Unbiased FreeMind Review to Help You Know It More Better [Officially Updated]

February 23, 2023Ashley Mae

FreeMind offers you the best and full-featured mind mapping software that generates clarified data about a particular topic. Everyone can obtain the app since it is open-source and free to download. At this time, many users have different queries about the app, so we have accumulated all of the factual information about it so that you wouldn't need to go elsewhere. Did the app catch your interest? If so, read the whole context we have written for you.

FreeMind Review

Part 1. What is FreeMind - Brief Information about the FreeMind App

FreeMind mapping software, the name suggests it all, is software for creating a free mind map on every device with a server-side programming language, specifically Java. With it, you can easily plan and build a concept by conjoining information, list, data, project, and such. Since the app is adaptable on any device, especially a desktop, anyone who has it can copy, review, change, and add information to the mind map created.


As a result, educators, business owners, students, and any organization choose this to create a framework or something similar. Even so, you will still need the updated version of Java on your device before you can create a concept map or anything here.

Part 2. Best FreeMind Key Features You Can Use Here

FreeMind is undeniably better than its other alternative, and the proof is already on the app. As we continue to do a FreeMind app review, we have found 8 of the best key features you can use. If you are interested in using the app, better read the advantages you will get once you have it.

1. Note Taking Feature

Note Taking Feature is one of the best text input features on FreeMind since it allows users to keep a note on a small window or tab about the framework made. You can edit the information added to it if you want to.

2. Navigation

With a single click, you can quickly point out and find the map branch you want to see or move it to the map.

3. Wide-Array of Output Format

Since the app has the power to create, we shouldn't miss out that when you finish creating your map, you can save the final output as SVG, PNG, PDF, HTML, and other file extensions.

4. Built-in Icons, Colors, and Fonts

Additional decoration to the map you are creating won't hurt the overall design of it. You can add creative icons and colors with different fonts to make your topic and subtopic even better than with no editing.

5. Find Option

Are you at a loss in the app you are making? FreeMind offers you a quick way to search items on your map with the help of the Find Option. Type in the thing you want to search and the app will unfold the item.

6. Attaching External Link and Files

Adding hyperlinks, graphical links, and photos became more accessible when you used the FreeMind app. Linking your external data and information to the map you have created using the Insert Feature.

7. Smart Copying & Pasting

Do you need to duplicate the text and RTF files and paste them into a word processor app? Well, the app offers a helping hand for copying and pasting. You can also use this feature to paste the links on an HTML.

8. Blinking Node Feature

To make a map interactive, you add a blinking node that simultaneously changes the text color inside. This way, the information inside your map will become extremely attractive, and you can only access that on FreeMind.

Part 3. FreeMind Review - What Users Think about the FreeMind

FreeMind mind mapping exhibits a wide array of features that are noticeably important in creating a conceptual map. According to the users, the app covers the basic functionality that anyone could use. Since it uses Java, everyone can download the app on any platform. So, if you are working on a project or strategy, making a mind map with this app can ease the pain of brainstorming and gathering ideas. Even new users can easily add exquisite design to the final output to make it visually appealing to everyone who sees it. If you want to use it, you can go to the app's official website and download it to start operating it for free.


  • It is cross-platform.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It offers the best mind mapping kits and logic key shortcuts.
  • It gives way free access to advanced-level features like what is on paid apps.


  • The device needs to have a Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0; if not, the app won't work.
  • The UI of it needs some updates to make it better.
  • Some features are difficult to find.
  • It doesn't support technical support.
  • No pre-made themes and templates are available.

Part 4. 2 FreeMind Alternatives You Can Use for Planning and Ideation

1. MindOnMap - Best FreeMind Alternative on the Web

MindOnMap is the best FreeMind alternative you can use instead of downloading the app. You can use it immediately because the app is accessible on a web browser. All the features you can use on the app we have reviewed are available here, and there are more additions. Inexperienced users can use this to create an impressive mind map, flowcharts, diagrams, etc., then add new elements or change the themes according to the user's specifications.


Furthermore, you can email technical support if you ever encounter a problem using it. It will respond immediately to solve the problem. Because of that, the app became a popular choice for creating patterns to represent the subject more clearly and visually creatively.

2. FreePlane - Best FreeMind Alternative on Desktop

Don't you know if you have Java downloaded on your device? Well, there is no need for one, especially if you download the FreePlane. It is an offline tool you can download on your Windows, Mac, and Linux for creating organizational charts, brainstorming, complex maps, and many more. Here, you can use the natural text editing and spell checker it provides that isn't available on the app that we have reviewed. Even if it is one of the choices as an alternative, there are still features available on the other one that isn't available here.


The FreePlane vs. Freemind topic has been roaming around the web, but if you ask which is better, the answer will always depend on your needs. Both are alternatives of each since they offer the same intensity of toolkit for editing but different brand names.

Part 5. FAQs about the FreeMind

How much is FreeMind?

It is already in the name; FreeMind is a free mind mapping software that you can install into your device if you have the Java version it supports.

Does FreeMind have an online version?

FreeMind is downloadable, meaning it doesn't have an online version to access. But, you can use the MindOnMap as a web mind mapping alternative for FreeMind. They work the same, but MindOnMap has more features and is easier to use than FreeMind.

Can I create an affinity diagram with FreeMind?

Yes, you can easily create an affinity diagram with the FreeMind app. Though gathering language data and organizing them is easy, you will still need a tutorial on creating an affinity diagram so that you wouldn't encounter much trouble creating one.


Decide if you want to download the FreeMind mapping software on your device to experience extraordinary mind mapping creation. However, don't expect that this app offers you all the mapping, chart, timeline, or such you will need here because there are still missing features available on the alternative we have included here. Choose which one you think is for you, and tell us in the comment section why.

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