Top 3 Ways to Mirror Phone to Smart TV Without Wi-Fi

April 15, 2022Ashley Mae

In general, when you want to screen mirror your iPhone or Android to a smart TV, you are required to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network, and then make the connection. Do you know how to mirror phone to TV without Wi-Fi?

Below, we will discuss 3 useful methods to stream from your iPhone to TV with no internet connection. If you don't have good wireless internet, or your device doesn't offer built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can rely on them to mirror an iPhone or Android phone to TV without Wi-Fi.

Mirror Phone to TV Without Wifi

Part 1: How to Mirror Your iPhone to a TV Without WiFi

You can easily link the game console or Blu-ray player device to your smart TV with an HDMI cable. However, you can't use it to connect an iPhone to your TV. To do that, you need an external digital AV adapter. Here in the first part, we like to show you how to physically connect an iOS device to a TV when there is no Wi-Fi network connection. By doing so, you can mirror your iPhone screen to a TV for better displaying and viewing.

Step 1:
Connect one side of the lightning digital AV adapter to your iPhone and the other side to the HDMI cable. Here you should ensure you are using an Apple-certified AV adapter. Or you may fail to mirror iPhone to TV.
Apple Digital AV Adapter Lightning to HDMI
Step 2:
Plug the other side of your HDMI cable into the HDMI port on your smart TV. Now many smart TVs like Samsung, LG, SONY, Roku, VIZIO, and more are equipped with several HDMI ports. Here you should know which HDMI you are using, such as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, or HDMI for Games.
Step 3:
After you physically connect your iPhone to TV, you can turn on your TV and then select the right signal input source. When you switch the source to the related HDMI input, you can see your iPhone screen is mirrored to the smart TV.

Part 2: How to Mirror Android Phone to Smart TV Without WiFi

Similar to the method above, when you need to screen mirror an Android phone to a TV without Wi-Fi, you can also connect both devices through cables. If you are using a TV that has HDMI ports to connect to, you can follow the steps below to make the screen mirroring from your phone to TV without Wi-Fi connection.

Step 1:
First, you need a USB Type-C to HDMI adapter cable to physically connect your phone to TV.
USB Type C to HDMI Cable
Step 2:
To mirror your Android phone to a TV without WiFi, you need to enable USB debugging. If the USB debugging is turned off, you can't make the screen mirroring from phone to TV. Instead, it will end up charging itself when connected to your TV.

When you connect your Android device to the TV, you will get a prompt to customize various settings. Here you need to turn on the USB debugging.

Step 3:
On some smart TVs, you can directly see your Android screen after connecting successfully. If you don't see the screen mirroring, you can switch the signal input source until you see the screen of your Android phone.

Part 3: Using Built-in Screen Mirroring Feature to Mirror Phone to TV Without WiFi

Some newest smart TVs come with a built-in Screen Mirroring feature to help you mirror a phone to it, even without Wi-Fi. It relies on an associated device using Bluetooth to make the connection. If your TV and phone are Miracast-compatible, you can use this method to screen mirror phone to TV without WiFi.

Step 1:
Turn on Bluetooth on both your phone and TV. Go to the Settings of your smart TV. When you find either the Bluetooth devices or the Screen Mirroring option, choose it. Major manufacturers like SONY, Samsung, LG, and others support the feature by default on their newest sets.
Step 2:
From the Screen Mirroring list, choose your phone. Back on your phone to allow the connection from TV. After that, your phone screen will appear on the smart TV.

How to mirror iPhone and Android phone to PC

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Part 4: FAQs of How to Mirror Phone to TV Without WiFi

How to mirror a video from iPhone to my Samsung Smart TV?

When you watch a video on your iPhone, you can simply tap on the Cast icon to screen mirror the video from your iPhone to Samsung Smart TV. Also, you can open the Control Center and use the Screen Mirroring feature to AirPlay a video to your TV with ease.

How to mirror my iPhone to a Samsung Smart TV using AirPlay?

Open the Control Center on your iPhone and tap the Screen Mirroring icon. Choose the name of your Samsung Smart TV to start the screen mirroring from your iPhone to the TV. You may need to enter the AirPlay passcode to proceed with your operation.

Does iPhone screen mirroring to TV cost mobile data?

Generally, you need to connect both your iPhone and smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network to make the screen casting. In that case, you don't use the iPhone mobile data. If you have created an iPhone WiFi hotspot for the TV, the iPhone screen mirroring to TV will cost cellular data.


When you don't have a stable Wi-Fi network connection for the screen mirroring from phone to TV, you can use the 3 methods above to cast your phone content to a smart TV easily.

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