Top 3 Video Transcribers to Describe Video Content with Text

May 08, 2024Ashley Mae

Subtitles, little lines of text that usually appear at the bottom part of the screen, are an essential element of videos. They provide access to the audio portion of videos and ensure a full understanding of the content, especially for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Similarly, describing video to text unlocks the content for a wider audience and brings various benefits. Besides just creating subtitles, there are also other compelling reasons why you want to describe video content with text. This article explains what a video transcriber is and shares three popular options for you to choose from.

Video Transcriber

Part 1. What Is a Video Transcriber

A video transcriber often refers to a tool or service that extracts audio content from a video and exports it as text. It can be an AI-powered transcriber software or a human. Professionals can listen to the audio and manually type out the audio content in words. For AI video transcription tools, they adopt advanced speech recognition technology to analyze the audio in your video and translate it into text.

Part 2. Top 3 Video Transcribers to Extract Text from Videos

Many AI video transcriber tools are available to transform audio content of videos into text. Here, in this part, I would like to share three popular options. You can check key features, pricing, platforms, accuracy, and ideal use cases and then pick a desired one to turn video content into text with ease.


Vizard is a popular online video transcription software that can convert your video to text. It uses artificial intelligence to transform audio in a video into text. It supports video transcription in 18 languages. This AI-powered video transcriber offers several pre-designed animated subtitles. Moreover, some commonly used editing tools are provided to edit the text content and make it more accurate. You are allowed to customize fonts, colors, sizes, and other elements of subtitles.

Vizard Video Transcriber to Text AI

Vizard claims that it can transcribe videos to text with over 97% accuracy rate. It can identify different speakers and create different transcribed text. Besides local videos in MP4, MOV, 3GP, or AVI, this video transcribing software also supports online videos from YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo, and more. Vizard offers a free trial and paid plans starting at around $10 per month. Its transcribed text may struggle with background noise and accents.

Vizard Video Transcriber to Text Online


Temi is a famous cloud-based transcription platform that is mainly designed for speech-to-text transcription. It allows you to turn your videos and audio into text with a high 90-95% accuracy. You can start with a free trial and try transcribing video clips in less than 5 minutes. To use this online video describer, you are required to enter your email and then check the transcribed text there. Temi also offers iOS and Android apps for you to transcribe videos to text on your iPhone or Android phones.

Free Online Video Transcriber Temi

Kapwing Video to Text

Kapwing Video to Text is an individual video description feature within the Kapwing platform that allows you to handily extract the audio content of your videos and transcribe it into text. This AI-powered tool uses speech recognition technology to convert spoken words to text. You are allowed to edit the generated transcript and export text in .txt, .docx, or .pdf based on your needs. The accuracy may vary depending on the audio quality, accents, background noise, and other associated factors.

Kapwing Video to Text

Kapwing is ideal for describing short and casual videos that carry clear audio. It offers a quick and convenient way to generate a basic transcript for personal use. It provides a free plan with limited features. If you need higher export resolution, longer video editing time, and watermark removal, you must upgrade to a paid plan. If you are dealing with professional or educational videos, you’d better turn to human transcription services for higher accuracy.

Bonus: How to Add Text to Videos

Besides transcribing videos to text, you may also need to add subtitles to your videos. To do that, you can rely on the all-featured Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate. It lets you change and add text to any video with ease. Moreover, it can mute the source audio track and replace the background music.

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New Add Subtitles

Part 3. How to Transcribe a Video to Text

As mentioned earlier, you can employ a human transcriptionist to transcribe your videos to text with the relatively best accuracy. Surely, human transcription is more expensive than AI video transcriber software. If you prefer to try some AI-powered video transcription platforms first, you can turn to Kapwing Video to Text,, Happy Scribe Video to Text Converter, VEED.IO, or Flixier. These platforms can offer fast video description speeds compared to human solutions.

After selecting a suitable video describer tool, you can upload or add your video, sign in to an account, and then let the software to the description work. Some platforms allow you to edit the generated text and export it with the desired format. In some cases, to use more advanced AI features or break some limits, you may need to purchase a license.

Transcribe a Video to Text Online Happyscribe

Part 4. FAQs of Video Transcriber

How does a video transcriber work?

Video transcriber software usually relies on AI and speech recognition technologies to extract audio from video and then turn it into text. You can simply add your video, and the tool will automatically make the text transcription work. However, due to background noise, accents, and other factors, the final accuracy may vary. Also, the video transcription can be done by a human professional. That is the traditional method to transform a video into text. Compared with video transcribers, this human transcription solution offers higher accuracy.

Can video transcribing software extract subtitles from a video?

If the subtitles are embedded within the video file and can be turned on or off, you can use video transcribing software to easily extract closed captions from the video. These video editors or AI-powered platforms can recognize the embedded text and export it as a separate file. However, if these subtitles are burned onto the video image and can’t be customized, you may not easily extract subtitles. Even though some AI text recognition software claims to do that. The accuracy may not be high enough.

Is there a free AI video transcriber Chrome extension?

Yes, there are some free Chrome extensions offered on the Web Store to transcribe videos using AI, such as Notta,, Transkriptor, and more. However, these free extensions usually come with some limitations. For instance, they may limit the length of videos you can transcribe. Also, the free trials often give lower text description accuracy. You must upgrade to paid plans to break limits and improve accuracy.


After reading this post, I hope you can know more useful information about video description. You can try the introduced video describer software to extract text from your video content. With the development of AI and speech recognition technologies, video transcription software may generate more accurate, just like human translation.

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