Detailed Review of ATF Cleaner for Windows and Mac

March 17, 2022Ashley Mae

It's quite necessary to remove all types of temporary files on your computer. When you search for a tool to clean the system of temporary files, cookies, browser history, and others, you may finally turn to the ATF Cleaner.

This post gives you a detailed review of ATF Cleaner. You can learn the basic formation and main features of it. Moreover, you can get a great ATF Cleaner for Mac to thoroughly remove temp files from your macOS.

ATF Cleaner Review

Part 1: ATF Cleaner for Windows Review

ATF Cleaner is a free temporary file cleaner for Windows, Firefox, and Opera. It is designed with a concise interface and easy-to-use functions. This freeware can help you delete Windows temporary files, current user temp, all users temp, temporary internet files, history, Java script, old passwords, cookies, Recycle Bin, and more.

ATF Cleaner is developed and released by in 2008. So you may see the ATF cleaner.exe in an old Windows system like Windows XP or Windows Vista. Now it is also compatible with Windows 10/8/7.

ATF Cleaner Download

ATF Cleaner doesn't have an official site for you to download it. Instead, you can free download and install it from some trustworthy software downloading sites like Softonic, Uptodown, or SoftRadar.

Download ATF Cleaner from Softonic

ATF Cleaner requires no installation. After you download the atf-cleaner.exe, you can directly launch and use it.

How to use ATF Cleaner

When you enter the ATF Cleaner, you can select the specific data types you want to remove from your computer. Just check the appropriate box ahead of the file type within ATF Cleaner's interface. After that, you can simply click on the Empty Selected button to erase your selected files.

ATF Cleaner is composed of three tabs, Main for system options, one for Firefox options, and one for Opera options. It offers a simple way to clean various temporary files associated with those applications.

Use ATF Cleaner

Note that, you are not allowed to check the detailed information of your selected data. Once you click on the Empty Selected button, they will be removed from your computer immediately. There will be a pop-up Done Cleaning window. You can see exactly how much space ATF Cleaner has freed.

Pros and Cons

ATF Cleaner is a totally free temporary file cleaning tool. You can choose to donate it or not as you like.

ATF Cleaner carries many basic features for you to quickly remove unwanted temps, cookies, histories, passwords, and more from your computer. It provides you with a simple way to free up space and remove parts of malware.

There are some disadvantages of ATF Cleaner. It won't allow you to view these temporary files you selected and want to remove. It can't completely remove all your temporary files.

Part 2: Best ATF Cleaner for Mac

ATF Cleaner only offers a Windows version. If you are using a Mac and like to remove temporary files, you can't rely on it. Considering that, here we strongly recommend a great ATF Cleaner alternative, Mac Cleaner for you. This ATF Cleaner for Mac is specially designed for cleaning all kinds of useless data including temporary files, cookies, browser history, old and large files, and others. Of course, you can use it to clear cache on Mac.

Mac Cleaner


Mac Cleaner - ATF Cleaner for Mac

  • Delete temporary files, system junk, cookies, cache, history, and more.
  • Remove junk files, large and old files, duplicates, and other unwanted data from Mac.
  • Uninstall unused and harmful applications and erase all their associated data.
  • Monitor Mac status, protect privacy, and optimize Mac performance in real-time.
Free DownloadFor macOS

Secure100% Secure. No Ads.

Step 1:
Free download, install, and run this ATF Cleaner for Mac first. When you open it, you can see its 3 key features, Status, Cleaner, and ToolKit. Before you use it to clean temporary files, you can click on the Status to check your Mac status like disk, CPU, and Memory.
Getting Started
Step 2:
To delete temporary files, cookies, cache, and other useless data, you can go to the Cleaner. It lists 8 categories for you to clear specific data. For instance, you can easily remove system junk, iPhoto junk, remove duplicate files, and more.
Main Interface
Step 3:
When you choose ToolKit, you can access more useful tools. Here you can select Privacy to remove all files related to your personal data from this Mac.
Mac Cleaner Toolkit

Part 3. FAQs of ATF Cleaner

1. Can I use ATF Cleaner on a Mac?

No. As mentioned above, there is no official ATF Cleaner for Mac version. You have to find an alternative tool like Mac Cleaner to do similar work.

2. How can I manually delete temporary files on Windows 10?

You can go to Settings on the Windows 10 computer, click on System, and then choose Storage. Under the Local Disk section, you can find the Temporary files option. Click it to view the temporary files. Select all data you want to delete and then click on the Remove files button.

3. How can I find and remove temporary files on a Mac manually?

To quickly locate the temporary files on your Mac, you need to open a Finder window, choose Go, Go to Folder, and then type in ~/Library/Caches/. Select the temporary files and then drag them to Trash.


With ATF Cleaner, you can easily find and remove various temporary files from your computer. As a Mac user, you can use the recommended Mac Cleaner to delete unwanted data and free up your Mac storage space.

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