone or iPad user. Here you should ensure you are using iOS 17 or a later version.

Step 1:
Open the FaceTime app, tap the New FaceTime button, and then tap the + icon to add the contacts you want to share your screen with. After that, you can tap the FaceTime button to start a FaceTime call.
Start A New FaceTime Call on iPhone
Step 2:
When the FaceTime call is created, you can tap the SharePlay button in the top-right corner and then choose the Share My Screen option from its dropdown. The FaceTime screen sharing should initialize after a three-second countdown.
Share Screen on FaceTime iOS 17 iPhone
Step 3:
Now you can share anything displayed on your iPhone screen. You can open an app and tap the sharing icon in the upper-left corner to reveal the ‌FaceTime‌ control panel.

FaceTime allows you to swipe away the active caller's face for more screen space. You can choose only to leave their name below the top-left icon. Here you can tap the right alongside buttons to send messages, love what is shared, and share it with others.

Part 2. How to Share Screen in a FaceTime Call on a Mac

If you are making or receiving a FaceTime call from a Mac, you can also share your screen when you want. If your Mac is updated to macOS Sonoma 12.1 or a later version, you can take the following guide to share your screen on FaceTime.

Step 1:
Launch the FaceTime app and click the New FaceTime button. You can enter a name, email, or phone number to quickly locate the person you want to call. After that, click on the FaceTime button in the bottom-right corner to start your call.
Step 2:
When you are on a FaceTime call, you can click the FaceTime icon in the top menu bar and then select the Screen Share option. Now you can choose either Window or Screen to share your screen. Your contact will now see your screen in the FaceTime call.
Share Screen on FaceTime Mac

To stop screen sharing on FaceTime, you should click the FaceTime icon in the menu bar and then click on the Screen Share icon again.

Part 3. How to Record FaceTime Calls and Shared Screen

When you need to capture a shared FaceTime screen or a FaceTime call, you can rely on a professional FaceTime recorder, Phone Mirror. It can help you mirror your iPhone FaceTime screen to a computer and then record the FaceTime call with high quality.

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Step 1:
Free download this recommended FaceTime recorder on your computer and launched it. Select the iOS Mirror feature to move on.
Choose Mirror iOS
Step 2:
You are offered two ways to mirror your iPhone to a computer. Here you can choose the Screen mirroring option.
Choose Screen Mirroring
Step 3:
Unlock your iPhone and raise the Control Center. Tap on the Screen Mirroring icon and then select Aiseesoft Phone Mirror.
Mirror Screen iPhone
Step 4:
When you want to record a FaceTime screen, you can simply click on the Record button.

Part 4. FAQs of How to Share Screen on FaceTime

How to enable FaceTime SharePlay?

The SharePlay feature in FaceTime is enabled by default. While for different reasons, you may mistakenly disable it. You can open the Settings app, scroll down to choose the FaceTime option, and turn on or turn off the SharePlay feature according to your need.

How do you turn off FaceTime on a Mac?

As a Mac user, when you want to disable FaceTime, you can open the FaceTime app, click the top FaceTime menu, and then choose the Preferences option from its dropdown. In the pop-up Preferences window, you can click the Settings tab and then untick the Enable this account checkbox.

Where to check my FaceTime history on a Mac?

To check all your dialed and received FaceTime calls on a Mac, you can open the FaceTime app and then click the Recent tab in the bottom-right corner. To view additional details, you can click the blue arrow on the right side of the related FaceTime call. Click here to learn how to clear Facetime history on Mac.


The screen sharing feature, SharePlay in FaceTime, allows you to stream online content, watch movies, and listen to music together. This post tells how to share your screen using the FaceTime app on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. When you want to share the screen on FaceTime with others, you can follow the related guide. For more questions about how to share the screen on FaceTime, you can leave us a message.

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