A Review of Zapier and Top 5 Automation Alternatives

May 22, 2024Amanda Brown

For various purposes, mainly for automating repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency, and improving accuracy, you need automation tools like Zapier. They can help to streamline workflows and free you out of repetitive tasks.

This post will guide you to know more about Zapier. You can get a brief overview of Zapier and its role in automation. Moreover, I would like to share five competitive Zapier alternatives in the realm of workflow automation.

Zapier Alternatives

Part 1. What Is Zapier

Zapier is a popular automation tool known for its capability to connect 6,000+ apps and make them work together seamlessly. It is primarily designed to offer integrations for web apps and services in automated workflows. These automated workflows created by Zapier are also known as Zaps. They can be triggered by specific events within one app and then start pre-defined actions within another.

What is Zapier

Zapier eliminates the need for manual data entry or repetitive actions. As mentioned above, it supports thousands of project management tools, social media apps, marketing platforms, email clients, and more. It gives a convenient solution to make automated workflows, even without any coding experience. Various commonly used elements are offered. You can simply add them and define triggers, actions, and others. With created Zaps, you can free up your time and put your focus and energy into more important tasks. Zapier also helps to streamline workflows and reduce errors.

Zapier Build Zap Automate Work

Why Look for Zapier Alternatives

Zapier gives a simple way for users to create connections to automate tasks. However, with many similar automation tools offered on the market, Zapier is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are some factors that may cause you to explore Zapier's competitors.

Even though Zapier provides a vast library, it may not support the apps or services you use. It offers basic functions to intermediate automation. While for some intricate workflows, you need more advanced features. Zapier is not a free automation tool. It offers a free plan with limitations. You may be on a budget for extensive automation requirements. Before purchasing its expensive plan, you may prefer to try some alternatives.

Part 2. Check the 5 Best Zapier Alternatives

If you prefer trying some automation alternatives before purchasing Zapier, you can check the five contenders below. You can compare their features, pros, cons, prices, and other factors to make your final decision.


Workato can be a great Zapier alternative to build business automation workflows. Like Zapier, it can integrate with many applications. Besides basic connections, it allows integration with enterprise-level services and applications, such as Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite, and more. This Zapier alternative can create advanced workflows. Workato allows you to build complex workflows for specific business needs.

Zapier Alternative Workato

One big advantage of Workato is its powerful data mapping capability. That ensures seamless data transfer between apps. Workato can deal with high volumes of data and complex workflows. So, it is a great automation tool for large organizations. Similar to Zapier, it offers specially designed security features for strict security requirements. However, Workato requires a steeper learning curve compared to Zapier. Because Workato is mainly used for enterprise clients, its price is more expensive than Zapier.


Make (Integromat) is a powerful and user-friendly alternative to Zapier. This integration platform lets you handily connect applications and services. Like Zapier, Make connects many integrations, including apps, services, and even custom APIs. It is mainly designed to build complex workflows. Make enables you to easily create scenarios using its drag-and-drop functionality. You can transform and filter data within workflows with its data manipulation feature. It offers a free version to make 1,000 operations per month. Moreover, its paid plans are more affordable than Zapier.

Zapier Alternative Make

Make has a code editor that offers granular control. With the conditional logic and custom functions, it allows you to easily handle complex workflows. However, creating intricate workflows requires some learning compared to Zapier. Make empowers you to connect apps and services, streamline workflows, and build various automation tasks.


IFTTT is a popular automation tool for businesses and homes. This Zapier alternative can connect to many apps and services. That covers the most popular tools for personal and basic business needs, even not as extensive as Zapier. Unlike Zapier, IFTTT creates Applets to customize and control your integrations. You are allowed to filter data, add delays, and customize other options. It offers a straightforward way to build Applets, even with no coding experience.

Zapier Alternative IFTTT

IFTTT is mainly used for automating daily and basic tasks. It gives a free plan to access enough Applets. That is ideal for both casual users and businesses who have just started with automation. Moreover, IFTTT has a large community where you can access various pre-built Applets created by others. This connectivity platform also offers mobile apps to create integrated and connected services. Compared with Zapier, it carries fewer functions and is not ideal for complex workflows.


If you are comfortable with code and prefer more flexibility for automation, Pipedream can be a strong alternative to Zapier. Unlike Zapier, it uses code (JavaScript) to define workflows. That brings more control and customization for developers. However, if you are new to automation and don’t have much coding knowledge, you will find it hard to build your workflows. Pipedream is mainly designed to handle real-time events and data streams. That makes it perfect for creating complex workflows.

Zapier Alternative Pipedream

Pipedream lets you make HTTP requests and utilize webhooks for integration. In that case, this Zapier alternative connects a wider range of apps and services. Moreover, you are allowed to build custom logic within your workflows. As an open-source platform, Pipedream has a collaborative community. However, the open-source nature also causes it less extensive official support.


Integrately is a web-based automation platform that can connect various applications and streamline workflows. It boasts many integrations for most business needs. It gives a straightforward way to build automation. In addition, it allows for conditional branching within created automation. That can be helpful in making complex workflows. Integrately enables you to manipulate data and build a more customized workflow.

Zapier Alternative Integrately

Compared to Zapier, you can create more tasks and Scenarios with the free version of Integrately. Its core functionalities are not restricted. However, Integrately offers fewer integrations and less flexibility for customized workflows.

Part 3. FAQs of Zapier and Workflow Automation

How to automate without Zapier?

There are several ways to automate without Zapier. First, you can use a Zapier alternative to automate tasks. Besides, many apps and platforms have built-in automation functionalities. Also, you can choose to write scripts to automate tasks if you are comfortable with coding. You can access many online resources to guide you on automating tasks with different tools.

What is the Microsoft equivalent of Zapier?

The Microsoft equivalent of Zapier is Power Automate. It focuses more on Microsoft products and offers more powerful features.

Is Power Automate better than Zapier?

Power Automate is developed by Microsoft and can integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft products. If your workflow often relies on Microsoft tools, Power Automate is a better option. Moreover, Power Automate carries more advanced functions than Zapier, and it offers desktop automation through Robotic Process Automation.
Compared with Power Automate, Zapier connects more apps. It is ideal for more modern tools and services. Moreover, it is easier to use. If you are only a beginner and have limited technical knowledge, you should start with Zapier.


After reading this post, I hope you can learn more about Zapier and automation. You can rely on these automation tools to streamline your workflow and free up valuable time. I also introduced you to five great Zapier alternatives. Even though Zapier is a popular choice, you can try other competitors to transform your productivity.

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