Pick the Best on 6 Free Apps to Connect Your Phone to TV [Complete Review]

April 04, 2023Ashley Mae

You will need an app to connect your phone to the TV to watch streams and binge-watching portably. With so many apps available to help, it became overwhelming for a device to choose. That is the time when we came into that scene. As a digital market expert, we have taken the chance to review and test the most used application for mirroring your phone screen into a giant TV like Sharp TV. Most of the additions here are game-changers.

This review will share our thoughts on some of the best apps for a screencasting phone screen. So, stay at your back and relax; take a few minutes to read this because we assure you that these apps will change how you watch TV forever.

Apps to Connect Phone to TV

Part 1. Easiest Tool to Connect Phone to PC Without Having Delay & Free

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror is the best option to broadcast your phone screen into a computer screen. This app works very well in different circumstances, and the display it provides on the receiver of the mirror is exponentially best. Compared to the alternatives, app mirroring isn't something you can get for free with the addition of its features. When you pick this app, connecting your phone to your PC wirelessly or with a wire wouldn't be a problem. Isn't amazing? The app does the job it needs, such as screen casting. There are more additional features that you can use here. If you want to discover these, you better download the app today.

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Part 2. Top 3 Apps to Connect iPhone to TV [Top Picks]

1. AnyView


AnyView allows its users to mirror everything on their phone to Chromecast TV wirelessly. Instead of typing what you want to watch on your smart TV, this app is a great advantage for you since you can search for content on your phone then it will be displayed on the screen where it is connected. Knowing how AnyView is cast to Sharp TV is great to know if you want to continue using it.

Using this is a great choice for some, but a long time ago, the app received many bad reviews from its users on Appstore, and the playback option needs you to have 150 Mbps and maintain it as that, or else it will become laggy. If you want a more detailed review, we have written a much more profound AnyView cast review.

2. TVAssist


TVAssist is another popular app to connect your phone to your TV for video streaming on a larger screen purpose. This app lets you pick any media you want to play, and with a single click, it will be displayed on the paired TV. Want to browse media on DLNA devices? You can do it here and play them on the same devices if you want to. Aside from being a screen mirroring app, you can also use this as a media receiver for photos, videos, and music. However, while using it, some ads will appear, but you can remove them permanently if you purchase the removed ads here.

3. Screen Mirroring - TV Cast

Screen Mirroring TV Cast

Screen Mirroring - TV Cast is the last iPhone app to connect a phone to a TV we have added in this article. Despite being listed at last, the app is still considered one of the best options for wireless screen mirroring on the phone to TV. It is a straightforward mirroring app, which means it doesn't support additional functions other than casting photos, videos, and music from your iPhone. Sadly the app isn't the best choice for displaying a live gaming session because there was a five to six seconds delay that would happen. Also, the free version is limited, leaving you to choose whether to purchase the app.

Part 3. Best 3 Apps to Connect Android Phones to TV [Best Choice]

1. Google Home

Google Home

When you have an Android TV and are looking for a free app to connect your phone to the TV, then pick Google Home. It is the most compatible application you can download on your Android to cast videos on the smart TV quickly. What's amazing about this app is that it keeps track of the connected smart TV you have done and creates unique algorithms for watching movies or such. Instead of typing in the search bar, you can click a single button here, leading you to the video you want to watch.

2. AirPlay for Android & Screen Mirroring TV

AirPlay for Android and Screen TV

AirPlay is a default feature on iOS, but now the AirPlay for Android & Screen Mirroring TV is available for Android users who want to try it. But they aren't the same maker of the built-in on Apple, yet their name is similar. Sharing the screen with this app is possible and can be done wirelessly if your TV has a Wireless Display and connects to the same network. Here, you can display a 4k video with a 40% increase in acceleration for their hardware. So, downloading a connected phone to a Smart TV app could be an open option.

3. Tubio


Tubio is one of the most used applications and is downloadable on Android. With over ten million downloads, this app does well in casting the Android screen into a bigger screen like smart TV. Here, you can browse your favorite video or audio and tap play to screencast it on the TV. The build of its UI is simple, so you wouldn't have trouble memorizing the whole function of the app. Aside from smart TV, it also supports dongles and Apple TV AirPlay. If you need a multipurpose remote, you can also use this to command for playing, pausing, stopping, or asking. So, this could be the best choice if you need an app that lets you connect your phone to your TV.

Part 4. FAQs about Apps to Connect Phones to TV

Does AirPlaying an Android video to Apple TV supported?

Natively, Android devices don't have an AirPlay function because that is only limited to Apple devices so you will need a third-party app to AirPlay Android to Apple TV.

Why is there a delay in mirroring phones to TV?

That is only a normal thing to happen because you connect them wirelessly. You can't immediately solve the problem, but you can reduce the delay time exponentially by keeping the phone closer to the TV and connecting both devices to a strong network.

How can I screen mirror phone to TV with wire?

You must purchase an adapter to make the HDMI fit into your phone's charging port. But first, you'll need to check the compatibility of the HDMI output on your phone because if it is not compatible, then connecting it via HDMI will not work.


Indeed! Learning to connect a phone to a TV using the app will be a piece of cake for you. With this review, we hope you understand the purposes and strength of the apps for mirroring phone screens into a TV.

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