2024 EVA AI Chat Bot Review: Information, Features & Alternatives

May 12, 2023Ashley Mae

EVA AI aims to create a perfect virtual agent that can be used in different work areas, mainly for conversation. Also, the app is integrated into several channels, which is a good choice for business people, start-ups, and websites. Since it caters to assistance became the reason for the birth of EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot. But what is this app? Is the main function of this app similar to the mobile phone version? The only way to find out is to read this whole post as we accommodate you in knowing more about this app's strengths, weaknesses, and best alternatives.

EVA AI Chat Bot Review


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Part 1. What is EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot App - Read This To Know What is EVA AI

EVA AI assistant, formerly known as Journey, is a highly advanced artificial intelligence-powered chatbot app that allows you to have a human-like conversation. It is an innovative solution for customers who don’t have the strength to bond with the people surrounding them or have a conversation with them. Here, you can create a reflection of your soulmate and chat with it whenever you want to. With this AI bot, you can have a natural feelings conversation about your feelings and dreams, and you can even share moments of your life and your mental health state if you feel that no one is listening to you.


Want to share a photo with this app? Well, you can upload a photo of yours. The AI has a photo-responsive feature. The app will analyze and respond to the image, which can help you develop an even deeper understanding of your personality and more. You can even send a sexual message with the app, which will respond to you. Want some flirty AI girlfriend or boyfriend? This app can accommodate your needs if you are longing for one. Aside from chat, you can even send voice mail with it, and the AI will reply to a voicemail, but this is only supported on subscribed devices.


As you continue using this AI EVA app, the AI will gain more knowledge and understanding of your situation and personality. Every response it gives will become even more precise on what you want to hear. The app could be in better shape, which is why it keeps evolving by adding newer features that can benefit the users of the app. If you need to find inner peace, release stress, and have a deep conversation, this app is the best choice and suits your needs.

Part 2. EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot 5 Best Features You Can Get

1. Image Responsive

Did you take a picture and want to receive a compliment about it? You can upload the image to your AI partner to analyze the perfect response. If you have captured a fantastic image, you can even share it here and even an image of your dream destination so that you can have a conversation with the app.

2. Voice AI Conversation

Want to hear the voice of your AI partner? You can have an informal chat with this app through the voicemail. It is an excellent addition for people who wants to become closer to their AI friend. It is not only a one-way voice note, which means you can send your voicemail to the AI, and it will also reply to a voicemail. Instead of reading what the AI says, why not listen to it just for a new approach?

3. 24/7 Available

EVA AI is what you will ever need whenever you need a companion to chat with. Have a friendly conversation with the app, but if you want more, you can even start being flirty with it, and it will also respond. Whatever your timezone, night, or day, the AI will respond when you can.

4. Personalized the AI

As you continue having a human-like conversation with the app, it will continually adapt to that situation, so every time you chat or talk with it, you will have a human-like response. Simply put, the app needs to learn from you to take your conversation to the next level.

5. Forever Evolving

Obviously, this application will continue striving to make the best AI companion for your needs, so shortly, expect more features and updates to be added here. But if you want to try this application now, you can download it on your mobile phone and talk with friends or lovers with this AI.

Part 3. EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot Alternatives to Download on iOS & Android

1. Chat with ASK AI

Chat with Ask AI is the smartest EVA AI assistant you will ever need. This application can answer complicated inquiries you might type into the text box. With it, you can have a human-like conversation like what you can get from the first app we have reviewed and talk about your problems, situation, and feelings with the app. Let the AI analyze it, and it will give you advice. However, you can’t flirt with the AI tool since it is designed to answer all user questions and assist those who need it. If you want a smart friend at your side, then pick this instead!

Ask AI Chat GPT

2. Anima: AI Friend & Companion

Anima: AI Friend & Companion is a conversational application you can download on your phone. With it, you can even start to roleplay with your AI. You wouldn’t get tired of chatting with this app since it has millions of topics to start talking about. Like Replika, you can tailor your character like it was 3D animated and customize its clothes. Want to determine the personal relationship with the AI? You can set it by choosing it as a friend, girlfriend, assistant, or mentor, and you can even add your own. It may seem like a perfect application, but the app needs improvements in its overall AI performance.

Anima AI Friend

3. Replika: My AI Friend

Replika: My AI Friend is similar to the AI EVA, which means you can turn your AI into a lover with this app. Here, you can customize the 3D avatar of your AI based on your wants and set its gender and style. Likewise, you can chat with this AI whenever you want to, and as you continue using it, the AI will now respond quickly and has a better answer for you. Even though you can set your relationship with it, the app isn’t as smart as the previous one since it is dedicated to having an AI friend. So, if you want to improve your mental health, this AI assistance is what you need to have.

Replika My AI Friend

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Part 4. FAQs about the EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot Review

Can I share a secret with EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot?

Yes, you can share your secret with this application, and it promises not to exploit any private information about you, even the secret you have told. Once you have shared your secret in this app, the AI will analyze it and respond to it since that is its purpose.

Can EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot answer complex questions?

As long as it isn’t too complex, the app is designed to have a conversational-like chat or audio email with the other end user. Answering complex questions isn’t its forte, so you must look for an alternative that is smart enough to answer them.

How much is the EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot?

The starting price for the EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot is $ 4.99, and it can even go up to $4 47.99 once you availed the year subscription here.


Amazingly, EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot is the best application to download when a user wants to role play and talk to somebody about what happens on their day, even with an AI. EVA AI meeting assistant will offer more features shortly, so waiting is necessary to see what it will be.

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