8 Best Character AI Alternatives Without NSFW Filter

June 12, 2024Ashley Mae

Tired of the waiting room on Character.AI and looking for websites like Character.AI?

Character.AI has become a very popular platform that allows you to interact with virtual characters from various backgrounds and fictional universes. However, it comes with some limitations, such as the waiting room system and filters. Even though these settings will help to maintain a safe environment, they will also restrict creative exploration. So, many users might search for a Character AI alternative.

There are many more alternative platforms similar to Character.AI, waiting to be discovered. Surely, you don’t want to check them one by one and access the various features offered. Considering that, I would like to share the eight best Character.AI alternatives (no filter) for different user preferences.

Character AI Alternative

Part 1. What Is Character AI and Why Need an Alternative

Character.AI is known for its ability to create virtual chatbots based on specific characters. You are allowed to interact with these AI chatbots, engaging in conversations, asking various questions, and even roleplaying scenarios. The platform provides many different characters for you to choose from, such as historical figures like Napoleon, Tesla, and Einstein, literary icons, anime heroes, game characters, and others.

What is Character AI

Thanks to the large language models trained on vast amounts of text data, these Character.AI chatbots can better mimic the communication style and personality of their chosen personas. In that case, you can feel real-world personalities from fictional characters. Moreover, Character.AI offers quick solutions for language learning, interviewing, story writing, brainstorming ideas, and getting recommendations.

Use Character AI Chatbots

Despite its innovative approach, Character.AI has several limitations. One big disadvantage of Character.AI is the waiting room system. It often employs waiting rooms before accessing certain chatbots. That can be frustrating for most users, especially when they are eager to start conversions.

Character.AI offers various chatbots for you to experiment with different characters and personas. However, filters are enforced to keep a safe environment. Sometimes, they can restrict creative discussions or explorations, particularly for mature topics. Even though Character.AI offers many characters, you may not always find the perfect suit that you are looking for.

Character AI Filter

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Part 2. Top 8 Character AI Alternatives No Filter

With so many options offered on the internet, selecting the best Character.AI alternative may be a little bit hard. This part recommends eight Character.AI alternatives for you to choose from. They offer a free trial with limited functions.

There are some key considerations to help you quickly locate the suitable one. First, you should figure out whether you prefer a filtered or unfiltered environment. With no filter, you may potentially access mature content. Some websites like Character.AI offer more customization controls. You also need to decide if you prefer a user-friendly experience or are comfortable with technical aspects. Last, some AI chatbot platforms require subscriptions for premium features.


HeyReal is one of the best Character.AI alternatives. In addition to customizing human-like female AI models, you can create anime characters with it. After creating your characters, you can chat with them about any topic you want. You can also chat with the ready-made AI characters created by other users or the system. With the help of its excellent AI learning models, HeyReal can offer you a realistic interactive experience to chat with your AI girlfriend about mature topics.

Heyreal Interface

If you want to create AI models with preferred appearances or traits from images or by entering customized instructions, HeyReal can be your top choice. You can also filter the content to find your orientation faster. With powerful AI chatting training, it can generate chats based on different bots' characteristics so that you can get a more authentic experience. With its intuitive interface, you can navigate through it easily.


If you prefer a website like Character.AI but with no NSFW filter, you can navigate to Candy.ai. It is a popular platform that uses artificial intelligence to create virtual companions. Just like Character.AI, you can chat and interact with different characters in a variety of ways. It provides pre-built AI companions with different personalities and interests. When you enter the website, you are allowed to directly select your preferred AI model and start the conversation. Also, you can create your own AI friend.

Character AI Alternative Candy AI

This Character.AI alternative prioritizes emotional connection and social interaction. It is mainly designed to offer a sense of companionship with engaging conversations. As mentioned above, you can design your AI companion by personalizing both appearance and personality traits. You can chat with the AI chatbot on Candy.ai about various topics, engage in role-playing scenarios, or have daily conversations. But you should consider its potential downsides. You may access adult and other unsuitable content.

Chat with Candy AI Model

Botify AI

Botify AI is another popular AI chatbot platform like Character.AI. If you search for an alternative to having unfiltered interactions with AI characters, it can be a compelling option. Botify AI is primarily designed to offer unfiltered conversations on mobile devices like Android phones and iPhones. It also has an online website for you to directly access your AI characters on any device with an internet connection.

Character AI Alternative Botify AI

Unlike Character.AI, Botify AI comes with no content filters. In that case, you are allowed to chat on any topic, including mature themes. Besides various pre-made AI characters, you can create your AI companion with customization options. For instance, you can set the appearance, personality, voice, and more. That can be beneficial for truly unique interactions. Compared with Character.AI, Botify AI offers fewer characters.


