Top 5 AI Video Generators from Image in 2024

Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, video creation no longer needs expensive equipment and editing software. Many AI-powered tools can easily turn text or images into video clips.

This article will guide you to learn more about the AI video generator from images. I would like to share five worth-trying AI image to video generators for you to choose from. You can check their functions, pros, cons, prices, etc., and then select the desired one to transform static photos into videos.

AI Video Generator from Image

Part 1. How to Upscale Images for AI Video Generation

Before turning your photos into videos using an AI video generator, you’d better upscale images to ensure high-quality outputs. You should know that low-resolution photos may lead to blurry or pixelated videos. Considering that, you can rely on the easy-to-use Aiseesoft AI Photo Editor to enhance images for optimal results in later video generation.

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The upscaling process will add more pixels to your image while improving details and sharpness. That can be beneficial for AI video generators to accurately analyze the image content and create the video sequence.

Select Image or Folder to Upscale

This introduced AI Photo Editor offers a convenient way to upscale your photos and enhance quality. You can simply add an image file, choose your preferred upscaling level, and then let AI do the rest. If you are satisfied with the result, click Save to export the upscaled picture.

Before After Comparison

When you want to generate videos from images using AI, your photos should not carry watermarks, logos, or other disturbing elements. AI Photo Editor allows you to easily select the unwanted watermark region and remove it.

Erase Selection

By utilizing the AI upscaling tool, you can handily prepare your images for AI video generation. In that case, you may achieve the best possible quality in the generated video.

Part 2. Top 5 AI Image to Video Generators

AI image-to-video generators use advanced machine learning to analyze images and then create a video sequence based on the content. Nowadays, you can access many AI video makers on the internet. To help you quickly locate a helpful one, I share five compelling options for you to choose from.


Genmo gives a convenient way to create short videos from text and images online. It can generate a video loop of around 10 seconds from your uploaded photos. You can describe content using text to ensure the accuracy of the final video. Genmo offers a free trial with limits. If you want to generate longer videos and higher resolutions, you need to upgrade to a paid subscription. This AI image to video generator is mainly used to create time-lapse style videos.

AI Video Generator from Image Genmo

Appy Pie AI Image to Video Generator

Appy Pie's AI Image to Video Maker is a free online tool that can create short videos from images. It lets you turn a single picture into a video clip (about 5 seconds). It provides a quick way to add animation to a static image. You get various animation styles to choose from. Moreover, Appy Pie allows you to background music to the created video.

AI Image to Video Generator Appy Pie


Steve.AI is a popular AI image to video generator that can turn your photos into videos with ease. It allows you to add text to describe your photos and the generated video. Moreover, you can enhance your video with transitions.

AI Photos to Videos Steve.AI


RunwayML is a famous online AI generation platform that offers various tools for generating videos. It has an individual Text/Image to Video function to transform your photos into videos. Once uploading your photo, you can describe the main content you want the created video display using text.

Turn Photo Into Video AI RunwayML Gen 2


Pictory is an all-featured video creation platform that allows you to transform various content into videos, such as images, text, blog posts, and more. This AI image to video generator provides a quick and easy way to create basic video sequences from your images. You can access basic functions in its free plan. After uploading your photos, you can use its AI to generate a script or outline for your video. Then, you can use offered tools to add music, voiceovers, and other elements.

AI Iamge to Video Generator Pictory

Part 3. FAQs of AI Video Generator from Image

Can AI create 4K videos from images?

Most AI image to video generators currently don’t support 4K output. Generally, they will generate short video clips from your offered images. What’s more, these AI-generated videos usually carry a low quality. They are not as polished or detailed as traditionally captured or edited videos. However, you can rely on some AI upscaling tools to increase the video resolution to 4K. As AI technology is rapidly developing, there will finally be 4K-resolution videos from images in the future.

Will AI video generators use footage online?

Due to copyright restrictions and other reasons, most AI video generators currently don't directly use footage online. Instead, they usually use their own images and videos from internal libraries. Moreover, online footage may vary in quality, style, and other aspects. It would be difficult for AI to accurately recognize them and generate related content.

Can I use AI-generated videos for personal use?

In most cases, you can use AI-generated videos for personal use. Ensure you don’t share them with others or for commercial use. For the AI video generator you are using, you should check the terms of service. Some may have restrictions on how you can use the generated content. Moreover, you should make sure underlying content, like the images and music you used, does not violate any copyrights.

Can you use ChatGPT to make videos?

ChatGPT currently doesn’t carry the capability to directly create videos. But you can use it to generate scripts or storyboards for video creations. Now, ChatGPT is mainly used for generating text content.


Through my tests of over 30 AI video generators from images, most can’t output high-quality videos. With the AI video generation technology constantly developing, we can expect new tools to bring more advanced features that can generate really useful content.

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