5 Best Online Cloud Backup Services in 2023

Summary: Cloud backup services make it very convenient to save lots of valuable files and settings on your Mac, PC, or portable iOS/Android device. When you have the same need, you may considering what is the best cloud backup service? This post lists 5 best online cloud backup services for you to choose from.

"What's the Best Online Backup Service? I want to backup some important files on my Mac to a cloud service but don't know which one I choose use. What should I consider before finally choosing a cloud backup service?"

"I notice that there is no official could service for Windows PC, or just I don't find one for now. iCloud can help users to backup files on iPhone and Mac, Google also offers cloud service to help Android users to keep various data safe. Then what is the best cloud backup service for Windows computer?"

Cloud backup service is one of the hottest technologies for users to backup and restore all types of valuable data. It is also known as online data backup service. The good thing is, most of cloud backup services can back up many files, whether for Mac/PC or iOS/Android devices.

Best Cloud Backup Service

Actually, if you are fully tied into Google, Apple, or Microsoft ecosystems, you can handily choose their accompanying cloud storage service to backup your data. While during the usage of these cloud backup services, you may have a few other considerations like price, storage, feature and so on.

Now we back to the key question, what is the best cloud backup?

This post will share you 5 best cloud backup services. You can check the details of each one, learn more about cloud data backup security and how to choose the most suitable one.

5 Best Cloud Backup Services

Considering that, you main purpose is to find the best cloud backup solution. So at the first part, we will directly show you top 5 cloud backup service. If you want to know what you should concern about while choosing cloud backup, you can move to the second part.

Microsoft OneDrive - Best cloud backup for Windows

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is an Internet-based storage service offered for free by Microsoft. As one of most popular cloud backup services, OneDrive provides an easy way to sync and share information between Windows devices.

Microsoft OneDrive hooks into Windows 10. That means it can work perfectly with your Windows computer to back up your data. In fact, through many significant updates in the last few years, it carries more and more functions. You can take it as a free 5GB hard drive in cloud. Surely, if you need more storage, you can get 1TB of storage with an Office 365 subscription through inexpensive upgrades.

With OneDrive, you can easily Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. As long as you enter OneDrive site and log into your account. You can get access to any PC associated with your account to edit Office documents, edit documents in browsers, and create and share folders. It's very convenient. What's more, you are allowed to share photos to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social sites directly from OneDrive.

As an all-featured cross-platform cloud backup service, OneDrive even supports mobile devices like Windows phones, Android phones, and iOS devices.

Backblaze - Best cloud backup for Mac/PC



Backblaze is one of the hottest online cloud backup services which can help you back up unlimited gigabytes of data for Mac and PC laptops and desktops. Compared with other cloud backup services, Backblaze can offer you more enjoyment in a lower price.

Backblaze only costs $5/month and provides unlimited amount of storage. You are allowed to back up more than 100GB files. If you get a two-year plan purchase, the price will get down to $3.96/month.

The best cloud backup service enables you to backup all types of files like songs, videos, images, various documents and more on your computer. Moreover, it also gives you the Backblaze app to handily back up and access files on portable iOS and Android devices.

Google Drive - Best cloud backup for Android device

Google Drive


Google Drive is definitely be your first and best cloud backup service choice if you are using an Android device. It tied with Google's other services, like Gmail and Google Docs to help you quickly sync and access all kinds of Android files. As one of the best cloud backup services, Google Drive integrates Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to give you a good cloud backup experience.

You will be given 15 GB of free Google online storage to backup photos, videos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, and more to the cloud service. Thanks to the close correlation of Google account, you are allowed to check files in Drive on any computer, smartphone or talbet.

