How to AirPlay Videos from Android to Apple TV

I just got an Apple TV, but I do not know how to stream to Apple TV from my Android phone, any recommendation would be appreciated.

It is well-known that Apple has built an ecosystem, including iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple TV. Users can transfer and stream contents between these devices via AirPlay and other services.

When it comes to AirPlay Android to Apple TV, things will be a bit complicated.

AirPlay, which is restricted to Apple devices, has the ability to wirelessly stream video and audio from iPhone to Apple TV.

Fortunately, we find the methods to meet your need and we will show you how to AirPlay Android phone to Apple TV in this post.

Airplay Android to Apple TV

Part 1. Excellent Screen Mirror Application for Android

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror works impressively well in mirroring Android screen to your computer. This mirroring software can also cast the screen of your iOS devices to your computer easily. While mirroring, you're given the choice to record the screen activities.

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Part 2: How to AirPlay Android to Apple TV running tvOS 10.1 or earlier

To be honest, you cannot AirPlay stuff from Android to Apple TV without third-party apps.

If your Apple TV is running tvOS 10.1 or earlier, you can consider popular apps, such as AllStream. It offers the practical functions of Apple TV AirPlay for Android users as well as streams multimedia contents to Xbox One and other media streamers.

Step 1.
Power on your Apple TV, and put your Android device and Apple TV under the same Wi-Fi network. Go to the home screen of Apple TV, navigate to Settings -> AirPlay. If the AirPlay is disabled, switch it to On by pressing the silver button.

Note: By default, AirPlay is disabled to preserve battery life on Apple TV.

Step 2.
Open AllStream from the app drawer on your Android phone, and you will see that your Apple TV appears on the connections menu. Check the box next to Apple TV and adjust the volume by moving the slider beneath the option. Then close the app but not quit it.
Step 3:
Next, open your photos or play the video and music that you want to stream. The stuff will go to your Apple TV and let you enjoy it on larger screen.

Note: AllStream is a paid app, so you have to purchase it from your Google Play Store. It is available to both AirPlay and DLNA connection.

Part 3: How to AirPlay Android to tvOS 10.2 or above

Users who have the fourth-generation Apple TV may find that third-party streaming apps stopped working. Apple has released tvOS 10.2, which demand device verification before streaming Android to Apple TV via AirPlay. That kills almost all third-party apps. According to our test, doubleTwist Pro is the only way currently available for Android to stream contents to Apple TV via AirPlay, and we show you the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1.
Make sure that AirTwist & AirPlay is enabled on your Apple TV and both your phone and TV connect to the same Wi-Fi network.
Step 2.
Install doubleTwist Pro on your Android phone. When you play a song or a video in portrait mode, you will see a new network icon on the lower right side. Once tap the icon, you will be presented a dialog that asks you to decide to play in the app or AirPlay to Apple TV from Android.
Step 3.
Select the Apple TV for output. When prompted, enter the four-digit AirPlay code to start streaming content from Android to Apple TV. You can see the network icon on your Android phone turns blue.

Part 4: Alternative solution to AirPlay Android to Apple TV

Many people said that third-party streaming apps are not working. It makes sense when you consider that Apple designed Apple TV and AirPlay for iOS devices.

That is why we suggest you to try the alternative solution to AirPlay Android to Apple TV: transfer videos to iPhone from Android with Phone Transfer, and then AirPlay iPhone to Apple TV.

1. Transfer date between Android and iPhone in a single click.

2. Support photos, music, videos and other media files.

3. Keep all data in the original conditions when transferring.

4. Not interrupt existing data on both source and target devices.

5. Compatible with iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6s or older and Android devices from Samsung, LG, Sony, Google, Moto, etc.

All in all, it is the best choice that you can find to AirPlay Android to Apple TV, and we use videos as the example to show you the procedure.

How to stream stuff from Android to Apple TV

Step 1. Connect Android to iPhone
Install Phone Transfer on your computer and launch it. Plug both your Android phone and iPhone into your computer using the USB cables. Then the application will detect your devices automatically.
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Step 2. Transfer videos from Android to iPhone
Make sure that your Android phone is in the Source Device box and iPhone appears in the Target Device box. Otherwise, you need to click on the Switch button to correct it. Next, select Media and Photo in the middle of the interface. Once click on the Start copy button, the application will start working and the stuff will migrate from Android to iPhone.
Step 3. Stream videos to Apple TV via AirPlay
Wait for the process to be done, remove your devices from your computer.

Now, power on your Apple TV, and mirror iPhone to Apple TV via AirPlay.

Note: The biggest benefit is getting the smooth experiences. According to our research, Apple TV works well with iOS devices. When it comes to stream stuff from Android to Apple TV via AirPlay using third-part apps, the audiovisual experiences are usually poor.


Today, we have more ways to enjoy visual contents than ever before. Although smartphone is portable, the small screen is not the perfect place to watch videos. Apple TV is one of the most popular smart televisions. The downside is that you have to use iOS devices to stream contents to Apple TV.

However, we show you how to AirPlay Android to Apple TV in the tutorial above. As you can see, Apple is improving the operating system and preventing users from streaming content from Android devices to Apple TV, so we suggest you to transfer videos and photos from Android to iPhone using Phone Transfer and then stream them to your Apple TV.

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