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January 13, 2022Ashley Mae

We have to admit that all Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac, don't come with a low price, especially for the iMac Pro and MacBook Pro computers. For the price factor or other reasons, you may choose to buy a refurbished iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. Here comes the question, where to buy the refurbished MacBook?

You can buy a certified refurbished Mac computer from Apple Store, Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers. This post will show you all the useful information about the refurbished Mac. Depending on them, you can easily buy a refurbished MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac Pro, etc., by comparing the Mac price, models, warranties, reputable dealers, and more.

iMac Pro Refurbished

Part 1. What Does Refurbished iMac Pro and MacBook Pro Mean

There are some differences between an official refurbished Mac and a used or resold one. iMac Pro refurbished means that this Mac device is still pre-owned. It was returned to Apple because of trading for a newer model, a minor issue, or other reasons. Apple will replace the malfunctioning parts, text the Mac computer to ensure everything works, and refurbish it for sale.

Apple certified Refurbished Mac

Same as the brand new Apple products, all refurbished Mac models, including iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, are backed by a one-year warranty. Moreover, they are carried with the services of free delivery and returns.

The refurbished iMac Pro and MacBook are often as good as the new ones for the Mac appearance, hardware, and internal functions. In addition, a refurbished Mac will be re-packaged in a brand new box with all accessories and cables. Compared with a brand new Mac, a refurbished device is sold at a discount, with special savings of up to 15%.

Besides the full functional testing and some part replacements, Apple will do a thorough cleaning on the refurbished Mac. When you receive the refurbished iMac or MacBook computer from Apple, you can use it with the original macOS or a recent version.

In general, most refurbished Macs are not current-gen products. You are more likely to get some old Mac models. Before you see refurbished models appear, new Mac products usually are on the market for at least a few months.

Part 2. Where to Buy Refurbished MacBook Pro, Air, and iMac Pro

Apple has an official shop for these refurbished Mac. If you want to buy a certified refurbished Mac straight from the manufacturer, you can go to the Apple site, search for refurbished Mac to quickly locate all associated Mac models.

Shop Refurbished Mac Online Apple Store

When you get to the page, you can click the specific Mac model on the left to find the refurbished iMac or MacBook. You can also use the Sizes, Released Year, Memory, Capacity, and other categories to quickly access the Mac device you need.

Buy Refurbished iMac Pro

Click on the refurbished iMac to check more information about it. You can view the product overview, accessories, features, warranty, and others. After that, you can add it to the bag and then check it out.

Refurbished iMac Pro Ckeck out

A lower price is always the priority when you choose to shop for a refurbished iMac Pro or MacBook Pro. Besides the official Apple Store, you can also buy a refurbished Mac through other reputable dealers like Amazon, Mac of All Trades, and Best Buy. Make sure you buy a factory-certified Mac.

Part 3. How to Manage Mac Data and Optimize Refurbished Mac

When you get a refurbished Mac device, you can use the easy-to-use Mac Cleaner to better manage various data on the Mac and optimize your Mac performance.

Mac Cleaner


Mac Cleaner

  • Monitor Mac disk utilization, battery, memory performance, and CPU usage.
  • Manage various Mac data, remove large/old files, caches, logs, and other useless data.
  • Delete macOS system junk, duplicated files, photo junk, iTunes junk, and more.
  • Erase adware, malware, virus, and associated files to protect and optimize Mac.
  • Fix different Mac issues to improve Mac performance in real-time.
Free DownloadFor macOS

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You can double click on the download button above to free install and run this Mac Cleaner software. When you enter it, you can click Status on the left panel to check the current system status of your Mac.

Getting started

For managing and removing useless data on your Mac, you can choose the Cleaner feature. By deleting these files, you can free up Mac storage with ease. It enables you to erase Mac system junk, iPhoto junk, email junk, iTunes junk, duplicated pictures, Trash Bin, large and old files, and more. You also can clear the Safari cache on Mac by Mac Cleaner.

Main Interface

In the Tooltik, you can access other valuable tools to hide or encrypt files on Mac, uninstall useless software, manage and find Wi-Fi passwords, hide or encrypt Mac files, and more.

Part 4. FAQs of Refurbished iMac Pro and MacBook Pro

Question 1. What factors should you consider when you buy a refurbished Mac?

Besides the competitive price, you should check if the refurbished Apple product is factory certified. Moreover, you should make sure the seller is reputable. Before you buy a refurbished MacBook Pro, Air, or iMac Pro, you need to check the return policy carefully. Also, you should check the warranty policy and accessories. Last, you can check if it has no-cost shipping and returns.

Here we suggest you buy a refurbished Mac from the official Apple Store. In that case, you don't need to worry about the later return and other issues.

Question 2. Can I get an education discount on a refurbished Mac?

No. You are not allowed to use the student discount and the refurbished discount at the same time. Apple refurbished Macs are indistinguishable from new, even though they are eligible for the same warranty and AppleCare options. Usually, you can get a lower price through the refurbished discount. While with the education discount, you can buy the current-gen Mac models.

Question 3. How to check if a Mac is refurbished?

You can use your Mac's serial number to check if it is a refurbished product. You can go to Apple Support and ask the customer service representative to verify if your Mac is from a refurbished model. Also, you can rely on some third-party software to check it. You can find the serial number from Hardware Overview under About This Mac.


After reading this post, you can learn more useful information about the refurbished Mac. Again, we suggest you shop for a refurbished MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac Pro in Apple Store. Besides Mac, you can also buy other refurbished Apple products like Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad there.

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