5 Best AI Tools for Automated Video Editing

You may notice that AI (artificial intelligence) is rapidly making its way into editing suites. Many AI image editor apps are offered on the market that can help you easily edit and optimize your photos. So, when it comes to video creation and enhancement, you may wonder if there is an AI for video editing.

Whether you are a professional filmmaker or casual video content creator, AI video editing software has the potential to enhance your creation process and improve the final quality.

AI Video Editing Software

Part 1. How Is AI Used for Video Editing and Benefits

AI video editing software offers several new tools and functions to automatically edit videos and output high quality. They can automate tasks, analyze footage, and even enhance edits. Compared with traditional video editors, AI apps can quickly finish your editing tasks. You don’t need to manually cut, rotate, or crop your video, add effects, change background music, and more.

With advanced artificial intelligence technology, video editing software can better analyze content and accurately identify key moments, objects, and others. The smart content analysis allows for automated editing tasks, automatic scene detection, auto-generated captions, color correction, and more. In addition, AI can be used to fix old videos by upscaling low-resolution footage or restoring damaged visuals.

AI can help to turn text into voice or transcribe audio into text. It can quickly add captions, subtitles, or voiceovers to a video. That can be quite helpful for foreign language content. Moreover, many AI tools offer the text-to-video creation feature. It lets you create videos from scratch with just a text script.

Some AI video editing apps can easily streamline the entire editing workflow. You can get associated suggestions to edit your video and even directly generate a draft based on a script. AI will help with the editing, adding a voiceover or audio, applying effects, and more.

The adoption of AI in video editing software brings several advantages. First, it can increase the editing efficiency. Many tasks can be done within a few clicks. AI can significantly reduce editing time. In addition, AI-powered tools make the video editing and creation process more accessible, especially for beginners. Compared with some traditional professional editors, they are easier to access and use.

Part 2. Top 5 AI Tools and Apps for Video Editing

This part introduces five of the top AI video editing software options available in 2024. You can check their key features, pros, cons, and other associated information and then pick a preferred AI video editor based on your needs and budget.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is an easy-to-use video editing and conversion software that offers user-friendly AI enhancements. It provides several AI-powered tools to improve your video editing experience. Aiseesoft offers a good balance between traditional video editors and advanced AI features.

Edit Button Converter

For basic editing tasks, Aiseesoft offers a smart cutting feature to divide your video into several segments according to your needs. It collects several AI-powered theme templates for you to quickly create music videos and slideshows. Moreover, it provides many commonly used presets to make collage videos. Automated editing tools are offered for effortless video creation.

Edit Files New

This AI video editing software can automatically adjust the background music volume to better fit your video. Moreover, it offers an Audio Sync tool to easily adjust and sync the audio track within a video. As you can see, multiple helpful video, audio, and image tools are gathered in its toolbox.

Toolkit New

To quickly optimize your video and enhance the whole quality using AI, you can turn to Video Enhancer. You get four options to automatically upscale video resolution, customize the brightness and contrast, reduce video sharing, and erase the annoying video noise.

Video Enhancer Tool

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful traditional video editing tool that offers various AI functions. It gives a free trial to access all these AI features. However, the free plan comes with export restrictions.

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Descript is a popular AI video editing tool that allows you to edit videos directly by editing the transcript. It offers a simple way to quickly add, remove, or rearrange lines of text to make the related video editing tasks. When you adjust text, the corresponding video will be adjusted automatically through AI technologies.

AI Video Editing Software Descript

Besides the AI video editing through text, Descript offers an advanced AI voice cloning function. It lets you easily create audio by typing. Moreover, you are allowed to clone your own voice or select a desired one from its AI voices. Descript can automatically transcribe the audio from your video. This AI video editing software is also equipped with a green screen effect to remove or change the video background.

Descript AI Video Editing Features

Compared with traditional video editors and other AI editing software, Descript carries limited editing functions. It is ideal for podcasters, journalists, educators, and anyone who likes to create video content from text. However, the free trial of Descript comes with limited features. What’s worse, it has a watermark and export restrictions.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is a powerful AI video editing tool that leverages Adobe's artificial intelligence engine, Sensei. It is designed to automate tasks and simplify editing. It can intelligently analyze your video content and automatically identify areas for improvement. Adobe Premiere Elements offers various artistic styles, effects, transitions, and soundtracks for you to apply to videos. One big advantage of this AI video editing software is that it can easily track the movement of your selected objects.

