Complete Chat AI GPT Review on the AI Chat by GPT with Best Alternatives

May 09, 2023Ashley Mae

Since chat AI GPT applications became popular in today's modern age, an application like AI Chat by GPT caught many users' attention because of the AI support. Since it is one of the most downloadable apps on the store, it is only right to review the app with unbiasedness to know more about it. If interested, read our gathered information and review what we did on the app.

AI Chat by GPT Review
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Part 1. What is AI Chat by GPT - An In-Depth App Review

All your queries regarding different topics can now be answered using this chat AI GPT app you can install, known as AI Chat by GPT. It uses AI technology to answer the question you can throw into its type box. All information added to the website, articles, books, and blogs has already been analyzed with the AI of the app so it can answer thousands of different questions. Aside from that, the app has been well-trained to give a text-based prompt like what a human would respond to in a question.


With it, you can even check daily weather and news in your place in the comfort of your phone. Compared to other app interfaces, this app has the simplest, and when you launch the app, you will get a blank screen where you can type in the question you want here. Right away, the app will give you the appropriate response based on the analysis that the AI did. Every conversation you have started with the app will be displayed on the interface like what you can have on popular messaging apps, and you can even bring up the history chat.


Though the app can answer text-based questions, the latest GPT AI chat app update now has a voice-based response that this app doesn't. It is a limitation that needs to be added as soon as possible on the app to be on par with other AI tools. Also, there are some questions that the app can't accurately answer, predominantly if it consists of complex and ambiguous points.

Part 2. 5 Best Features of the AI Chat by GPT You Can Have

1. Personalized Response to User Queries

This GPT AI chat uses an algorithm to remember all of the users' past queries as the app analyzes the user's preferences, best interests, and information to generate an even better understanding of the person. With the additional backup knowledge the app has, you can respond uniquely to every question you have typed in here.

2. HighQuality AI Answers

Compared to other applications that give a straightforward answer, this application will give a summary and complete detailed explanation of what you have searched. For example, if you have searched for what movies you recommend, the app will give you the most highly recommended movie of all time and a short yet impactful explanation of why these are the best movies. Aside from that, if you need the application to generate quality material for your song, you can type in some specific genre of the song you want to make, and the AI of the app will do its best to generate the best lyrics for the song.

3. Simple and Intuitive User Interface

Without additional complications, we can say that the interface of this OpenAI chatbot GPT is clean, and it is simple to use so that even new users can master how the app works. There is no need to go into details since the app removes those complications. You only need to input the query or topic you want the app to analyze, and it will easily search for possible data relevant to your search. However, some popup ads will still appear while using it, but the latest update shows more ads frequently than before.

4. Natural Language Processing & OpenAI GPT

The combination of NLP and Open AI GPT allows this AI chat for GPT to generate a human-like answer with a natural language input. Through the NLP process, the AI will start to break down the question and its real intent, while the OpenAI GPT will generate the appropriate response via text. Together, these technologies are the birth of the advanced AI you will ever need.

5. Availability Across the Platforms

AI Chat by GPT is supported on Android devices; you can even download the application on PlayStore for free. The latest app version can now be downloaded on version 6.0 or updated on the OS. If you want to use this application on your iOS, it is better to download an alternative because it doesn't support the iOS app.

Part 3. Top 3 AI Chat by GPT Apps Alternative You Can Download

1. Chat with Ask AI

Chat with Ask AI is the perfect alternative you can download on iOS if you need a GPT-3 AI chat. This app encapsulates the best AI features that suit users who have many queries in their minds. The app already stores billions of data, and it has numerous ways to answer a specific question, and if you want the answer to be elaborated, then you only need to ask it. With it, you can even ask the AI to write a perfect fictional story, poems, song lyrics, scripts, recipes, and even jokes that can make you laugh. For educational purposes, you can check the code you input to see if it doesn't work and even input a math equation for the AI to solve. Imagine having an intellectual friend on your phone, and this is the new and advanced technology developed for you. Download the application now to experience the new heights of AI tech at the expense of your phone.

Chat with Ask AI

2. Replika : My AI Friend

Want to chat with an AI chatbot GPT but in the form of AR? You can have a perfect conversation with Replika: My AI Friend. It is an AI-generated application that you can use to talk with someone when you feel lonely. The app allows you to create a 3D avatar base on your preferences. If you chat with the AI, the app will create a natural bond and can even develop memories with you. You can use it as a chatmate and choose whether you want to create a character as a friend, romantic partner, or mentor. Though it isn't like normal chatGPT, if you want an app with a layout or experience an AR, this app is for you.

Replika AI Friend

3. CleverBot - Chat With AI

CleverBot - Chat with AI is the newest AI chat for GPT that you can download on your Android device to communicate and help you study better. The app is highly intelligent since it uses a chatbot algorithm like the previous application we reviewed. Like the other messaging apps, the app's interface is very straightforward, and you can immediately start a conversation by typing the text or saying it vocally. If you need to enlighten your mood today, you can ask the AI to tell a joke for you, and surely you will get a smile. Since the app is new, only a few people downloaded it, and some features that it supports are old, which means there are no surprise features this app has to offer.

Clever Bot AI

Part 4. FAQs about the AI Chat by GPT

Is AI Chat by GPT need an internet connection?

Indeed, the app needed an internet connection to answer your queries. If the internet connection isn't available, the app wouldn't be useful for you, which means you are only wasting space on your phone.

Is AI Chat by GPT free?

Absolutely, the AI Chat by GPT is free to download on your mobile devices. However, there are some features this app supports that aren't available unless you purchase a subscription here.

Is AI Chat by GPT safe?

Yes, the app is safe to access and use as long as you carefully share your private data with this app. Though the app doesn't collect information or data that isn't necessary for this chatbot, it is still better to be careful about what you are doing with it.


This AI GPT chat already proves that anyone who would love access to AI technology can now be found on mobile devices as long as you have downloaded the app, just like AI Chat by GPT. We hope that this review gives you a positive outlook on the app and some cons that the app has that you wouldn't be able to use in this AI tool.

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