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December 15, 2022Ashley Mae

You probably encountered the VN Video Editor, but what is it? Why do some users pick this video editor over other programs that offers more features and functions? This article focuses on this video editor as we highlight the best features you can get once you attain this app. To deeply understand the app and its alternative, keep your mouse scrolling as we take you on a journey about the overview of the app.

VN Video Editor

Part 1. Overview of VN Video Editor- What Is It, Pros, Cons, & Price

Is VN a good video editor? Well, the answer is for you to find out. Some users find this app the best editor, and some don't. So, to clarify everything, we dig deep and unveil the truth about the application to show you what features and offers this app are that you can get. Keep on reading the information below to understand the app even better.

VN Video Editor


  • The app has an interactive user interface to lessen its difficulty of it.
  • It offers flexible video ramping and speed adjustment.
  • It is a trustworthy application for editing videos with ease.


  • It is sometimes sluggish.
  • The app has a watermark when it is exported on the free version.

How Much is the Price of a VN Video Editor?

VN Video Editor price will differ on where your region. The starting price for the app is $ 3.99, which can go up to $ 21.99 for full access. Though you can maximize its free version's potential, it still wouldn't be enough for the pro video editor who wants to provide the best video output.

Part 2. VN Video Editor Review, Evaluations, and Best Used of the App

So, did the app pass your standards? To share with you what we think about the app as a user, we also include our evaluation based on our experience. Continue to read the description below to know how the evaluation results.

Evaluation of the VN Video Editor from a Users Perspective

According to the VN Video Editor review, the app has extensive features. As a user, we can find nearly everything needed to produce captivating videos that you wouldn't nearly see on other video editors, especially on a mobile device. Without prior knowledge of the app or editing, using this as a personal editor is beneficial for an amateur or pro looking for advanced video editing. One of the best features this app provides is the zoom-in on a video you can do on a Windows Movie Maker, but now it has become available because this app offers the feature.

Below are some measurements of how this product might fit your needs in various performances and the best features you can get once you use the app.

5 Best Things You Can Use on VN Video Editor

1. Professional Video Editing Software

VN Video Editor app is a full-packed video editing app for creating professional videos using your pictures, videos, and music. This video editing program supports multi-camera editing and special video effects to meet your satisfaction in professional editing needs. With an app like this, you can insert multiple photos and videos to create the most fantastic output that you wouldn't even imagine. Besides, you can also edit texts that you add using various effects and fonts. Moreover, aside from being a video editor, it is also an image editor program where you can create videos elsewhere using animation templates.

2. Keyframe Feature

It comes with a Keyframe tool, a great feature to use. By using this feature, the output may look more outstanding. One advantage of the tool is that it enables you to select specific times for certain actions. In standard video editors on Windows 10, this feature is too difficult to perform because things are needed to adjust. But, with VN Video Editor transitions, the keyframe animation is straightforward to use between clips and performs unique effects.

3. Varieties of Effects and Filters

If you are a creative professional, this is a perfect choice. It is an app that can help to get the best out of your creativity. This video editing app is ideal for those looking to improve their videos and add some effects. It has many effects, filters, and other features that make video editing great. With it, you can add trendy text, choose from a wide range of filters and effects, and more.

4. Audio Tools

Like other video editing software, VN Video Editor's sound effects are excellent to use as an addition to your videos. It enables users to add background songs on Android or iOS and then directly apply various filter effects. Also, with the help of this video editing program, you can edit your video clips accordingly to match with actions that have been happening in the video.

5. Exporting Files

After editing your videos with the app, you can easily export your output to your desired format. It supports a broad array of different formats, which is very useful for some creators. Besides, you can instantly share your videos on different social media platforms when you are done.

What Makes this VN Video Editor the Most Picked Video Editor on Mobile Devices?

Aside from the features you can get on the app; it also fits well for beginners who don't know about video editing. Choosing this as your pre-processing app can be a good choice at some point since the app covers the best features, functions, filters, and effects you wouldn't usually get if you are fond of other applications. Despite its performance, the app has problems with occasional bugs and freezes, which isn't great when editing. But overall, the app provides the best program to edit video quickly without even fail.

Part 3. Best VN Video Editor Alternative to Use on Android for Free

Vid.Fun is our top choice for a VN Video Editor alternative, for it provides high-quality output like what you can get on the app we reviewed. Most of the advanced features that the VN provides are accessible within this app. It is even more interesting because the app is free to download on PlayStore, and there is no need for you to register to continue using it. Edit every video you have without limitations and the watermark attached with the help of this app.

VidFun on Android

On top of that, the app comes with a friendly user interface, and it is straightforward to use. You can modify and create awesome videos with it even if you don't have video editing experience. The main feature that this app highlight is video trimming on Android and cropping. Isn't it exciting to use the app?


  • Free to download on Android devices.
  • You added no watermark to the video.
  • It has audio sync features.
  • It has customizable background music features.
  • Rich in filters that are suitable for video editing.


  • The app isn't supported on iOS devices.

Part 4. FAQs about the VN Video Editor

Does VN Video Editor have a watermark?

The VN Video Editor doesn't leave a watermark on the final output when you purchase its premium version. However, if you are still using the free version of the app, you will see that it will place a watermark on the lower right side of the video you export. With the help of video watermark remover on Android and iOS, eliminating that watermark won't be your problem anymore.

Is VN Video Editor safe?

Downloading the VN Video Editor is safe on mobile devices if you download the app on PlayStore or AppStore. Prevent downloading the application using a third-party website, especially the cracked version, so that you won't have a problem when the app is installed on a mobile device.

Is VN Video Editor a Chinese app?

The VN Video Editor isn't a Chinese app because it is connected to Vietnam, meaning it originated in Vietnam.


Did this article make a clear statement about the VN Video Editor app? We hope that unveiling the truth and facts about the app will help you decide whether to download it. The premium version is the best choice, but you will need to pay before using it. Instead of purchasing a membership or plan on the app, you can download the alternative we included here to enjoy the same video editing as you can on the VN app.

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