[Tutorial] 4 Effective Methods of How to Unlock Samsung Phone Pattern Lock without Factory Reset

The pattern lock is a commonly used security measure for Samsung phones or other Android devices. It can prevent unauthorized access to your Samsung phone to protect your personal information. However, it will be frustrating when you forget about the pattern and try the wrong pattern again and again. Seems like the factory reset is the only way to solve this. But the biggest drawback of this method is complete data loss of your Samsung device. So, what can we do?

Here, we concluded the following four effective fixes of how to unlock Samsung phone pattern lock without factory reset. These methods are efficient and good for all the data on your device. Just follow to unlock the Samsung phone by yourself!

Unlock Samsung Phone Pattern Lock without Factory Reset

Part 1. How to Unlock Samsung Phone Pattern Lock without Factory Reset: Manual Ways

Method 1. Using SmartThings Find - Samsung's official way


  • Works for all Samsung devices
  • Optional choice about data swiping
  • Easy to operate


  • Need an extra computer to cooperate
  • Need you to remember the Samsung account information

Works for devices

Samsung phone, tablet, earbuds, and watch.

Samsung SmartThings Find Bypass Pattern
Step 1.
Go to SmartThings Find’s official site: https://smartthingsfind.samsung.com/login. Log in with your Samsung account.
Step 2.
Select your phone from the list.
Step 3.
Click Unlock on the right menu of the screen.
Step 4.
Insert your Samsung account password again and select Unlock or Next option to confirm unlocking.

SmartThings Find can work well with various Samsung products. But it doesn’t suit emergency unlocking for this method needs a computer to operate (SmartThings Find has an app version for Samsung phones). Meanwhile, you need your Samsung account information to process, which is also a kind of easy-to-forget information.

Method 2. How to bypass pattern lock on Samsung via ADB mode

Part of Android Studio, ADB mode stands for Android Debug Bridge mode, it’s a popular method to unlock Samsung pattern lock that can work in most cases. However, it needs more previous conditions about the connected computer or phone settings to go further. If you are a beginner, this may not be your ideal method.


  • High success rate


  • Complicated operation
  • Your Samsung phone’s USB Debugging should be enabled before locked
  • The connected computer should be trusted before

Works for devices

All Samsung Galaxy devices but not in the Android 5 version.

ADB Mode Bypass Samsung Pattern
Step 1.
Download ADB mode in Android Studio: https://developer.android.com/studio.
Step 2.
By using a USB cable, connect your Samsung phone to the computer.
Step 3.
Open Command Prompt in the ADB installation directory.
Step 4.
Type the key command: adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key
Step 5.
Then, turn on your Samsung phone, and the pattern lock is removed, temporarily.
Step 6.
Set a new pattern lock before the next restart. Or you will be locked again.

Method 3. Hardware key combination

Samsung Galaxy models have reboot mode functions, but few people know. It means that you can type certain buttons in specific orders during power cycles to remove security locks. It’s a safe method with provides a menu of options for you to decide whether to clear data.


  • Just three buttons are involved: Power, Home, and Volume Keys
  • No other tools or software to download and install
  • Have the choice to backup your Samsung phone data


  • May be obviously efficient on certain Galaxy models
  • You need to get access to deeper Android tools to know your specific Samsung model’s key combinations

Works for devices

All Samsung Galaxy devices

We adopt a common key combination in the steps below as an example.

Step 1.
Power off your Samsung phone.
Step 2.
Long hold the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons together for about 5 to 7 seconds until you see the system recovery menu show up.
Step 3.
Use the Volume Up button to select the menu options. Find Reboot System and select it.
Step 4.
In the Reboot System section, you can choose to clear passwords or gestures.
Step 5.
Hold the Power button to confirm your choice. The pattern lock screen will be removed, and all your data or images will be kept.

Part 2. How to Bypass Pattern Lock on Samsung in One Time: Smart Method

As you can see, all the above methods can lock off the screen pattern on your Samsung phone. However, they also have obvious drawbacks in Samsung versions, operation easiness, or assisting tools. What is the best method to handle the screen lock on Samsung? Well, we picked Android Unlocker for you to try. This Samsung unlocking software is a professional tool to help you bypass all Samsung devices. No matter if pattern, fingerprints, password, or face ID lock you out. Android Unlocker can fix them all. You just need a computer to bypass it in a few seconds. Can’t remember pattern on Samsung phone? It’s never a problem.

Free DownloadFor Windows

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Step 1.
Install Android Unlocker on your computer. Fire it up. Click the Remove Screen Lock mode from the main interface.
Android Unlocker Remove Screen Lock
Step 2.
Make your Samsung device connected to the PC and select Samsung in Brand section.
Android Unlocker Choose Samsung
Step 3.
Choose Keep device data in the new screen and click Start to launch the bypass process.
Android Unlocker Start Bypass


  • Very easy to operate for all beginners and professionals
  • No need to log in with Google or Samsung account information
  • Compatible with various Android brands like Samsung, LG, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, etc.


  • Only support early Samsung devices on Windows

Part 3. FAQs on How to Remove Pattern Lock in Samsung

How do I force a locked Samsung phone to reset?

Turn off your Samsung device. Press the Power, home, and Volume Up buttons simultaneously to launch system recovery mode. Choose Wipe Data or Factory Reset and confirm it to restart your Samsung phone.

Is Factory Reset the same as Hard Reset?

Generally, the Factory Reset will wipe all the information on your device while Hard Reset just reboots your phone.

What is the master code for Samsung pattern unlock?

It’s a series of numbers to bypass your phone screen lock and give you access to the phone. For example, Samsung’s master codes are 2767*2878#, 2767*3855#, and ##7780##.


We introduced four effective methods of how to unlock Samsung phone pattern lock without factory reset. Which do you think is the most efficient one? We highly recommend Android Unlocker, it’s a powerful and easy unlocking software for everyone.

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