AI Video Editing App Premiere Elements

Compared to some AI editor competitors, Premiere Elements lacks advanced features and advanced customization options. It relies heavily on processing power to handle complex editing tasks. So, this AI video editing app may perform slowly on older computers. Like other Adobe products, you get a free trial and then a one-time purchase for around $99.99. Adobe allows you to use this AI video editing software and access all its functions for 30 days.

invideo AI video editor

invideo is a popular cloud-based video editing platform that offers various AI tools to simplify video editing, including AI Video Editor, AI Text to Video, AI Voice Generator, AI Script Generator, and others. You can navigate to a specific AI tool and start your video editing. invideo’s AI video editor enables you to create videos based on a script. You can enter a topic and then give associated instructions to generate a video with ease.

invideo AI Tools

invideo gathers many pre-designed video templates for you to quickly optimize your content. Its AI-powered editing tools will help to make related tasks. To edit an existing video, you need to upload it to the media library first. invideo is mainly designed for creating video content from text using AI. As a free invideo user, your edited video will be added to a watermark. Moreover, you get other feature limits and export restrictions.

invideo AI Video Editor

Runway AI Video Editor

Runway is a professional online video editing software that allows you to edit and create videos using advanced AI technology. You can take it as a traditional video editor comes with powerful AI-powered features. Runway offers over 30 AI tools to automatically perform various editing tasks. For instance, it provides a useful green screen function to remove unwanted background. Also, it can automatically generate subtitles, correct colors, and more.

AI Video Editing Software Runway

Runway is equipped with many basic editing functions. You can easily cut your video, add transitions, customize video and audio tracks, and adjust effects. This cloud-based AI video editing app allows for project access from any device with an internet connection. That can be quite convenient for real-time collaboration with other editors. Its AI tools can also help to add realistic motion effects to still images or create video content based on your text input.

Runway AI Video Editor

Runway's AI video editor can streamline your video editing process. However, these new AI features require a learning curve to master. As an online tool, Runway needs a constant internet connection to function. It offers a free version with limited features. To unlock the full functions of this AI video editor, including advanced AI tools and higher export resolutions, you must upgrade to a paid subscription.

Part 3. FAQs of AI Video Editing Software

Can GPT-4 edit videos?

No, GPT-4 is a popular AI language model that does not carry any related capability to directly edit videos. You can’t use it to cut your video, combine video clips, adjust image or sound effects, or apply new filters. GPT-4 can only help to generate creative ideas, write scripts, or create source content for your video.

Is there any free AI video editing tool?

Yes, several free AI video editing tools are available on the market. Most of them are online tools, such as Kapwing, Invideo AI, VEED AI Video Editor, and Canva. Also, you can use some professional AI video editors that offer a free trial, such as the introduced Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, Clipchamp, and Adobe Premiere Pro. These AI video editing tools offer various functions to automatically edit your videos and enhance their quality. But you should know that free plans usually come with restrictions.

Can Synthesia AI edit videos?

Yes, Synthesia can edit videos using artificial intelligence. It is known as an AI video generator that can turn text into high-quality videos. More than an AI video creator, Synthesia offers video editing functionalities. In fact, it has an individual AI video editor that carries various AI-powered video editing tools. You can do some basic editing tasks, such as trimming and cropping, adding transitions and animations, changing background music, and more. These editing functions can help to quickly adjust your video and optimize its whole quality.

Can AI editing software convert video to any compatible format?

AI editing software typically doesn't convert a video to any compatible format. Most AI video editors are mainly designed for editing. They use artificial intelligence to automate tasks and enhance the creative process. Generally, they allow you to export a video with a widely used format like MP4. To convert videos to any format you want, you can turn to the introduced Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate.


After reading this article, I hope you can get a deeper understanding of AI video editing software. As AI continues to develop, more and more useful and advanced functions will be added for editing. However, you should know that AI tools should only work as assistants. While video editing and creation, human creativity should be the most important aspect.

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