Truthful Review about the Apple Clips That You Shouldn't Miss Out

December 19, 2022Ashley Mae

Unlike the best applications on Apple, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro, Apple Clips always want to keep everything simple as possible. Are you familiar with the app? Clips are the most underrated video editor and creator; you can use them on your iOS devices. If you are new to this app, read the information about the unbiased review we did about the app to help you figure out why it is underrated.

Apple Clips App Review

Part 1. Overview of Apple Clips | What It Is, Pros, Cons, & Platform Supported

What Is Apple Clip?

Apple Clips is simply capturing joyful moments and a multipurpose tool that brings videos you can share on social media to the next level of Apple.Inc powers. Its promising looks brought fun novelty features that you wouldn't get from other apps that you can install or get on AppStore. With a light touch of Memojies, you can apply the filters and effects you can use to add augmented reality effects. Do you need newer stickers, posters, filters, and effects? Well, the app automatically creates, innovates, and updates all of these every month so expect that you will get brand new things that are helpful when you use it.

Apple Clips

Version 3.1.3 remains as simple as possible to help users film and edit the videos even though it received its major redesign in October 2020. Now, the apps can capture vertical and horizontal videos with HDR video recording, which the old version couldn't do. Fixing its limitations brings joy to the Clips users and maybe to you.


  • Free to download on every iOS device.
  • There is no restriction in using the filters and effects while using it.
  • It offers a bunch of features with effects and filters every month.
  • Users without background knowledge in video editing can master this app instantly.


  • Most basic video editing features aren't available on the app.
  • Major video editing isn't accessible within the app.
  • It is only available on iOS devices.

Is Apple Clips free?

Is Apple Clips free? Yes, the Clip is a free iOS-only program that you can get on Appstore that you have. Though the app is free to get on iOS, the app requires users to have a similar or higher version for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. For iPhone, users must have a minimum iOS 17.0 version or the updated version, iPad should have iPadOS 16.0 or the newer one, and iPod touch should be iOS 17.0 or later version.

Part 2. Apple Clips Review from a Users Perspective, Best Used for, & Clips vs. iMovie

Apple Clips User's Evaluation

For iOS users, Apple Clips iOS provides intensive features that are amazingly easy to understand and use in video editing. Unlike other video editing apps on iPhone and iPad, the app allows you to film the video, capture an image, and edit it without exiting it. Isn't it convenient? Like other basic featured applications, you can add stylized text, drag and remove clips, attach funny stickers, pan in and out, add posters style, and more. The editing options are available on this free app on iOS.

Despite being a well-timed editor, there are drawbacks that we found on the app that makes you think twice about why you should use it. Professionally, the app looks the best, but its pre-processing feature isn't enough for a hyperrealistic video. It lacks features only available on video editors on Windows and Mac. Nevertheless, the app is a great go-to application for short films, editing, and sharing that you must download on your device.

Best Features of Apple Clips App

1. Intuitive Users Interface

Even after the redesign in Version 3.1.3, you can still see that its user interface looks better than its previous version. The app isn't the same as the other primary application on Appstore. When you open Clips, the camera will automatically be opened, and it will project the camera captures for its use as the default video source. On its main interface, you can instantly take photos, add items to the timeline, and film a video.

2. Add Audio Tracks

Once you have downloaded Apple Clips, adding an audio track to the video wouldn't be your problem. Also, you can maximize the Clips Library to search for the music you want to use or gain access to your device, which is excellent, especially when you want to add audio to video. However, the options you are allowed to do here are minimal, especially on your audio, which is too mute.

3. Add Stylized Text

Adding stylized text to the video can provide a better approach to the audience, viewers, and you. Are you still deciding what to use as text? Well, there are numerous selections that you can use with different font styles and adjustable sizes. You can apply it anywhere as long as it is inside the frame of the video you are editing, and you can use Apple Clips transitions on them.

4. Live Title Feature

Most video editors with a Live Title feature will cost you a fortune, but with this app, you can generate text captions with a voiceover that matches everything you say onscreen. The voice-to-text transcription works excellently, saving video editors time instead of manually adding subtitles. However, some punctuations aren't recognizable since it only detects voice, but it is still editable when you are finished.

5. Funny Stickers and Memojis

Attach some stickers and Memojis to the video you are creating to create a significant impact and actively invite viewers to watch the video you've created here longer. With these, you can express your emotion or thoughts more, like attaching a speech bubble to the film you are editing.

6. Attractive Filters and Effects

Apple Clips app review would be incomplete if we didn't mention the filters that this app supported. Most filters it provides are distinguishable because every video editor you might have used had it. But the immersive AR effects it provides aren't something new to the eyes of the users, but it is an excellent addition to the Clips. It can alter your room into a rainbow light show, dance floor, confetti party, etc., while you are filming the video. You can do everything that we mentioned once you have downloaded the app on your device.

7. Quick Sharing

After editing the videos on Clips, you can share them quickly via Mail, Message, or the popular social media platforms supported by this app. Also, you can transfer the video via iCloud for others to view and edit it freely as long as it is an iOS device.

Part 3. Apple Clips Best Alternative to Download on Android Devices

Thousands of apps like Apple Clips on Appstore provide realistic AR effects and filters, but how about on Playstore? Are there any apps that can provide the same length as Clips? Luckily, a newly developed application provides a unique and much easier way to edit videos on Android devices, and that is the Vid.Fun.

VidFun on Android

Vid.Fun is a well-founded application that provides a newer approach to video editing that ranges from the basics to premium-level editing. It usually covers most video editing options that can only be found when you use a desktop app but in a more straightforward way. Even though the app provides options that aren't usually seen on video editors on mobile devices, the developer still considers the users who can't afford to purchase an app, so they make it accessible. Go to the Playstore and download the latest video editor on your Android devices to create unique videos and impress others!


  • It has jampacked video editing features available primarily on desktop apps.
  • The app has an impressive, concise, and intuitive user interface.
  • There are no ads while editing and no watermark attach to the final output.
  • It provides a tutorial on how to use every option thoroughly.


  • The app is only available on Android devices.

Part 4. FAQs about What is Apple Clips

Is Apple Clips App for Android?

No, Apple Clips is exclusive to iOS devices, but there are apps that you can download on your Android that provides the same video editing features as the Vid.Fun.

Is Apple Clips and Snapchat the same?

Apple Clips and Snapchat provide the same real-time film with AR effects and some basic video editing options. But their purpose is different because Apple Clips is designed to become an editor, and Snapchat promotes its self-destructing photos and videos for the users to use.

Which is better, Apple Clips vs. iMovie?

Since Apple Clips vs. iMovie are both available on iOS devices, here is what we think about them. Apple Clip is the best choice for a quick and interactive video. But if you want to edit the film in detail, choosing the iMovie will benefit you more.


So what do you think about the Apple Clips scenes, filters, AR effects, stylized text, and more that we have covered in this article? Did it help you determine if the app fits your needs the best? We hope that this article became a help to you, and you can read more related articles below if you want to.

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