Google Drive Interface

If you need more cloud backup storage, you can upgrade the service to $2/month for 100GB, $10/month for 1TB, and $100/month for 10TB. More than just a great cloud backup service for Android phone or Windows computer, you can also use it on iOS device like iPhone and iPad.

iCloud - Best cloud backup for iPhone/iPad


iCloud will be a quite familiar cloud backup service if you are an iPhone user. Similar to Google Drive for Android, iCloud can be the best personal cloud backup solution for iOS users. It can help you easily back up all types of iOS data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. When you get a new iDevice, you can easily regain all files, apps and settings by restoring the latest iCloud backup. Not just a simple cloud backup service, iCloud also offers a great data recovery service.

iCloud provides 5GB of free storage for you to backup all files and settings on your iOS device. You can upgrade the service to $1/month for 50GB, $3/month for 200GB and $10/month for 2TB.

iCloud works closely with Apple's cloud-based productivity suite, iWork. Lots of iOS files can be synced and shared among different iOS devices with a same Apple account. You may also want to know how to clear up some old iCloud backups.

Carbonite - Best cloud backup for PC/Mac



Carbonite is another popular cloud backup service which targets home users and small businesses. As one of the oldest cloud backup services, Carbonite first stepped into market in 2005.

Similar to Backblaze, Carbonite also offers unlimited backup storage. It provides three unlimited annual plans: Basic, Plus and Prime. The different part is that, Carbonite is relevantly expensive and starts at $72 per year per computer. If you want to add external drive backup and automatic video backup, you need to pay for $111.99. The Prime cloud backup service will cost $149.99, which brings courier recovery service.

Carbonite Interface

Carbonite is one kind of best cloud backup service for both Windows PC and Mac. For Windows users, you can set your own encryption passphrase. But this can't be used on Mac. So it maybe not the best cloud backup service for Mac users.

Best data recovery you may want to know:

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Some tips about choosing the best cloud backup service

At the first part, we introduce you with 5 best cloud backup services on the market. Surely, there are other best online backup options like iDrive, SpiderOak ONE, CrashPlan, Livedrive and so on. Actually, for different people, there are different best cloud backup services. So what you should concern about when you want to pick a cloud backup service?

To narrow down your search and quickly find your preferred cloud backup service, you should first figure out the questions below:

Is it convenient and safe to backup personal data to cloud?

Compared with the common hard drive backup way, many people feel it not safe to save too much personal information to the cloud service. No question that cloud backup service makes it very convenient to backup all types of data. While it is limited to internet connection and regularly have a lower speed to complete the backup process.

Is it necessary to back up your computer or portable device?

The funny thing is, we all like to backup meaningful things to computer, and backup phone data to cloud service. So do you need to backup your PC or Mac? Accident doesn't happen every day. You need to think clearly before choosing a backup service.

How much cloud backup storage space you need?

Whether you want to back up data on your computer or Windows/iOS/Android device, you need to calculate how much space you need. This also benefit for you to choose a specific purchase plan, like 50GB, 100GB, 1TB or more.

Are you OK with paying for the cloud backup service, how much?

We have to admit that almost all free cloud backup services are limited in storage space, even including the iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. And if you really need to backup something, these offered free storages are not enough. When you want to purchase a cloud backup service, you should compare the prices and then make your decision.

Do you upload private or sensitive data to the cloud service?

When you back up some personal information to external hard drive, you feel safe and don't care too much about the information leaks. But things are different when you backup private or sensitive information to a cloud backup service. You may know little about the cloud technology and its service, but you just feel not security, right? So when you think about using a cloud backup, you should pay more attention to its data protection.

Do you need more extra features besides the basic backup?

Just like Microsoft OneDrive and other backup services, along with many upgrades, they carry more and more features. So apart from the backup features, you should think about if there are other functions you need.

This part only lists some key points that you should concern about while picking a cloud backup service. You have some basic considerations to balance the price, functions and usability. Of course, you need to know if you care much about the well-designed interface and if you have a good internet connection and so on.

Cloud backup service, also known as online data backup service, is one of the hottest technologies in backup and recovery. Hope you can know more about it and finally choose your preferred cloud backup service after reading this page. 5 best cloud backup services are recommended here for you to choose from. Leave us a message in the comment if you have any better recommendation.

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