Best 5 ElevenLabs Free Alternatives: Features, Pros & Cons

May 15, 2024Amanda Brown

ElevenLabs is one of the leading Text-to-Speech software, a web-based software with a simple interface for ease of use. It can recognize your text of any language and create spoken audio. The converted audio is very realistic with human emotion because ElevenLabs will analyze the emotion and annotation and create voice speech with correct tones. Besides, it is also very cheap. You can enjoy the free version or choose different subscription plans for at least $1.

Though ElevenLabs is useful and cheap, its voiceovers sound robotic and unnatural sometimes. Luckily, it is not the only choice of text-to-speech tool. There are 5 ElevenLabs Alternatives for different uses and prices. And this article will explore their features, uses, price, pros and cons to help you choose the right one you need.

ElevenLabs Alternative

Part 1. Quick Review of Top 5 ElevenLabs Free Alternatives

ElevenLabs Free Alternatives Voice types Price Ease of use 260+ high-quality realistic voices and languages $39.90 per month 3 steps: Inputting words, Click Generation and Download
HeyGen Over 300 voices in more than 40 languages, with different accents, sounds, and styles $24 per month Easy to use with 3 simple steps
Speechify Over 200 natural-sounding voices $29.00 per month Easy to use and intuitive, simple for people of all levels of technology experience
OpenAI Five synthetic voices: Breeze, Ember, Juniper, Sky, and Cove $20 per month Simple steps with inputting words and clicking Read Aloud
Murf AI Over 120 voices in 20 languages, some of these languages support multiple accents $19 per month/$9 onetime Use an online workstation to create a project, enter a script, select voice and export is a cloud-based AI TTS app. Users can input their text and will convert it to audio and read it. It is best for video creators, e-book transfer, e-learning, and storytelling.

One of the key features of is its amazing ease of use. It has an online studio page with a clear and intuitive interface. Whether you are a starter or a professional, you can easily find access to the function you want.

Another feature is its multiple choice of voice type. Not only can you choose over 100 languages, but also the accents and styles, including regular, angry, cheerful, etc.

Best for: Convert written content such as academic papers to audio in different languages. Interface

Key Features:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple accessibility
  • A large amount of voice option


  • The limited function of the free version
  • Occasional imperfect pronunciation when it’s not English
  • High cost for long contents


Different from others, HeyGen is an AI video creator. It can make a video with a virtual narrator speaking the text in your script. You can also use its Text-to-Speech function to change text in speech.

It has a clean interface with many choices and options because it also has a video-making function. About the voice, it allows you to choose more than 300 different voices in 40+ languages. Feature voice, professional voice, happy voice, serious voice, etc., are free as your choices.

Best for: Generate audio and video from your script with digital avatars.

HeyGen Interface

Key Features:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple video templates
  • Customizable AI narrators


  • High-cost order service
  • Limited customization of video models
  • Unpleased performance in rare languages like Hungarian


Speechify is a cross-platform TTS tool that works on web pages, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices. You can easily get this app anywhere. It is best for people who have reading disabilities. By converting books to audio, they can listen to the book. It also supports multiple languages, and each language has different voices. It also can be an ElevenLabs voice cloning alternative, you can upload your own voice audio and save it as a template after processing.

Best for: people who want to listen to books instead of reading.

Speechify Interface

Key Features:


  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Available on many platforms
  • Input text from web links, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.


  • Slow conversion speed
  • Can’t download the converted video
  • Audio sounds robotic sometimes


Open AI is one of the world’s leading organizations focusing on artificial intelligence. You may have heard or used the ChatGPT, which is a big hit in AI technology developed by OpenAI. You can make ChatGPT answer different questions, generate short or long articles, and edit the style, grammar, etc. When it gives you an answer, you can choose to read aloud to hear the speech. In ChatGPT 4.0, you are able to have conversations with AI.

Best for: Content creation, proofreading, and coding.

Open AI Interface

Key Features:


  • Be able to deal with different topics of conversation
  • Maintain a high level of fluency
  • Accessible to all people with free ChatGPT 3.5


  • Misunderstanding context sometimes
  • Lack of real-world logic
  • The result can be implicit with biases and stereotypes of human

Murf AI

Murf AI is an online voice-over maker that provides 100+ AI voices. The tool also provides the capability to sync videos and presentations with the voiceover. You can also add music and sound to the converted audio and make a better speech. There are also lots of choices of language and accent. You can also choose feelings of anger, sadness, etc. to make it more realistic.

Best for: producing voiceovers of videos, presentations, etc.

Murf AI

Key Features:


  • Free and easy to use
  • Wide variety of voice choices
  • Extra effects such as monster voices and helium voices


  • Robotic and mispronunciation happen sometimes
  • Only support uploading files
  • The expensive cost of the premium version

Part 2. FAQs about ElevenLabs Alternatives

Is there a free version of ElevenLabs?

Yes, there is. ElevenLabs offers a free version with a 10000-character limitation, and you can use project mode. You need to subscribe to enjoy the full functions.

What is the difference between Speechify and ElevenLabs?

Speechify and ElevenLabs are both high-quality text-to-speech converters, but Speechify has better ease of use and versatility, and ElevenLabs is more cost-effective.

How to get ElevenLabs voice cloning for free

ElevenLabs has a free version of the TTS service. But its other functions are only for paid. You can use $1 to subscribe one month for a trial.

Can OpenAI convert text to speech?

There are 2 main tools on OpenAI website, Sora and ChatGPT. Both can’t directly convert text to speech audio. You need to try other online applications to finish the conversion.


This article explores the features, pros, and cons of different ElevenLabs Alternatives. In short, Play, ht has many voice options, HeyGen is able to make video, Speechify can convert files of many resources, and Murf AI has the cheapest order plan. You can go through the article and see which one you like most.

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