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10 Best Contacts Apps for Android Devices and iPhone/iPad

Nowadays, with more and more people use contacts to remember the phone numbers of their friends, families and colleagues, it is necessary to find one top contacts app to manage your contacts. Here, we will recommend you 10 best contacts app for Android and iOS to manage your address book easily and safely.

Contacts Apps

Contacts Apps

Part 1. Top 5 best contacts apps for Android

Contact + IconContact +
Contacts and dialer app for Android

Contact+ is a beautiful and all-in-one contacts app containing dialer, SMS, call log and address-book for Android and Gmail. It helps you connect with friends and block unwanted people, telemarketers and spam easily via caller ID & block. Contact+ also provides true protection to your phone contacts with an integrated backup service for your SMS, contacts and call logs so that you can keep them even you switch or lose your phone.

Key features:

  • One top contacts app for Android that combines messages, calls and contacts.
  • Support sending free messages and common messages without switching interface.
  • Popular and easy to use.
Contact +

FullContact IconFullContact
All contacts in one place contacts app

FullContact is an Android contacts app to combine your Google contacts, phone contacts and social media accounts together to let you have a complete view of your contacts. It can turn each partial contact into a full contact by automatically adding photos and social profiles and merge duplicate contacts to avoid hassle. Besides, you can add tags to contacts to keep groups of contacts organized for easy searching.

Key features:

  • One useful Android contacts app to import your address book and delete duplicates.
  • Support add different emails, numbers and profile photos to each of contacts.
  • Simple interface and easy to use.

My Contacts IconMy Contacts
Contacts backup and transfer app

My Contacts App is a contacts app to help you backup, restore and save all your precious contacts on Android. With it, you can easily transfer all your contacts from one phone (Android, iPhone or other featured phones) to another phone. Moreover, you can keep My Contacts app running in the background to let it make daily backup of your contact list to avoid contacts loss.

Key features:

  • One best contacts app for Android and iPhone to backup and transfer your contacts.
  • Edit your contact list and remove duplicates easily.
  • Free and safe address book app.
My Contacts App

Contacts IconContacts
Safe contacts backup app

Contacts is a contacts app which can back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices. It can back up your contacts in your Google Account to the cloud safely and access the contacts in your account from any device. With Contacts, you can easily add contacts and edit information like phone number, emails and photos to keep your contacts organized and up to date.

Key features:

  • One add-on for the Google mail users that syncs your Gmail contacts.
  • Add the Gmail Account to any devices for working better.
  • Free and safe Android contacts app.

Sync. MESync. ME
Caller ID & block contacts app

Sync.ME is the best contacts app for caller ID, text ID and to identify scam calls and discover unknown caller ID details. With Sync.ME, you can block calls, ingnore phone calls and identify unknown callers from all around the world. Besides text ID, unknown caller ID, syncing contacts details, identifying and reporting scam calls, it can also be a birthday reminder to help you remember sending contacts personalized greeting cards.

Key features:

  • One humanized contacts app for Android to pull all your contacts information from social sites.
  • Not only for contacts combining, but also photo sharing, birthday reminders and digital greeting cards for contacts.
  • Simple and auto-sync Android contacts app.

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Part 2. Top 5 best contacts apps for iOS (iOS 17 included)

No. Contacts App Icon Features
1 My Contacts App My Contacts ◆ One easy-to-use iOS contacts app for transferring your contacts to new iPhone.
◆ Support deleting contacts list on the web.
◆ One safe and secure iOS contacts app.
2 Simpler Pro Simpler Pro ◆ One powerful contacts app for iOS to manage contacts group and duplicates as well as back up contacts.
◆ Support quickly find your contacts and send group text and email.
◆ One safe and multiple functional contacts app for iPhone.
3 FullContact FullContact ◆ One address book designed to let you focus on your relationships, not your contact management.
◆ Support combining and syncing your contacts and add personal insights to your address book.
◆ One safe and easy iPhone contacts app.
4 My Contacts Backup Pro My Contacts Backup Pro ◆ One bast iPhone address book app that focuses on backing up and restoring iPhone contacts.
◆ Support editing contacts using Wi-Fi Manager option via browser on your computer.
◆ With no ads, it is one quick iOS contacts app.
5 Smart Merge Pro Smart Merge Pro ◆ A contacts app to merge duplicate contacts with one tap.
◆ Allow you to quickly find your address book and back up contacts.
◆ With one tap, you can find and merge iPhone contacts easily.

In this article, we mainly list top 10 best contacts apps for Android and iOS. If you have better contacts apps, you can leave us a message to tell us.

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