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6 Impressive & Beautiful iTunes Visualizer to Download

How beautiful does music look like? That may be a weird question for you. But if you have heard about iTunes visualizer, you would understand what I'm talking about. Since its very first version, iTunes has had a visualizer, a built-in light show that you can use to play trippy animations while you listen to music. It is not a must-have feature, but would be cool to look at while listening to tunes.

G Forece iTunes Visualizer

Here in the following article, we have collected several iTunes Visualizer plug-ins more beautiful than the default iTunes visualizer. Free download one iTunes Visualizer and I'm sure it's beyond your imagination.

1. G-Force iTunes Visualizer

G Forece iTunes Visualizer

G-Force music visualizer has been described as mind blowing and legendary. This commercial visualizer cycles through all of the different possible shapes and views. The visuals could interact with the music and quite well and produce interesting effects. Besides, it could be taken not only as a great iTunes visualizer plug-in, but also as a screensaver or a standalone music visualizer app.

2. Fountain Music

Fountain Music Visualizer

Fountain Music Visualizer for Mac is about the most visually minimal visualization here. It has a really interesting interaction with the music, and would be relaxing to watch. Fountain Music iTunes Visualizer is essentially a fountain of particles that look like pearls are bursting out of water. The colors and burst patterns are changing according to the music.

3. Cubism iTunes Visualizer

Cubism iTunes Visualizer

Cubism iTunes Visualizer is a cool iTunes Visualizer. This music visualizer uses a 3D bar floating on the outer space, with a cubic album cover floating in the middle. Similar as an equalizer, the bar will become longer or shorter, and the color will change, depending on the song. If you are looking for a fun iTunes visualizer for Mac, this would be a perfect one.

4. Aeon iTunes Visualizer

Aeon iTunes Visualizer

Like G-force iTunes Visualizer, Aeon also comes from Soundspectrum. This iTunes Visualizer represents a new dimension in music visualization, rich with content variety, color, and artistic depth. The result is a visualization filled with imagination and possibility.

5. Dragon iTunes Visualizer

Aeon iTunes Visualizer

Dragon iTunes visualizer is vivid and colorful one. It will show what looks like a dragon slithering around. The movement of dragon has significant connection with the music. If the tempo music is quick, dragon will be faster and more interesting to look at. Although it says a dragon, you can never see the whole body to make sure. Perhaps that's what makes it more mysterious.

6. AquaFlow iTunes Visualizer

Aeon iTunes Visualizer

AquaFlow iTunes Visualizer can be defined as a gentle music visualizer. As the name "flow" indicates, lines move fluidly across the screen, giving you a feeling that it is movie. The "flow" action is slow and smooth, and even though it doesn't seem to have much connection to the music playing it is still very relaxing to watch.

How to download and use iTunes visualizer

We have provided the website so that you can free download iTunes visualizer on Mac/PC. There are usually instructions to install them, or just a package to use. Basically, you can follow these steps:

1. Download and install/extract iTunes visualizer package.

2. Open iTunes and play some music. In the menu bar go to "View" > "Visualizer" and choose the audio visualizer from iTunes visualizer list.

3. Go to "View" > "Show Visualizer". Then you can get the most wonderful experience to listen to music.

There aren't many folks out there dabbling with Quartz Composer developing new iTunes visualizers, but we can still find these great iTunes visualizer options you could use. Besides, you could also find more iTunes visualizers including Figure iTunes visualizer, Whitecap music visualizer and more.

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