ChatFAI is a feature-rich contender as a Character.AI alternative platform. When you enter the ChatFAI website, you can access many pre-made and user-created characters. Like Character.AI, you can find many AI models, including historical figures, fictional heroes, anime characters, and more. Even though ChatFAI claims itself to be a platform for unrestricted conversations, it has some filters that are less strict than Character.AI.

Character AI Alternative ChatFAI

ChatFAI focuses on user customization and allows you to tailor your interactions with the characters. You can set your preferences, select interesting conversation topics, and adjust other settings to potentially affect the personalities of your AI characters. Moreover, you can get a more immersive experience through voice interactions with them.

Charstar AI

Charstar AI is a user-friendly chatbot platform designed to create and interact with unfiltered characters. It leverages open-source AI models like Pygmalion to ensure advanced AI technology for good character interactions. You can access and explore many pre-made characters. Besides, you are encouraged to design your AI characters. Charstar lets you freely define their personality, appearance, backstory, and other associated information. Unlike Character.AI, Charstar has no content filters.

Website Like Character AI Charstar

Charstar offers mobile apps for you to easily access your AI characters on portable iOS and Android devices. You can freely talk about any topic without restrictions. However, as a relatively new AI chatbot platform, Charstar has a smaller user base. Compared with Character.AI, it provides fewer established characters.


Replika offers a more relaxed approach to content moderation compared to Character.AI, even though it is not entirely unfiltered. Replika is an AI chatbot platform that focuses on companionship and personal growth. When you first get to its website, you are prompted to develop a unique AI companion as you like. Unlike Character.AI, it doesn't simply offer pre-made characters. Through character designing, you can quickly develop a relationship. In addition, the more you interact with your Replika, the more she learns about your personality, interests, and preferences.

Character AI Alternative Replika

Replika provides you with a comfortable place to share your feelings and have casual conversations. It is not designed to offer professional help. Instead, this Character.AI alternative can track your emotional state during conversations and give you encouragement and positive reinforcement. You can start with a free trial to learn its basic features. When you want to unlock additional functionalities like roleplaying and extended memory, you can then upgrade to a subscription.

Chat with Replika


Moemate is another kind of AI chatbot website that is mainly designed for character interaction. It offers many pre-made characters, including those inspired by anime, games, and movies. You can select your favorite fictional personalities and interact with them. Similar to Character.AI, it enables you to create and personalize your AI companions. Moemate offers several unique features. For instance, it allows your AI companion to analyze your computer screen and respond to what you are doing.

Character AI Alternative Moemate

Chai Chat AI Platform

Chai is a popular AI chatbot app like Character.AI. It lets you chat and interact with various AI characters on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Unlike other recommendations, Chai uses a swiping mechanic like some dating apps. You can swipe left to pass the AI characters you don’t like and swipe right to chat. That creates a fun and engaging experience to discover new AI companions.

Character AI Alternative Chai App

This Character.AI alternative app collects many AI characters, including both pre-made ones and user-created options. Chai is mainly designed for entertaining conversations. So, the mobile app is not ideal for giving professional discussions and serious topics. However, it can be a good choice for casual chats or roleplaying. Now, the content filters in Chai are still unclear. You may encounter mature content during conversations.

Part 3. FAQs of Character AI Alternatives

Is there an unfiltered Character AI?

Yes, Character AI has filters to restrict certain types of content. However, there are some other AI chatbots and platforms that are designed to be unfiltered. When you select a Character AI alternative, you should consider main factors like safety, quality, legality, and more.

How to bypass the Waiting Room Character AI?

There isn't a certain method that can bypass the Character AI waiting room without resorting to unsupported methods. Generally, you get two main ways to bypass the Waiting Room Character AI. You can choose to subscribe to their paid tier grants priority access. That bypasses the waiting room most of the time. The official Character AI Plus subscription can also offer faster response times and exclusive features. That can be the safest and most reliable way to avoid the waiting room.
If you don’t want to upgrade to a Character AI subscription, you can try different servers. In some cases, you can connect from a different location to potentially avoid queues using a VPN. However, this method is not recommended because it is against Character AI's terms of service.

Is there a filter on Character AI?

Yes, Character.AI has filters in place. They are offered to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all users. The Character.AI filter typically blocks violence and threats, sexually explicit content, hate speech and racial slurs, and other harmful or offensive language. You may notice that the filter hinders conversations, particularly when accessing mature topics.


With AI technology continuing to evolve, many new platforms and features emerge. If you get any other funny or helpful AI chatbot websites like Character.AI, please share them in the comments below.

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