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June 07, 2023Ashley Mae

Imagine seeing rhythmic patterns, musical sounds, and harmony of the song you play; that is where the music visualizer plays an important role. With it, translating audio signals into a mesmerizing visual presentation became easier. Enjoying how the music transcends and applying visual symphony ignites the fire in our hearts as a musician, music enthusiasts, or person who appreciates music from a deeper perspective. Be enchanted with the sound generated by your music, and add a pinch of visuals to make it even more magical. As we explain to you the best programs, you can use available on your devices.

Best Music Visualizer

Part 1. Free Music Visualizer Online to Generate Images Based on Music


Specterr is the top pick if a user needs a music visualizer online. The web tool can create an eye-catchy visualization with HD quality and 30 frames per second on the free version that other free products do not support. Instead of waiting for the full render, you can do a live video preview to check out the attached visualization. Plus, it is considered a true visualizer since it deeply supports editing presets of visualization such as colors, shapes, filters, particles, etc.



  • It store edited visualizer for up to 10 days for free.
  • Creating an HD visualizer is easy.
  • Supports making 720p 30 fps videos.


  • The free version leaves a watermark.
  • Five minutes maximum length for free.
  • Creating an account is necessary.
  • 2 video creation is possible in a day for the free version.


2. can add a music visualization waveform to the audio you have online. It is a free-to-use app with drag-and-drop features to upload audio and easily create your desired output. Unlike the previous one, this web tool promotes limitless visualization, which means you can create as much video output as you want. Aside from that, you can also add an audio spectrum to the footage you create if you need to use a waveform.



  • It exports audio with AAC codec and an MP4 video with 60 fps.
  • No account is needed to use it.
  • Create unlimited videos instantly.


  • It leaves a watermark on the final output with the free version.
  • A free version can only export a 1-minute video length.


Part 2. Music Visualizer Software for Generating Animated Imagery Real-Time on Desktop

1. Magic Music Visualizer

If you want a better music visualizer for designing your ideal effects, download the Magic Music Visualizer. The program has an intuitive interface that simplifies the rendering process for everyone about to use it. Adding different types of colorful visual effects can be performed at your command. In addition to that, the app is compatible with different musical sources, which means you can use it for live performances as well.

Magic Music Visualizer


  • Command the app to create geometric patterns.
  • Live clip manipulation.
  • Supports GLSL shaders.


  • A free version is costly.
  • Difficult to use, for starters.


2. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor is a non-linear Magic Music Visuals alternative you can download. The program offers a much-simplified version of the interface so that users can continue using it, and it also offers a library for visual-audio effects. Whenever the user needs to change the effect, you can apply a color correction, transformation, enhanced FX, and add transitions. However, the app is more complex than the previous one, but we consider it a decent choice for beginners.

VSDV Video Editor


  • Library of audio-visual effects.
  • Supports motion tracking and object masking.
  • It can export 4k or HD video quality.


  • The library of effects is less extensive than others.
  • Only supported on Windows devices.


Part 3. App to Visualize Music on iOS & macOS to Create a Mood Board Easily

1. Audio Vision Music Player

Audio Vision Music Player function as a music player, but now you can use this music visualizer app to create a high-grade visualization. Since it has an approach to being a music player, you can arrange and organize your playlist accordingly. With endless customization, there are many ways you can bring the best design pattern thru this application on Android.

Audio Vision Music Player


  • Free to download on Android.
  • It has a simplified UI to play and edit audio accordingly quickly.
  • You can choose from a bunch of design patterns the app supports.


  • The app is limited to Android only.
  • There are some unresolved bugs and glitches still happening.


2. STAELLA - Music Visualizer

Everyone needs an Apple music visualizer. That is why you will need to download the STAELLA - Music Visualizer. Here, you can adjust the visual effects based on your preference so that you can enjoy watching it in a more profound sense. Aside from that, you can also select the music you want to play and use the real-time audio-reactive system if you want your eyes to feast on the effects. Yet, the free version does not allow you to save the edited visualization on your end, so you must purchase a plan for this app.

STAELLA Music Visualizer


  • It offers additional visual effects to match the music you choose.
  • The app's pro version offers extensive features such as video recording.
  • It supports different languages.


  • The app does have trouble syncing Apple Music.
  • It can not save edited visualized audio on the phone without purchasing pr version.


Part 4. How to Make a Music Video with Visualizing Effects like a Pro Instantly

With Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, you can instantly merge your video and audio. You can use this music visualizer for free by downloading it on your Windows or Mac. Aside from combining video and audio, you can improve its quality by boosting and adjusting video and audio timing. Once you have this, you will have the power to do more on your video and audio, such as converting, editing, and improving overall. Follow the tutorial that we have to learn how to use it for the visualization you want to create amazingly.

Step 1:
Click the download button below for the program and install it immediately on your computer. Once it is launched, proceed to the next step.
Free DownloadFor Windows

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Free DownloadFor macOS

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Step 2:
Press the + icon to upload the video or the music visualization you have exported.
Upload Music Visualizer
Step 3:
On the options available here, click the wand button to start adding the magical audio type you have.
Open Wand to Edit
Step 4:
Go to the Audio menu and click the + icon to import the song. If the song does not match the visualization audio, you can adjust the slider to delay and the slider to Volume to boost it. Click the OK button to save.
Add Audio to Visualized
Step 5:
Choose the final video output you want to use by clicking the drop-down button and then tick Convert All to start exporting the edited version. When rendering is complete, share it now with others and promote how this video editor on Windows & Mac helps you.
Process Audio Visualization

Part 5. FAQs about Music Visualizer

What is the best iTunes visualizer to use?

ITunes does not support a built-in visualizer, so you must download a third-party app that can be used as an iTunes visualizer. The most iconic app many uses are the G-Force iTunes Visualizer, but better choices are available.

Does adding music visualization makes the file size bigger?

Undoubtedly, the file size of a music visualization file is more significant than a music-only file since there is an added element to it: the visual.

Why is the visualization animation not match the music beat?

There are instances of this problem, so you must edit the timing and ensure the beat matches the movement. If you are playing it in real-time, you need to restart the app and see if it fixes the problem.


Music visualizers are essential to see how the audio moves thru waveform or audio spectrum. Change the background to match the music's message. The software's help proves that you can do more to your audio file by adding this element. Share your comments in the section we have added beneath this.

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